Sports betting providers in comparison - best online betting providers

Nowadays it is easier than ever to hand over sports betting and thus take the chance of good profits. Nobody has to take the way to the resident bookmaker anymore, but the tips can be placed on the Internet around the clock.

We want you to find the betting provider where you get the most offered. Therefore, our team of experts has carried out a comprehensive sports betting comparison, which is continuously updated and supplemented by further test reports. With us you will find valuable sports betting tips, basic information about the individual betting providers, and of course we will also help you to get the best betting provider bonus. In our table we listed numerous online bookmakers that were found to be serious by our bet experts and can therefore be recommended without hesitation.

The best betting providers in the test

online casino Bonus Info To the casino
1 50 free spins without a deposit for Gonzo's Quest
2 50 free spins without a deposit Casino review bonus for Dead or Alive 2
3 50 free spins without a deposit Use $ 0.25 ▪️ bet х30 ▪️ for Majestic King Slot machine
4 50 free spins for the registration
5 100% welcome bonus of up to 200$ s Play with 30 Netent Free Spins

Online sports betting in USA - the most important facts

American betting friends can easily place their sports betting online in USA. This does not only require the walk to the resident betting agency, but also the payout rates are usually significantly better on the Internet bets, since the operators of these offers, of course, have no running costs for rent, operation and maintenance of the buildings. There is an almost unmanageable number of different betting pages on the Internet, because the competition is great. On the one hand, this is of course an advantage for sports fans, since the various bookies try to beat each other with good odds and lucrative bonuses, on the other hand it is difficult to keep an overview.

At this point, our betting provider compares: Professional sports betting experts look at the available offer every day and test the individual sports betting providers in detail. You will then be clearly presented to the results, so that you can simply select from our recommendations. So you don't have to look long to find out, for example, to find out which sports you can tap on a certain website, which types of betting are available and how the Sports betting bonus and the associated conditions look like. Instead, simply think about what you want from a bookie and then select the betting provider from our list who will provide you with exactly that!

Find the best provider with the sports betting comparison

Since it is hardly possible to keep a good overview in view of the numerous sports betting providers on the Internet, our betting providers use even professional tipers. Here you will find test reports on the individual providers where you can submit sports betting online. In this way you can secure the maximum advantage and always get good betting odds, an extensive selection and a competent service.

Through defined test criteria, a detailed test report and a clear summary, we ensure that you can quickly capture all important aspects in relation to the individual Internet bookmakers and the search does not run unnecessarily.

The sports betting comparison is just a service that our team of experts has to offer you. In addition, you also get valuable information on creating a good sports betting strategy, we explain important terms from the betting world, and you always get current information on innovations. This does not mean that you always win from the betting providers we recommend, but if you choose a reputable provider with good odds and a reliable payout policy, this is of course also a great advantage in financial terms.

Regardless of whether you only want to place a bet for fun or whether you act professionally and profit -oriented, you should not be satisfied with any sports betting provider. Get the best out of your bet and benefit from the knowledge of our experts!

With our help, beginners can learn the successful bet from scratch. Typical beginner questions are explained in an understandable manner and you get all the information in order to be able to make your first bet quickly. The start is not difficult and thanks to our article you can avoid beginner errors from the outset.

In particular, beginners in particular still happens frequently that they choose a dubious bookie, because unfortunately there are always "black sheep" among the online bookmakers. Therefore, when testing a betting provider, we carefully check whether it is reliable and complies with all security criteria.

Since only serious providers make it onto our list, even inexperienced sports betting fans don't have to worry about being able to get a fraudster.

Professional tipsters are usually registered with several bookmakers, as you can always select the provider with the best betting odds for the currently planned bets and also receive one or the other sports betting bonus. The betting provider comparison is also worth cash for these users, and from time to time the professionals will find other providers in whom registration is also worthwhile. It is best to convince yourself and browse through our free offer!

Our test criteria in the detailed betting provider comparison

Our experts work with fixed criteria so that the results of different bookmakers can be easily compared. For you as a betting customer, this also has the advantage that you can specifically search for certain characteristics that you attach particular importance to online sports betting. In the following overview, we show which test categories there are and how the evaluation is made up in these categories.

Bonus offers and free bets

For new customers, most sports betting providers now have a welcome bonus, which, in addition to the actual sports betting offer, is supposed to be an additional incentive to register. However, the individual bonuses can differ significantly from each other. For example, there are offers for which no deposit is required. These are often also referred to as No Deposit Bonus.

However, the first one is the most widespread, in which customers receive a lot of additional betting credit or valuable free bets. In addition to the actual betting provider bonus, it is important for all actions to take a close look at the associated bonus conditions, because a payment of the bonus money is generally only possible if they are met.

