The Saloon HD


How does it play?

The casino player is assigned five cards that are taken from the Poker standard deck. No jokers (Wild Cards) are distributed. The game then automatically suggests which cards can be kept, which it indicates through a small hand on the map. However, the player can choose the cards to be stopped differently, which is often the better strategy. The player plays with missions between 0.1 and 5. The random generator for allocating the cards is fair, but the player should not expect too many good cards. The payout rate (RTP - Return to Player) is better with high operations.

In addition, there is a bonus round in which it is possible to double the profit just achieved - or to lose completely. In addition, a special selection field appears that lays down the actually poker game interface and-similar to the casinos online at roulette-allows it to be set for straight or odd numbers or the first or last three numbers of a cube. The chances of winning this additional option are exactly 50: 50.

How to win The Saloon HD

This slot machine is not about jackpots - the player determines his betting level before the start of the game itself. According to the Bet Level 1 to 5, the profits are staggered. There are payouts from Jacks to the Royal Flush. The payout rate is better for the higher levels - the player should therefore prefer to select the higher level with this real money game. You should rather refrain from the bonus round offered after each profit - here it is pure luck whether you doubled or lose the profit.

Is The Saloon HD recommended?

The Saloon HD is one of the easier to learn online games among the machines. The selection that the player has to make is limited and thus makes the game easier for the new participant. It is therefore particularly suitable for beginners. Many advanced poker players will certainly want more extensive opportunities. So you can start well with The Saloon HD and then continue with more extensive poker games later. In any case, the lovingly designed graphic, the high resolution and the satisfactory random generator (RNG - Random Number generator) are to be emphasized as positive. The Saloon HD is particularly recommended as a easy entry for new poker players.

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