Betting bonus - sports betting bonus comparison

Sports betting are part of sport like the players, referees or drivers. Sport fascinated, motivated and moves people worldwide. This includes both active athletes and passionate supporters of clubs, players or sports. Placing bets on the outcome of a game, fighting or racing now has as much tradition among sports fans as the sport itself. If you take it exactly, the simple question in the circle of friends is already "what do you think, who wins?" Sports betting can be easily placed on the Internet these days and the best thing is that you can win money with your already existing knowledge.

Well, with the online bet it is just like with everything else on the Internet. The offer is incredibly large, overwhelming. The online betting shops therefore make use of the possibility of drawing attention to themselves via bonus offers. Therefore, it may quickly become confusing when it comes to betting providers.

The best sports betting bonuses in the test

Online Casino Bonus Info To the casino
only for 🇦🇹 and 🇩🇪
Energy Casino
30 EnergySpins only for Austria and USA players for Book Of Dead, A maximum of 100 $
2 50 free spins without a deposit for Gonzo's Quest
3 50 free spins without a deposit Casino review bonus for Dead or Alive 2
4 50 free spins without a deposit Use $ 0.25 ▪️ bet х30 ▪️ for Majestic King Slot machine
5 50 free spins for the registration
6 100% welcome bonus of up to 200$ s Play with 30 Netent Free Spins

So that you not only always keep an overview of the offers on bonus sports betting, but also find the sports betting bonus that suits you, we have found the best actions of the safest and serious online betting shops. But we even go one step further because Our experts also tell you how to use your betting credits in order to benefit from you at most. you can already make a first betting Provider bonus comparison based on the information from the following table.

An overview of the sports betting offer in USA

For a long time, sports betting in USA was more of a marginal phenomenon. Compared to England, where placing betting has always been part of sport, bets were almost a taboo subject in USA. This was mainly due to the legal situation in the Federal Republic, because until 2010 the state held the so -called gambling monopoly. Since betting also fell under this law, it was only allowed to offer state lottery companies to offer sports betting.

However, there was a major change in 2010, because theeuropean Court of Justice decided that this monopoly violates the string of gambling addiction against EU law. While the state claims to protect its population from the offers of private bookmakers on the one hand, he cannot operate advertising for lottery, gambling or sports betting on the other.

An unstoppable liberalization of the American sports betting market began, which was gradually implemented. In some cases, further pressure from theeuropean Court of Justice was necessary. In 2012, just a little more than a year after the opening of the American betting market, the sales of betting providers were already 3.46 billion$ s. In 2014 it was already 4.5 billion$ s, 8.8 billion $ in 2018 and 9.3 billion $ in 2019. So it went up steadily and the betting became increasingly popular in USA.

In the meantime, i.e. in 2022, there are about 130 betting providers on the American sports betting market and with a considerable part of them, they are online providers. Based on this number, you can probably already imagine how large the offer of the online bonus is. There are countless different versions and our sports betting bonus comparison helps you to always keep a perspective.

What types of betting providers are there?

If you want to make a sports betting bonus comparison, you have to find out first which types of betting provider Bonus there is at all. If you make a betting bonus comparison, you immediately notice that there are numerous different bonus offers. This includes more exotic offers such as the sports betting bonus without a deposit or the sports betting bonus with PayPal. We present different types of online betting bonus below, focusing on the three most frequently encountering bonus types. Representing the group of rather rarer, we only go into detail about the sports betting bonus without deposit.

1. Die firests

The free bet in our betting provider bonus comparison has run into several times and in connection with other bonus offers. For example, there is a free bet code that you get as part of the sports betting welcome bonus. However, the free bet can also be granted as a deposit bonus or as a sports betting bonus without a deposit. Accordingly, the value of the free bet also differs, depending on the type of sports betting bonus it belongs. As a sports betting new customer bonus, for example, it can only be worth a three -digit amount, as a sports betting bonus without a deposit only a smaller double -digit amount.

In general, this is a free bonus. So you place a bet at the expense of the provider. Because of this, however, it is usually bound to certain conditions such as a minimum quota.

2. The sports betting deposit bonus

Thanks to this bonus, you get into the betting with an extra starting credit. In our betting bonus comparison, we found countless different versions of this type of bonus. Sometimes the deposit is doubled, sometimes it is increased by half, sometimes the bonus amount ends up directly on the user account, sometimes it comes in the form of free bets and even in connection with a code you can come across the deposit bonus.

Exactly the same applies to the conditions to which the action is bound. You can also consist of betting with minimum quotas or even limited to games, sports or even types of betting. However, all of these different versions of the deposit bonus have one thing in common: a prior deposit is always necessary in order to benefit from it at all.

3. The sports betting cashback

The cashback is one of the most widespread bonus offers and is therefore the most popular form of the betting provider Bonus. Our sports betting bonus comparison has shown that in most cases it is awarded either as part of the new customer bonus or as part of a loyalty program for new customers. In the broadest sense, this bonus can be seen as a kind of insurance. It always comes into play when you lose a bet. Then there is either completely or at least proportionately back the betting assignment made. Some providers reimburse 100% cashback, other 50% other 20%, so it can be particularly worth comparing with cashback offers. You should also take a closer look at the conditions, because there can be time or quota limits among other things.

