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As they play Rio Bingo, the falling numbers dance in the rhythm of the Brazilian drums Samba. Bingo on the Copacabana? At Rio Bingo you can literally feel the sand on your feet. The distance Rio de Janeiro was also hit by bingo fever and we looked around for our readers at the sugar hat and, among other things, investigated the question of how Brazilian Bingo play. That is why you can get all information about the hot Brazilian version of the game directly from the snow -white beach here at

We explain step by step how to proceed, what needs to be considered and what the Brazilian bingo is. Then the fun can start directly, of course Free and without registration.

This is how Rio Bingo is played online

Bingo is also played in Rio according to the well -known rules, at least essentially. You can find out what you should consider on your online trip to the sugar hat in our table. You will find that the differences to standardbingo are actually only marginally:

Classic Bingo Rio Bingo
- 25 numbers are listed on the bingocarte - Only 15 numbers in Brazil have to be kept in mind
- In order to receive a profit combination, five numbers of a line must be drawn in horizontal, vertical or horizontal manner - In Rio there are only three options for a winning combination
- The numbers are pulled and read out by a game master - 45 numbers are drawn in three consecutive draws of 15 numbers each
- You have to mark the read number on your card - The pulled numbers are automatically transferred to your card

Now that we know the special features, we can turn to the game ourselves. Rio Bingo is played with a total of 90 numbers, which are presented to you clearly in the upper right corner. A total of three draws of 15 numbers each are made one after the other. The numbers drawn are highlighted in this number field and also on their bingocarte in three colors after each draw. The numbers of the first draw are red, which marked the second draw of Lila and that of the third draw in green.

How high the possible win of the individual game card is displayed directly on this and an actual profit lights up in this field of the card. So at Rio Bingo you have everything in view at all times, and nice and clear.

What settings have to be made at Rio Bingo?

Both the gameplay and the game themselves are personalized accordingly. Some of these settings are rather optional, others are essential. The most important attitude is definitely the deployment height, you also have to decide before the first number falls on how many cards you want to play Rio Bingo. A tip to play with all twelve cards do not have to be clicked individually. With “Max Cards” all twelve cards are automatically activated in the next round. The game also has a autoplay function that makes playing even easier for you.

If the three draws take too long for you, you can get “Quick Play” directly to the end of the drawing by clicking on "Quick Play". As far as the sound is concerned, there is the possibility to play with or without sound effects or background music.

More does not have to be done, which means that you can play Rio Bingo now. So that you can remember the individual steps more easily, we have summarized them below:

  1. Select the amount of your use.
  2. Activate or deactivate the music and sound effects.
  3. If you want to play with the Autoplay function, make up the corresponding settings.
  4. Determine how many bingo cards you want to play.
  5. Let the numbers dance with the "Play" button.
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