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We take it in advance, you should definitely play Rabbit Mania Bingo! Rabbit Mania is more than just a simple bingo game. Rather, this is a full bingo fun, which was even equipped with some animations. The rabbit of Rabbit Mania Bingo naturally encounters you personally, in the Asian kung fu style - headband included!

our team of experts has tried rabbit mania and of course we also provide our readers with the experiences they have had on the bingo game convinces primarily with its numerous configuration options, which are supplemented by some creative special features. you can find out what the rabbit in this online game conjures up everything from us.

So Rabbit Mania Bingo is played online

If you compare Rabbit Mania with the shape of the bingo, which you know from television, then at first glance, some small but still fine differences can be seen. However, the developers made sure to maintain the entertainment value of the bingo. You can get an overview with our table:

Classic Bingo Rabbit Mania Bingo
- All participating players and the game master are in the same room - is played online
- There are three winning combinations that consist of five numbers - has a total of twelve different profit combination options
- Playing cards must be bought for a certain amount before starting - can be played free of charge and even without registration
- The game ends with a bingo of the player - Additional numbers can be purchased

Rabbit Mania Bingo can be played with up to four bingo cards. There are 15 numbers on each of these cards. During the first draw, 30 numbers are drawn in different colors, matches are automatically marked on your card. In some rounds, a second draw can be activated with a maximum of ten additional numbers by buying the additional numbers offered. In this draw you can encounter the black Z, this is a joker and with it you can choose the number that will appear next.

Rabbit Mania Bingo Online has two bonus rounds that make the game even more exciting. While you play Rabbit Mania Bingo, you automatically fill a jackpot and you can crack it if you get all the numbers of a card with the drawing of the first 30 digits. The second round of bonus is a classic pick-me game that is achieved when the figures displayed are drawn.

What settings have to be made at Rabbit Mania Bingo?

There is hardly a bingo game that gives them as many personalization options as Rabbit Mania Bingo. Sure, you can also get into the bingo adventure directly and play Rabbit Mania right now. Nevertheless, we would like to give you the tip to take a moment and configure Rabbit Mania.

Immediately after the game has been invited, you are asked if you want to play with or without a sound. If you have made your decision, you will have to select the use and coin value next. Now they have almost made it, because the last important attitude is to determine the number of bingo cards.

Before the game starts, the cards can also be exchanged and played with new bingo cards and consequently with new numbers. There are two options that make it easier for you to play Rabbit Mania. You can regulate the game speed and even use an autoplay function!

In summary, the whole thing looks as follows:

  1. Set sound options.
  2. Regulate coin value and use.
  3. Select the number of bingo cards with which you want to play.
  4. If necessary, exchange the cards.
  5. Determine the game speed.
  6. If you want to play with the Autoplay function, you have to start the game with the associated button.
  7. Alternatively, you can start playing with the "Play" button.
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