4. The sports betting bonus without deposit

This sports betting bonus is similar to the free bets. However, these two types of bonus should not be equated or even confused. Free bets are nothing more than betting slips that can be used on given games or races under conditions such as a minimum quota. At the Bonus without deposit On the other hand, it looks completely different. It is given to it entirely as soon as a user account has been created at the betting provider. It usually consists of a small amount of 5€ bis 20€ And in contrast to the free bet, can be used almost without exception. Of course, the bonus amount cannot be paid directly, in individual cases there may also be other small restrictions such as the exclusion of types of betting such as the handicap bet.

The sports betting bonus comparison checklist

As you can see, not only the range of bookmakers, but also their bonus program is huge. In order to make the confusion perfect, almost all of them advertise the "best bonus". A betting provider bonus comparison should therefore not only concentrate on the bonus offered, but also take into account other parameters. We have created a checklist for you so that you know what is important in the large personal betting bonus comparison.

1. The bonus conditions

They often make the difference, because what use is the most generous bonus if, for example, you cannot use it in the games of your favorite team or sport, as this was excluded by the campaign. Bonus conditions are particularly frequently used by the bookmakers:

  • Terms of sales
  • Exclusion of certain betting types such as handicap bets
  • Temporal limits
  • Limitation to certain sports such as football

2. The topicality of the bonus offers

Bonus offers are constantly changing. This is basically a positive point, because this avoids boredom. However, a negative side effect of constantly changing actions is that you are simply and simply too late with a little bad luck. A time limit can be specified, especially for seasonal events such as offers that relate to a specific sporting event. However, these limits are usually clearly placed.

3. Is the bonus fair?

Whether a sports betting bonus is fair or not is of course in the eye of the viewer. However, there are some signs that speak for a fair bonus. One of them is, for example, the given betting quota. This bonus condition is not only common, but almost always the subject of a bonus offer. A relatively high minimum quota of 2.0 or 1.7 almost excludes the bet on a favorite with bonus money.

So we test the provider's sports betting bonus

The designation of sports betting bonus comparison is actually inaccurate, because if we test an online bookmaker, the bonus offered is just a part of our test. It is of course an important criterion, but there are other parameters whose influence on the decision to register may even even be seen at second glance. This includes customer service or the general user -friendliness of the website. If you are now wondering what these two points have to do with a bonus offer, you will find this out, for example, if a bonus via live chat has to be activated by a customer service employee who only speaks English. Or if an offer is so hidden that you can only reach it via several links.

The topic of sports betting bonus is therefore much more complex than a look at the numbers of a bonus offer appears. Because other areas of the betting provider can also be affected by the bonus and if this is the case, they will of course also flow into our assessment. This can include, for example, betting with bonus money on sports or events.

But the deposits and withdrawals are also among our tests, because a bonus offer can also include this area. For example, if deposits with certain payment service providers have been excluded from the bonus or if sales goals have to be achieved before you can have the profits of your bonus bets paid out. However, you can rely on the fact that we look closely at our tests and don't let any stone on the other.

Seven tips from our experts what to consider when redeeming a sports betting bonus

Our experts have come across numerous doctoral services over the years and have therefore been able to have plenty of experience in using bonuses. Our experts really always give these seven tips when you ask them what to consider when using a bonus.

Read the bonus conditions

Some of the following six other tips could also be gathered under this first advice. However, our experts want to avoid that there are confusion or that the other tips have lost their importance. The first step when redeeming a bonus should always consist of reading through the conditions in full length!

Pay attention to minimum payment amounts

Often you can only benefit from an action if a prior deposit has been made. However, if you think here, to be able to make a deposit of just $ 2 in order to get a free bet worth $ 20, you are usually on the wrong track. So when redeeming the bonus, make sure that it is linked to minimum payment amounts.

Look at the minimum quotas

We have already announced it to you, the minimum quotas are common. If our experts make a sports betting bonus comparison, the bonus offers are actually always tied to minimum quotas.

Observe excluded deposit methods

When redeeming a betting bonus, there may be bad surprises, namely when it turns out that it is not obtained due to the selected deposit method.

Take the limitation of the betting formats into account

Make sure that bonus funds can only be used for bets in certain formats such as single bets or whether you can freely bet with you.

Pay attention to limits of the betting markets

The betting markets can occur to the same limits when using bonus funds. These can take place on sports as well as on betting types such as live bets.

Contain the time limit

Sometimes a bonus can no longer be redeemed at all. The reason for this can be an expired time limit.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

➡️ Can betting bonus be used exclusively with a code?

No, this is just sometimes, but certainly not always the case.

➡️ Can you only benefit from a bonus as a new customer?

Here, too, the answer is no, because bonus offers are also available for existing customers.

➡️ Are there bonus offers without a deposit?

Yes, some betting providers already grant a first premium for logging in.

➡️ Is the placing of online sports betting legal?

Absolutely, the state monopoly has been history for a long time.

➡️ Can I win real money with betting?

Of course, you can, of course, also apply in the event that you bet with bonus credit.