Triple Pocket Holdem Poker


it was developed and marketed by Microgaming. you can play triple pocket hold’em poker for free at many well -known casinos online such as

  • Madame Chance,
  • Jackpot Casino,
  • Lucky Emperor,
  • Wild jackpots or
  • Desert Nights

You can of course also use real money.

How does Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker work?

Without further insights, it seems that Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is a variant of the popular poker game Texas Hold’em, which makes it extremely difficult for the player. This works because you have to choose your cards before the cards are distributed in the middle. In addition, you not only play against a computer opponent, but against two. But Microgaming has installed some features that bring the advantage back to the player.

When the online games at Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Video Poker start, you will be given both cards directly. The dealer gets two cards twice. Then five cards are placed on the table. From the seven cards that the player has to choose from, he must then look for five cards as usual. In order to win here, the player's hand must be stronger than both hands of the dealer.

But now to win over the aspects that make it a little easier for the player. The latter has certain freedoms of the two cards in his hand. If he does not like the first card set, he can pass it on to the dealer, who then has to keep it as his first hand. The same applies to the second card set. However, if the player gets a third card set, he has to keep it - he doesn't get more space to choose from. The dealer, on the other hand, has no freedom to choose a card set.

In order to have the highest chances of winning, you should keep your cards if they are the same, have the same color or follow the numbers.

What can you win with Triple Pocket Hold’em poker?

For most winning sets you get 1-1 back. Exceptions are as follows:

  • For a flush you get the double
  • For a full house the fourfold,
  • For quads (four same cards) ten times,
  • For straight flushes the twenty times and
  • For Royal Flushes even fifty times the mission.

Triple Pocket Hold’em poker doesn't have a jackpot like with classic slot machines.

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is recommended to all fans of video poker because there are attractive chances of winning for the casino player and he can enjoy an appealing design and a user -friendly interface.

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