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at You can play super flex bingo free of charge and without having to register anywhere! But what makes Super Flex Bingo and how is it playing? You are probably also wondering whether the game differs from the classic bingo. With us you will not only find a step-by-step instructions, but also all other important information about Super Flex Bingo and Online Bingo in general.

let the colorful numbered bingo ball fall down and surprise you whether there is a winning combination on one of your bingo cards. with Super Flex Bingo there could be a surprise with a win in every round.

So Super Flex Bingo is played online

When we look at the rules of the game, we noticed that Super Flex Bingo hardly differs from the classic version of this extremely popular game, there are minor differences only when gaming. However, before we show you these details, we have created this table with the most important differences.

Classic Bingo Super Flex Bingo
- Individual numbers are pulled one after the other - The 30 numbers of the main round are pulled within a few seconds
- Consistencies on the game certificate are marked by the player - Consistent numbers are automatically recognized and marked
- Combinations of profit usually consist of all five figures of a horizontal or diagonal line - There are twelve different ways to get a profit combination
- There are 25 numbers on a game card - There are 15 numbers per card here

If we come to one of the most important questions, how does the game run? At Super Flex Bingo, a total of 42 numbers are drawn in three steps, provided you want this. The first 30 balls appear as soon as the online draw is started. In parallel to the numbers that appear, their bingocarts are compared with them in order to find profit combinations. Now comes what makes Super Flex Bingo so special. If you lack only a number for a winning combination on one of your cards, you can use the extra-ball function after this first main depreciation.

In this part of the drawing, up to nine further numbers can be bought one after the other and, with a little luck, a full profit combination is already completed. The price of the individual balls is based on the amount of the possible profit. The more you can win, the more credits are needed. If you are even a single number of it away to win one of the high -quality profit combinations, you can buy three more numbers in a third draw according to the same pattern.

What settings have to be made when playing Super Flex Bingo?

Super Flex Bingo is a completely uncomplicated game that is also a lot of fun. Of course, this also applies if you try the game without registration. As with many others online, you can set a coin value and the number of credits you want to use before the game starts. Super Flex Bingo Online also has a turbo version that protects the impatient player from tearing his hair. Of course, whether you want to play with or without sound effects is up to you and therefore the sound can also be deactivated.

At the beginning, four bingo cards are always displayed on your screen. However, you do not always have to play with all four cards, click on each card with a click on each card and, for example, concentrate on just one card. If you encounter your misfortune on one of the bingocated cards, it is possible to have new cards handed out before the game starts.

That was it and you can play Super Flex Bingo now, follow this simple steps:

  1. Define coin value and credits
  2. Select whether you want to play with or without a sound
  3. Activate or deactivate the turbo version
  4. Determine number of cards
  5. Start the game by clicking on "Play"
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