License and security

Registration, deposit and tippoint should only be made in principle with absolutely serious betting providers. After all, it does not help you if the sports betting provider promises you that you can win millions, and then simply not pay you this proceeds. Your data should also always be well protected so that no personal information gets into the hands of the wrong people and may even be used for criminal purposes. Therefore, we pay very close attention to each test whether the provider has a valid license, which regulatory authority comes from and what experiences the previous customers have had.

Betting odds

Of course, every tipper would like to be forecast with his sports betting and thereby win money. In addition, this profit should be as high as possible. It is therefore essential to pay attention to what a provider's odds look like. To do this, we look at numerous sports betting on various sports and betting types at our test candidates, calculate the quota key and see whether the top quota may even be offered.

Deposit and betting limits

For the maximum and minimal deposit height, there are also different limits for different bookmakers. For customers who want to use only small amounts, a low minimum deposit is therefore important. If you want to bet with a lot of money, you also have to get the opportunity to load this credit to your betting account.

There are usually limits when using, which can be risked per sports bet. The betting providers are well suited for beginners, where they can already be bet by a few cents. The players with a lot of betting capital, also known as high rollers, often want to place sports betting for a four -digit or even higher effort.

Live betting and streaming

The tip options in the live area are sometimes even more popular than the so-called pre-match bets, in which the tip of the tip must take place before the start of the game. If you want to use live bets regularly and value a good selection, you should make sure that not only the most popular encounters such as the American Football Bundesliga are offered, but also other sports. The offer in the live area should also be right with the betting types and the odds.

Loyalty programs and other offers for existing customers

It can be seen as a great advantage if the new customer bonus is not a bookmaker's only bonus offer. Finally, the users who have been active with the sports betting provider for a long time and have used the new customer offering a bonus from time to time would like to be able to receive a bonus. So these tippers do not have to switch to another provider in order to be able to get a sports betting bonus again, but can remain loyal to the previous betting provider and still do not have to do without extra meetings or free bets.

Customer service

Since problems can even occur with very good bookmakers, we also check in our betting provider comparison whether the customer service of the sports betting provider is easily accessible in which languages this can be ed and how competent and committed the employees are. Even if customers simply have a simple question, a person should be accessible promptly who can help satisfactorily. A FAQ area can also quickly provide answers to the users that occur when visiting the website.

Payment methods

In order for betting customers to be able to place a sports bet with real money, this money must first be paid in with the Bookie. Good bookmakers offer a variety of different payment options. For example, the transactions can be done by credit card, Sofortüberweisung or Giropay take place. E-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Muchbetter or PayPal are also very popular, and prepaid cards such as the Paysafecard are still often used by customers.

In addition to the available payment methods and the associated safety requirements, we also pay attention to whether a fee is calculated for deposits and payments or whether they can be charged free of charge.

Using friendliness and design

Even if customers can win a lot of money with online sports betting, typing should be fun. This requires a website that can be operated intuitively so that users do not have to search for the various functions for a long time until they can finally place bets. The eyes should also not be overloaded, since you often look at the screen for longer during an intensive analysis. A good color concept and a sensible structuring of the user interface are therefore essential for a good sports betting side.

Mobiles Betting

Almost all betting customers now have an internet -enabled smartphone, and more and more of these customers want to be able to keep an eye on their online sports betting with the mobile device. Therefore, the betting slip should also be called up by a cell phone or tablet from a modern bookmaker, and the actual placing of bets should also be possible with just a few clicks. However, whether the mobile bets are via a sports betting app or a mobile website is a matter of taste, because both the apps and the websites developed for mobile devices offer high quality and numerous options.

Different types of bonus for online bets

The bonus actions of the individual betting providers can differ significantly from one another, which is why it is important to know the different types of bonus. In this way you can assess which sports betting bonus best suits your individual betting behavior and your preferences. We would now like to introduce the best known bonuses:

