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There is hardly a well -known casino game as the classic by bike and the small white ball. The game has also received its name from this bike, because originally the classic comes from France and roulette means nothing more than “cog”. But long since it is no longer only in traditional casinos, the new trend is called red and black, online roulette. And there are good reasons that we will introduce to you in the following article. It will quickly become clear to them why more and more people are playing roulette online for real money, and in addition to entertainment, also enjoy the chance of an attractive profit.

You will also receive interesting information about online roulette bonus offers and help choosing the right online roulette casinos. In this way you know exactly and can make your efforts before it says: "Rien ne va !"

Top real money roulette casinos

online casino Bonus Info To the casino
1 25 free spins without a deposit for The Golden Owl of Athena
2 100% up to 500$ s + 200 free spins
Unique Casino
10 free$ s 10 $ bonus for account registration

Online casinos with real money roulette

The first question that is basically up when it comes to playing roulette online with real money is the security and seriousness of the providers. Gambling is basically a matter of trust and a sure feeling is essential if you want to play roulette online in the casino. But how can you be sure that you are in good hands with your provider? We would be happy to tell you that and more.

Online roulette casino vs. software provider

The first decisive point is the origin of the software that the online casino uses of your choice to make the gaming experience possible for you. After all, the casino can only be as serious as the games it offers. Our selected providers therefore only work with renowned sizes of the casinosoftware industry.

A perfect example of this is Evolution Gaming, What is the highest quality in the field of the live casinerentainment. Among other things, the company haseuropean licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority and has been awarded providers of the year several times. Also Microgaming, Specialized in digital game software, is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and has an excellent reputation. So if you play roulette online for real money, you are at the right place here.

A good roulette online casino

In addition to working with the right software providers, there are of course other important criteria for the optimal online casino. Of course, the casino itself should also be properly registered and have a serious gambling license. The highest quality is theeuropean licenses, but other institutions such as Curacao Egaming also enjoy a good reputation. All online casinos that you can find here meet these criteria and also offer attractive bonuses for your customers. The following points are also taken into account:

  • Availability of American and often American customer service
  • Safe deposit and withdrawal
  • Encrypted data transmission for the safety of your personal data
  • Good reviews of the customers
  • A wide selection of online roulette variants
  • Player -friendly deployment sizes at all heights

Good overall package

Only if all the above criteria are met, an online roulette provider makes it into our closer selection. Which one is the right one for you depends not least on your personal preferences. For example, you should make sure that the remaining range of games also meets your preferences and the design of the page, including its functionality, is according to your taste.

Play online roulette with real money!

If you play roulette online, you should always focus on fun with all other casino games. You should not make money with online roulette, but we have a few tips on how to be as successful as possible and can also enjoy the game for longer. Even if it is not crucial for the profit, you get a brief introduction to the language and the setting options of the roulette so that you can shine with some insider knowledge.

Online roulette for real money vs. online slot machine

Even if the fun is the most important, a win is of course always desirable. In this way, it is interesting to look at the so -called RTP (return to player) of a game. This indicates how much of the mission the house, i.e. the provider releases in the long run. With online slot machines, this is usually between 95%-96%. With French roulette, however, the RTP is 97.3% and is therefore much more player -friendly than that of the machine.

Roulette online vs. Roulette in the casino

A clear change from traditional casinos to the online casino roulette has been recorded for years, and for good reason. Once, of course, time savings play a major role here. If you use the home PC or the smartphone for gaming pleasure, of course, you don't need to take any access, but play flexibly from anywhere. This not only saves time, but ultimately also money in the form of fuel costs, parking fees, etc. The dress code, which is perceived by many players as annoying, is of course eliminated at online casino roulette. If you want, you can of course continue to throw yourself in shell, but your favorite jogging pants do it too.

One of the main reasons for playing roulette online are also the lucrative bonus offers with which modern online roulette casinos fight for the favor of players. The market on the net is significantly larger and new providers are constantly being added. Since competition is known to revive the competition, there are bonus offers here that visitors to a casino can only dream of. Last but not least, this is possible because an online casino has lower running costs for personnel and the like and can thus pay a larger part of the operations again. In addition to the welcome offers and deposit bonuses, this also happens in many other species, which we explain to you a little further below.

