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anyone who misses certain extra at the bingo could be very well advised with this game. when playing Super Hot Bingo, extra balls can be purchased after drawing to trigger a bonus game or even crack the jackpot. with these additional features, Super Hot Bingo is certainly not just a game for the older generation, because it is really hot here!

Play with up to four cards Super Hot Bingo

Super Hot Bingo is a special kind of Bingo game. With an appealing flame design, players are fueled to use up to four playing cards per round and the chance of taking high profits. There are a total of 90 balls and 60 numbers in the game, of which 33 falls out of the drum by chance. If one of the numbers is on the card played, they are canceled. A bingo is achieved in this online game when

  • 1 line horizontal,
  • 2 lines horizontal,
  • The complete playing card
  • Or all four corners

are marked by drawn balls. If a bingo has not yet occurred after the standard education, up to 10 extra balls can be drawn against an additional use. The price for every extra ball is displayed on the top of the screen. By chance, a free ball can appear during the purchase of an extra ball that is free.

Jackpot and bonus game at Super Hot Bingo Online

In contrast to many other instant games, this machine is equipped with numerous features. There is a bonus game that is started when the tenth extra ball is exactly the same as the one that is marked on a ticket with "bonus". The bonus game is free and shows up to 12 cards with different prices. Players can select several cards and receive payouts. This happens until the value 0 appears on a card, which ends the extra round.

There is also a high jackpot price to be won. To trigger this, the numbers of an entire game card must have fallen before the 33 balls come to an end. However, in order for a qualification for the main prize to be created, four bingo cards must be played with at least 3 credits each. Accordingly, it is not possible to achieve the main prize when super hot bingo is played for free.

Game settings

Before you play this bingo game now, the number of the desired playing cards and the respective use must be selected. It can be played online with 1 to 4 cards. These are activated or deactivated via the "New Ticket" button. The use is determined using the "Bet" button using credits. A credit corresponds to 0.25$ s. The next round is automatically started using the "Max Bet" button with the highest possible use.

Optionally, sound effects and the game speed can be changed in the settings. There is also the option to look at the previous course of the game. A new round can be triggered manually via the start button. Alternatively, you can also use the autoplay function and let a whole series of bingor rounds run through one after the other.

Super hot bingo now without registration for free

If you love the excitement and want to perceive the chance of big winnings, you shouldn't wait any longer and try the gambling super hot bingo. Here at you can go super hot Play bingo for free And enjoy the best entertainment without risk. This is a fast -moving casino game with some attractive extras that are not long in coming. With a payout rate of 93.43 - 94.76%, the given chances of winning are quite decent.

Convince yourself of this title and get lost in great fun that the Bingo gambling offers! Optionally, this game in the online casino can also be played for real money, so that the chance of a high Jackpot real.

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