  • First recipient bonus: The term "first one payer bonus" actually does not actually refer to the specific bonus variant, but first only to the fact that this bonus is only available for new customers. It can usually only be claimed within a clearly defined period of time after registration.
  • Free bets: free bets are sports betting that the betting customer does not have to pay with the credit on his account. Instead, a kind of "virtual voucher" is used with which the sports bet can be placed. The customer then usually receives the profit as a bonus credit. Free bets usually have a given value and can usually not be divided into several single bets.
  • Bonus credit: The credit on the WettacCount is divided into real money credit and bonus credit for most sports betting providers. You can also place sports betting with bonus credit, but there are usually a few restrictions. For example, the bets submitted with the bonus balance must not fall below certain betting odds, and system bets are only permitted with real money credit for most betting providers. Bonus credit is a relatively common shape and is awarded to both existing customers and in the context of welcome actions.
  • Sports betting bonus without deposit: No own deposit is required for this bonus. He is awarded to some providers to newly registered players. A Bonus without deposit For existing customers, some loyalty programs can be found. For example, it is credited as a reward for promotion to a new VIP level.
  • Competitions/cruising games: As part of competitions, customers can win further betting credit or other prizes. For example, users can give their predictions free of charge for games defined by the bookmaker. Often the exact result must be predicted in several games, and the user who is correct with his tip can win a jackpot.
  • Increased profits and quotas: So -called quota booster or additional gains for combined bets ensure that customers win more money with a real tip than would be common with online sports betting without this bonus. The bookmaker therefore deliberately adds a certain amount of regular profit, which is of course very profitable for the betting customers.

Different bonuses in sports betting comparison

Before you choose a betting provider bonus, you should check which conditions must be met so that you can have this bonus paid out. After all, even the best bookmakers do not have to give away money, but would like to win with their bonus as customers. Therefore, all bonuses are bound to more or less well -fulfilling conditions. When considering the bonus conditions, the following aspects are particularly important:

  1. Turnover requirements: The bonus amount must be used several times for sports betting before the bookmaker releases it for a payment. Normal is approximately 5 to 12 times the original amount. The less sales you have to achieve, the easier it is of course easier to meet the requirements of the bookmaker.
  2. Minimum quota: In order to meet the bonus conditions of the bookmakers, only bets with a certain minimum quota may be used. The lower this, the more choice you have and the easier the sales conditions can ultimately be met. The helpful sports betting tips from the experts also include paying attention to whether combination bets can also be used to meet the betting conditions. With the combination of games with a relatively low quota, it can still be possible to achieve the required minimum quota.
  3. Time limit: In addition to the turnover to be generated, the betting providers also give a time when the conditions must be fully met after the expiry. The best thing here is of course when the users have as much time as possible, because even if the conditions can theoretically be met within a few days, it is of course more pleasant if customers can take it for it one or two months.
  4. Restrictions on the payment methods: Before the deposit, it should always be ensured that the payment method used is not excluded from the bonus offer. This is often with Neteller and Skrill The case, sometimes also with other e-wallets. If a bookmaker PayPal offers sports betting, the sports betting bonus of this betting provider is usually also available. Nevertheless, you should of course also know the bonus conditions here to make sure.

Sports betting tips: How to find the best online sports betting

Again and again our experts are asked about sports betting tips that are supposed to help for safe profits. Unfortunately, the absolutely reliable system, in which a profit always jumps out, does not exist. Rather, it is a whole range of different factors that make up a successful tipper. This includes, for example, to always take analytical and not be guided by emotions when choosing the bets.

Betting professionals are always looking for so -called Value Bets. These are sports betting in which the betting quota offered is so high that the tip is worthwhile. How high a quota must be so that a value bet is created depends on the likelihood of gaining the bet: the lower it is, the higher the quota must be to justify the tip of the tip.

You can search for promising bets in different ways. For example, it is possible, for example, to search for appropriate online bets in the mainstream sports, since the quota level is usually highest here and therefore a lot of the betting income is released to the customers of the bookmaker.

But betting customers who have specifically chosen the marginal sports always find good betting opportunities. According to our experience, it can happen faster here that the betting provider does not assess the probability of winning completely correctly and thus arise on the one hand too low and too high odds on the other.

Regardless of which strategy you choose and which sports betting providers you choose, you should always be well informed. In 2022, it is more easy to get detailed statistics, expert forecasts and information on the form of players and to the previous game of the teams involved in the current game.

The Internet enables you to acquire detailed knowledge of the matches on which you want to place bets online, and you should also use this option. So you can better assess whether a tip is worthwhile or whether you should be waiting for a next, better opportunity. With live betting in particular, it is also important to know the shape of an athlete or team in advance in order to be able to assess what the balance of power will look like towards the end of the game when it comes to energy reserves.

Of course, it takes time to become an expert for a sport, a league or a team. We therefore advise you to specialize in one or two disciplines instead of tapping less knowledge and in more areas. Of course, you can still place sports betting for fun if you simply want to make the view of the game in question more exciting. However, this should be the exception, because a profit -oriented betting customer places its bets with his head and not out of the gut.

Sports betting USA: Tips for safe and successful online bets

In order to secure the best chances of success with your sports betting, you have to start choosing the bookmaker. If you simply choose any sports betting provider, you have actually lost. After all, it is not possible with any bookmaker to only win in the long run, because in addition to the careful choice of betting, happiness also plays a significant role in the short -term perspective. Therefore, it is important to get as much out of the online bets as possible in order to compensate for the losses that are also inevitable and to be able to show a positive balance in the end. A sports betting comparison is therefore the first step towards successful typing on the Internet.

