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now score five goals in a winning pattern at The Wizard of Bingo to clear a price. this game is based on the classic bingo game and invites you to get entertaining gambling rounds with a happy, appealing design. with 12 possible winning patterns, 44 drawn numbers and the possibility of up to 10 extra balls, the chances of winning are pretty good. try it out yourself!

Magic at Bingo

The Wizard of Bingo was developed with the idea of a magical bingo experience. Mascot of this gambling is a cute, young magician who, with a little luck, drops the numbers for their advantages. The structure of the machine is simple and clear. The balls fall in the middle of the field to which the selected playing cards are located.

The winning patterns are shown directly under the ball display, so that players have an overview of how they can win a price at any time. At the lower end of the machine there is the user strip, via which inserts and the selection of the desired tickets can be made, and settings and credit can be called up and set.

Settings at The Wizard of Bingo Online

The Wizard of Bingo can be played online with up to four bingo cards per round. Each game card has 15 number fields. The use per card can be between 1 and 30 credits. A credit corresponds to a value of 0.25$ s. A maximum of 3,000 credits is therefore possible. The next round is automatically started using the "Max Bet" button with the highest possible use.

The turbo variant can be selected in the settings for a faster game. In addition, sound effects can also be switched on and off here.

So you can play The Wizard of Bingo

Before the start, decide whether you want to play The Wizard of Bingo for free or for real money. At is A free game possible. After setting up the desired game settings, it starts and 44 numbers are drawn as standard. If you are very close to making a good profit, there is a chance to acquire further extra balls.

Up to 10 extra balls can be bought. The respective price is displayed on the field. To get an additional number, just click on "Extra Ball". If you don't want to buy an additional chance, click on "End" to end the round and start a new one. Do you have Free Spins won for this game, you can still use the possibility of extra balls. However, these are also associated with costs and not free of charge.

Play now and cost many winning opportunities

Compared to other bingo games, this offers a lot of winning opportunities. Basically, the numbers that are drawn must be present on a playing card to get chances of winning. At least five numbers must be covered in a winning pattern so that a price is paid out.

With this magical bingo machine, however, you don't just win by covering a horizontal series of numbers. On the contrary, there are a total of 12 profit patterns that lead to a payment. These cover horizontally and diagonal rows. The maximum price is 3,000 credits and is achieved by covering an entire game card with drawn numbers.

Play the Wizard of Bingo for free

Now use the unique opportunity to play a traditional game in a modern way without registration and without costs. On our website we offer American players the opportunity and make entertainment very simple and accessible to everyone.

While you can play real money in an online casino and get the chance to make real profits, you can test the game with us beforehand and be convinced of it. Have fun!

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