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would you like to know what makes shamrock bingo play so special? then you are just right at, because here you will find all the important information about this bingo version at a glance. we found out whether the luck of the irish or in the case of shamrock bingo online you can help the irish kobold to win. you can find out how exciting online bingo actually is, as soon as shamrock bingo falls down and the fields of your bingo cards begin to be marked.

This is how Shamrock Bingo is played online

At / you can immediately plunge into pleasure and play Shamrock Bingo right now. This somewhat different bingo game only has a few small but fine differences to the version, which is played in various game shows and by many people worldwide. Our table gives you a more detailed overview:

Classic Bingo Shamrock Bingo
- The drawing takes place one after the other - In the first draw, 30 numbers fall on the field at once
- The numbers drawn must be entered even on the bingocarte - The marking is made automatically
- The five numbers of a line in horizontal, vertical or diagonal form are usually required for a profit combination - Here profit combination can arise in twelve different ways and wise men
- It is usually played with 25 numbers per bingocarte - The bingocarts at Shamrock Bingo have only 15 numbers

The gameplay is divided into two stages. First, 30 numbers are drawn in the first draw. The balls with the numbers fall into the middle area of the field one after the other and are compared directly and automatically with the 15 numbers on their cards. If profit combinations are found, the number of credits obtained can be read on the respective game card.

If you are missing only one number for a high-quality profit combination on one of your cards, the extra ball function comes into play. However, this is not free. In this case, the game gives you the opportunity to buy up to ten more numbers. The price of these additional balls is shown in the "Extra Ball" field in the upper middle area and depends on the possible profit amount. The four -leaf clover actually brings you luck, because when you see the cloverleaf on one of these fields, the "extra ball" is free!

What settings have to be made in Shamrock Bingo?

In principle, you can play Shamrock Bingo now. However, you should not forget to make some settings before the game begins. By clicking on one of the playing cards, for example, this can be excluded from the next round of the game or added it. It is also very important that the application is determined before the start. If there are concerns about the numbers on the cards, they can be exchanged by clicking on "New Tickets". Of course, this option is also available if you Shamrock Play bingo without registration.

What makes this game so exciting and exciting must follow the drawn numbers and compare them with your own bingocarte. At Shamrock Bingo, this tension is even increased by one or the other short break. Too much for you? No problem, just play with the turbo version and immediately look forward to a possible profit. The sound effects can also be activated or deactivated by you.

The bingo fun with the Irish Kobold can start with five simple steps in a few minutes:

  1. Set the coin value and the number of credits that are to be used.
  2. Switch on or off the sound.
  3. Decide whether you want to play in the normal or turbo version.
  4. Configure the number of bingo cards.
  5. Start the game.
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