What is a casino wager - free a bonus

Enjoy the best games in a Wager Casino Online and be rewarded for a visit to the platform - that's exactly what is now in the online casino standard. If you are ready to risk real money when you see a casino on the Internet, you can not only look forward to the best entertainment and a lot of excitement, but also also claim lucrative bonus offers.

bonuses that can give you a wide variety of advantages: from Free Spins to free tournament participation to the particularly popular bonus money. bonus money is of course the most popular option for many players. it offers many advantages over other promotions:

  • Free selection in the games used
  • You can look around on the entire platform
  • You can (almost) freely determine the use height
  • The more you are ready to pay, the more bonus money is issued

But even if there is basically a lot of advantages with bonus money, not every offer is equally good and equally recommended! The key to a successfully used bonus is not only in the sum obtained, but above all in the conditions of the Wageering.

We will now show you how exactly you can be particularly successful when implementing, i.e. playing through the bonus money received and what you should basically consider.

How to free a bonus

Once you have managed to secure a bonus in a virtual arcade, after the stress, it is time to implement the bonus credit and thus release it. Because only when the bonus money received on the casino platform has been used several times for real money games can profits have arisen from the account.

Fortunately, it is fundamentally easy to release the credit. All you have to do is to follow the following three steps.

Successfully wagon in three steps

We want to get it in a nutshell and show them how they wagon in just three simple steps in the casino and hopefully soon log out with the first lucrative profits in their pocket:

  1. Choose the right bonus offer
    With the choice of the right doctorate, the success of the game is and falls in the casino. Pay attention to an action that is offered on an attractive page and fits your game behavior in accordance with the requirements.
  2. To the right games play
    Once the action is found and activated, it is important to adhere to the right games, namely those that are allowed when using bonus money. Ideally, they play on games in which the operations are fully valued to fulfill the sales requirements. These are usually slots.
  3. Complete the specifications and collect profits
    This is not just about fulfilling the sales goal (more on this in the next section), but also to stay in the time frame set and to comply with the specified limits. Once you have done this, you can easily have your proceeds transfer to your account via the payment page of the casino and thus become a winner type in just three simple steps.

So there is actually only one thing to do: playing and having fun!

The wagering conditions explained

Even if the basic principle of bonus offers is quickly understood - preserving, implementing and winning bonus - especially with the so -called sales requirements, it is important to take careful attention. They are the key to success, it is about successfully using a bonus offer.

The sales conditions are determined by the casino operator and indicate how often the credit granted must be used at the games of the platform before profits earn are available as real money. Only then are they payable.

So how do you come from bonus money to payable winnings?
Quite simply: you play in the casino! When using the games, the operations they carry out are continuously counted and added up. Once you have arrived at the specified amount of sales, the bonus money is considered free and you can freely dispose of your profits.

An example for easier understanding

Since theoretical constructs are often not necessarily helpful and understandable, we now want to illustrate the concept of the sales requirement using a simple example of how you can find it in varied actions in online arcades.

The bonus offer

We want to assume a campaign in which you can deposit $ 100 and get a match bonus of $ 100. The bonus amount, as well as the deposit amount, is $ 100 (a 100% bonus).

The sales requirements

In the rules of the casino it is stated that you have to implement bonus money, but not your own deposit amount, 30 times before the bonus conditions are considered fulfilled.

That means

You have to use the $ 100 bonus money 30 times in the casino. In other words, you have to play a total of $ 3,000 ($ 100 x 30). After playing in the casino for $ 3,000, it can then be paid out for the first time. Before this time, the money is not cleared and cannot be withdrawn from the player account.

More casino wager conditions

Always think well at which game you want to make which effort, because this depends on the success of the use of bonus. The sales requirements are always only part of the bonus conditions of promotions. The following parameters must also be observed:

  • Allowed games / evaluation of the games
    Some games may not be used with bonus money and for some games the missions are only evaluated proportionately to fulfill the play requirements.
  • Stuck time frame
    As a rule, promotions are limited in time. The bonus money must be implemented within a certain period of time, often in the range of two to four weeks. If you can't do this, the bonus money and all the profits earned so far expires.
  • Limits at the deployment height
    There are maximum limits when using bonus funds Slot machine and play table. It is common to limit the operations to $ 5 or $ 10 per game or per round. If you go over it, the bonus and all profits earned are explained for zero and void.
  • Limits with available profits
    A parameter that is not directly in the game, but only when calculating the actual profits from the bonus offer, are profit upper limits. Not all casinos set these limits. An ideal offer has no upper limit for the proceeds and pays them all fairly and will also be happy to pay them as a profit according to the conditions.

“Eyes open in the choice of bonus” is probably more than advisable in the online casino.

Top online casino Wager bonus offers 2022

Of course, a bonus selection always requires several offers. Offers that are available in virtual casinos today in incredible diversity. Anyone who has ever looked around a little in the current Igaming world knows exactly what we are talking about.

Casinoportal on the network outbid themselves with spacious, multi -stage, simple and all possible conceivable actions in order to position themselves particularly well on the market and to address as many customers as possible. Curse or blessing? That is probably a matter of opinion. There is definitely a large selection.

Among the most common promotions can be found Free spins without deposit, Doupling deposits, percentage bonuses, which often even bring 300% or more, special high roller offers, new customer bonuses, special tournaments with free participation and lucrative prices, daily promotions for existing customers, loyalty programs, VIP clubs and much more!

Bonus money or free spins, what is better?

As already mentioned, a long list of premium actions can be found in most casinos online. However, there are two specific types of bonus: free spins and bonus money.

So which of these two bonuses is better? And which action is suitable for which players? In principle, you have significantly more freedom if you have received bonus money. You can choose the games you want to get to know and play yourself. On the other hand, these actions often go hand in hand with somewhat stricter requirements.

It is a balancing act that means that when choosing the doctorate, it is mainly important to the personal taste and the exact bonus conditions. There is no general judgment in the comparison of bonus money and free spins.

FAQ - questions and answers

Do I have to play through all profits in the casino according to the sales requirements?

Turnover requirements only come on if you have claimed a bonus offer. If you make a deposit and do not receive a bonus, you can of course play in the casino without any problems as part of the payment terms of the platform without any problems.

When can I get money from the bonus pay off to let?

In the first step, meet the sales requirements and then apply for a payment of the profits. To do this, go to the member area on the casino side and choose one of the payment options. If you have any questions, you will usually have customer service with advice and action.

Can I play on all games at a wager offer?

In most cases there are games that are not allowed. Which games can be used with bonus money and which limits apply to the operations is specified in the bonus conditions of the respective offer.

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