If you are looking for a suitable bookmaker, you don't do anything wrong if you take a close look at the betting odds offered. However, this should not be the only criterion, because the betting balance can also be improved, for example, by the skillful use of bonus offers. If a betting provider therefore offers its customers a lot of additional credit, which is connected to well -fulfilled sales requirements, this can be a good reason for registration, even if the odds may be a little bit better with another provider.

Any fees that are incurred and withdrawal must also be included in the calculation of the potential level of profit, because in the end only counts how much money from the bets obtained actually arrives at the customer.

In addition to choosing the right bookmaker, a sensible selection of the placed bets, of course, also plays an important role in the question of whether a user can be successful with online sports betting. Therefore, a detailed research and a thorough analysis should always take place before the actual tip delivery, because not every internet bet is automatically profitable. Here it is important to choose the right betting options from the huge selection, although there is of course more good options for a bookmaker with good payout rates.

The conclusion on success with online sports betting

Sport has a high fascination with many people, and it is even more exciting for the audience if they can win something themselves. If you want to place a bet on the Internet, you should be aware from the outset that there are clear differences between the individual bookmakers. Unfortunately, good -faith sports fans sacrifice of dubious betting providers are repeatedly, which we would like to prevent our detailed research and test reports. We have put together a list of serious sports betting providers, with the help of which our readers can find the bookmaker who provides the best offer for you.

If you want to achieve a profit with your internet betting in the long term, you have to invest a little time and put together as much information as possible before each tip out in order to be able to make a smart bet decision. But typing for fun is also absolutely legitimate as long as it takes place with a reputable betting provider. After all, it is also important for occasional tippers that you can reliably pay your profits. It is of course also helpful for the weather success if you can get a good bonus and place significantly more bets. Here, too, our comparison page helps with the search for the right offers.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

➡️ Is there a tax on online sports betting in USA?

All bookmakers who offer bets for American customers online are obliged to pay a betting tax to the tax office. This tax is 5% of the sales achieved by customers and is now deducted from the profit of the users in most sports betting providers. However, there are still bookmakers who take the tax for their customers, which should be taken into account in a quota comparison.

➡️ Can you open a betting account with several betting providers?

It is possible and also recommended from a certain point of view to register for more than one sports betting provider. So you can choose the provider before each individual betting submission, in which the best betting quota is available. In addition, you can use more bonus offers and keep getting extra credit, free bets or other advantages.

➡️ Are sports betting on the Internet in USA legal?

The laws for betting on the Internet have just been reformed, so that online sports betting is no longer in a legal gray area, but are 100% legal. The prerequisite for this is that you choose a bookmaker who has an official license. So you don't have to worry about the payment of larger profits that there could be legal problems and have the opportunity to look forward to your profit without worry.

➡️ Concrete sports betting tips - are you really a help?

There are always offers online where so -called experts claim to have deadly -safe tips for the betting customers and try to tell them which games they absolutely have to bet on. Read through such tips in peace and summarize the information that is valuable for you personally. In betting tips that are offered to you for purchase, however, you should not invest money, because after all it is difficult to find a value bet, and the money you pay for the tip should also be in your betting costs to include. There is no profit guarantee anyway.

➡️ earn money with sports betting - is that really possible?

There are actually people who make a living alone with online sports betting. These tipers invest a lot of time in research and carefully analyze the betting options before choosing a bet for placing a bet. A lot of time and knowledge is required. In addition, a certain share capital is required, because sports betting professionals are not spared the effects of the variance. In order not to run the risk of losing the entire betting capital through bad luck, only a small part of the so -called "bankroll" may be set.

➡️ Why are PayPal sports betting so popular?

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods for betting customers. This is primarily related to the high security during the payment process and with the particularly fast transactions. With PayPal, for example, it is possible to make a deposit within seconds, which the method qualifies especially for spontaneous typing. In addition, the money in the PayPal account can also be used in numerous online shops for shopping. However, fees are charged for incoming money on the PayPal account, which is why the lifting of betting gains is not free even if the bookmaker does not charge any payment fees.

➡️ How good are the mobile betting offers?

Nowadays, most bookmakers offer either a website optimized for cell phones and tablets or their own sports betting app. These offer high user -friendliness. Even with safety, customers do not have to compromise for mobile bets thanks to modern encryption methods. If you have an overview of your placed internet bets at any time and everywhere and want to give one or the other tip on the go, you should take a closer look at the mobile betting options of your sports betting provider.