The setting options and opportunities for roulette

Depending on what you bet on roulette, different opportunities and different multipliers are waiting for you. So that you know exactly how high your win is on which bet, here is a practical overview:

  • Red or black; Opportunity is almost 50% and use is doubled when profit.
  • Straight or odd, low or high; Here, too, you have almost 50% and double your commitment if successful.
  • Douzains; means setting a group of 12 numbers, 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36; Your chance is just 1: 3 and effort is tripled.
  • Colonne; As with Douzaines, only the numbers are divided into three other groups.
  • Carre; 4 adjacent numbers, if successful, is being despised.
  • Transversal Plein; Is a number of 3 numbers, insert is multiplied by 11.
  • Cheval; 2 Numbers directly next to each other, insert is multiplied by 17.
  • Plein; Use for just one number, chance 1:36, at profit is multiplied by 35.

There are a few more technical terms, but these are very specific and not absolutely necessary.

Online casino roulette strategies

Right in front, there is no secret technology with which you can improve your chances. A popular strategy is, for example, placing red or black, with double the inserts at loss until a profit occurs. Then it starts again. This often works, but is also very risky because the operations can be very high. And as mentioned above, you don't get a mathematical advantage. Here are a few tips for optimal fun in roulette for real money:

  • Adjust your operational sizes to the chances of winning. The lower the chance, the lower the use should be.
  • Do not try to quickly play in lost missions.
  • Use bonus offers to increase your chance.

Bonuses for online roulette with real money

In fact, a bonus is the only real way to improve your chances. In the course of this, the first to name is the welcome bonus, which is waiting for you when you register. This usually consists of a deposit bonus and often you get free spins for slot machines.

The deposit bonus is a percentage that is also credited to your first deposit as a bonus credit. How high this is, vary from provider to provider and can be easily read in the table above. The bonus money is available to you after receipt and you can use it instead of online roulette to play real money. Even in the further course of your time as a customer, you often get a deposit bonus online and continue to improve your chances. However, it is also important to consider the bonus conditions, since roulette may not be suitable for free playing the bonus.

More bonuses for roulette for real money

In addition to the deposit bonus, there are other types of bonus that sweeten the game fun with roulette online for real money. A so -called casino bonus without deposit is very popular, which in turn can occur in different forms. One possibility is simply the receipt of free bonus credit, which you can then place at the roulette table. This can be transmitted to you in the form of a bonus code or automatically. Some online casinos also give you specific free bets to advertise specific roulette games. In addition to these bonuses, which can be used directly with roulette, there are often:

  • VIP-Treueprogramm
  • Cashback payments
  • Birthday bonus
  • uvm.

Popular types of online roulette for real money

Basically, there are 2 main variants with classic roulette, which differ primarily by the house advantage. French roulette is equipped with just a zero and is therefore the most player -friendly. The American variant has 2 zeros, which makes the house edge a little higher.

In the online area, however, you have numerous other options, which guarantees fun and variety. Here is an overview of some of the most popular online roulette variants, including their special features.

Lightning Roulette von Evolution Gaming

With this live roulette variant, the entertainment factor is very high, which is achieved by professional moderation alone. The special thing is the possible high profits due to the extra payment on random numbers. Instead of the otherwise maximum factor 35, a value of up to 500 is possible here.

Mini roulette von playtech

This fully digital variant is characterized by a smaller wheel. Instead of 36 or 37 numbers, there are only 12 and a green zero. This makes Mini Roulette much clearer and the setting options are also simplified. Unfortunately, the house edge is also a bit larger.

Card Roulette Von GTECH

Instead of numbers, the 52 playing cards of a map deck 2 jokers on the seed field and in the boiler are located here. The special thing is that in addition to the normal profits, there is also another way to make money with this online roulette. If you get a good poker leaf, such as a flush, if you create an additional profit. As with French roulette, the house advantage is 2.7%.

How to choose an online casino for real money roulette

Do you want to get started right away and play roulette online for real money? Then you get a step-by-step instructions now. With this there are only a few minutes between you and an online gaming experience.

  1. Choose the right online casino according to the criteria mentioned above and read through our revealing casino test reports carefully.
  2. Also make sure that your preferred payment method is supported.
  3. If you prefer live roulette, make sure that the bonus credit can be used for this.
  4. Register and in the best case verify your personal details, as this will be necessary for a larger profit anyway.
  5. Make the first deposit and apply for the welcome bonus if necessary.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the additional bonus options so that nothing escapes you.
  7. Now decide whether you want to play live roulette with video transmission or digital roulette.
  8. Select the exact variant and start the game.
  9. Note our practical tips.
  10. Enjoy the entertainment!

All information for you

Here on the page you will basically find everything you need to know about roulette online for real money and much more. We have made it our task to bring light into the dark of the online casino jungle and strive to keep our information up to date. So if you have any questions about roulette or other casino games or also about bonuses and their conditions, then like to use our practical collection.