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sharp, spicy or would you prefer sweet and sour? with a little luck, every wish will be fulfilled at Taco mania. this casino game is intended for everyone who wants to give the traditional gambling a little more momentum and is accompanied by latin american atmosphere. now test modern bingo with the chance of extra balls, joker and a jackpot. simply play here for free or use real money in the online game library!

For Taco lovers and bingo fans

Zitro Interactive is the game developer who is behind Taco Mania Bingo online and has come up with the comments of a Spanish gigolos and trumpet sound, which enables a lot of cheerful atmosphere into this slot machine game. However, the design is somewhat simple with regard to the graphics. Apart from the extra balls shown in the form of lime, the graphic is monotonous. The game structure is very clear and players can easily follow the drawing and check their own playing cards at the same time.

Online game settings

The Taco order can be easily abandoned: Select the number of cards with which you should play and use the use per game card. A playing card has 15 number fields and can be played with a use between 0.05 and 50 coins. The maximum use for four cards is 200 coins. The bet is determined based on the coin value and the betting level.

Use Turbo mode so that the game runs faster. Sound effects can also be switched on or off using the settings.

Taco Mania Bingo play and win

Bingo is about the fact that there are numbers on your own card that are drawn, so many that one of the superiors creates profit patterns. At Taco Mania Bingo Online there are a total of 13 different winning patterns, so the chances of a price are pretty good. The maximum price is 75,000 coins and is reached by falling the numbers of an entire game card. Since this is the jackpot of the game, the profit is only valid if no extra balls have been used.

There is also a bonus that can be achieved in every round. To trigger this, one of the winning patterns that are marked with "bonus" on the upper field of the field must be hit. The price for these profit patterns is much higher than for usual.

Additional numbers

The extra ball mode is activated when players are close to a good win. In the middle of the field, 10 lime slices appear when the mode triggered, which represent the additional numbers. Select a slice of your choice or click on "Extra" to purchase another number. The price for every additional ball is displayed and can change. If a player no longer has a credit, the profit from the current round can optionally be used for the purchase.

As soon as it goes into the extra ball mode, a so-called Z-ball can happen to be under the windows, which is considered a joker. Players can use this free of charge for any number on the playing cards or have the number replaced automatically, which leads to the highest possible profit.

Play now and have fun

If you love the Spanish and Latin American flair, you will enjoy this bingo game with great certainty. They are accompanied by traditional trumpet music and cheered on by Gigolos. In addition, however, the good chances of winning, which are given by the many possible profit combinations.

Get a picture for yourself and play for free at Use the golden opportunity without registration Playing on our side and enjoying the best entertainment. If you play Taco Mania Bingo for free, do not take any risk and can fully concentrate on the atmosphere!

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