Timer Roulette Pro HD


there are many casino slot games such as Roulette - however, time Roulette per hd is particularly enthusiastic and easy to play. please make the game!

Impair, fit, manque - all possibilities are on the table

Like many roulette online games with real money, the classic winning opportunities of the classiceuropean roulette have - in American roulette, the chances of winning are significantly lower due to the usual additional double rush. So this is an advantage for the player.

Here briefly the winning table, the Pay Table:

  • Red or black: payout 1: 1
  • Straight or odd: payment 1: 1
  • The numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36: Payment 1: 1
  • Bet on a dozen numbers: payout 2: 1
  • Rows: payout 2: 1
  • Six series: Payment 5: 1
  • Blocks of four numbers: payout 8: 1
  • Three numbers of a cross -series: payout 11: 1
  • Two adjacent numbers: payout 17: 1
  • Individual number (Plein); Payment 35: 1

The minimal inserts for the casino players are $ 2 for the first four options and the maximum inserts are $ 40, for all other options, the minimum insert 1 E and the highest use is $ 20. The highest single profit is therefore $ 700 for an operation of $ 20 to a whole number.

Play the Timer Roulette per HD for free - and then win with real money

You don't play online games with real money - you can try Timer Roulette per HD for free to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and the interface. In contrast to slot machines, there are no jackpots at casinos online, but as with other machines, there are certain strategies that can lead to success. A classic roulette strategy is to double the use with any loss until a profit is achieved. However, this strategy can fail due to the maximum use, and the maximum single gains are low. It is therefore more interesting to rely on simple chances, i.e. whole numbers, because here the payout rates (RTP - Return to Player) are the cheapest.

Nothing is going well? Im Gegenteil!

Timer Roulette Pro HD is a popular, pleasant to play and particularly entry -friendly game, which nevertheless offers all options of the classiceuropean roulette. It is therefore recommended to get into the game-later you can try out game variants with higher inserts and real live croupiers. But the simple has its charm, Timer Roulette Pro HD is a complete and very mature roulette among the online.

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