Novoline games

The games of the Austrian provider Novoline are not only very well known, but are extremely popular with players worldwide. However, this is not surprising, because every single game is developed with great attention to detail.

For a long time, Novoline was part of a fixture in the online casinos with his games. Until the end of 2017. At that time, the company, founded in 1980, stated that it will now be withdrawn from the American gambling market. From January 1st, 2018 the Novoline games had disappeared from the offer. But even if the provider has withdrawn, the manufacturer's classics are still on everyone's lips.

Because of Novoline games, the high -resolution, colorful graphics, the symbols and the small stories that they tell or come directly from films are characteristic of Novoline games. There are also typical vending machine noises known from the land -based casinos and casinos as well as a quick game process that is combined with entertaining functions.

What legends of the Online Casinos In the game title of Novoline and what the high popularity is based on, we answer in the text below. We also go into the alternatives to the Novoline slots.

Novoline games

Pharaoh's Tomb
Queen of Hearts
Ultra Hot Deluxe
Hot Chance
Power Stars
Sizzling Hot Quattro
Just Jewels Deluxe
Wishing Well
Supra Hot
Plenty on Twenty
Show Girls
The Money Game
Sizzling 6
King of Cards
Book of Ra Deluxe 10
Book of Ra magic
Mega Joker
Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe
Book of Ra deluxe
Book of Ra 6
Sizzling Hot deluxe
Golden Sevens
Golden Ark
Lucky Ladyʼs Charm Deluxe
Magic Kingdom
Roaring Forties
Lucky Lady Charm
Lord Of The Ocean
Sizzling Hot
Book of Ra
Snake Rattle & Roll
Club 2000
free beer
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Spooky House
Top O' The Money
Wizard's Ring
Wolf Money Xtra Choice

The Novoline games

As already mentioned, there is no way in USA to play Novoline Games - right? This is not entirely right, because after the retreat the Novoline games came back slowly, but as free demo versions.

The first Novoline Casino, the Stargames, closed its doors and opened them again after a while, there was a change. The games were only available in free demo mode. This is not entirely correct, because so -called stars are needed to make operations that can be bought accordingly. But profits cannot be made.

There are other portals in which you can also play Novoline's titles for free without registration. The slots listed below are among the most popular on the gaming market and are available to all players - including those in USA - free of charge and without registration. Anyone who wants to test the games for free can do so without any obligation.

There are many different slots in the Novoline game list. The classic are in the portfolio Old slot machines To find as well as the games that are much more innovative and contain numerous functions. Above all, the fans of the classic slots should enjoy the games, which are more likely to have the style of the simple restaurants and arcade machines. With these slots, graphics, gameplay and sound are traditionally kept - apart from one or the other free play. Otherwise there are no additional features with these slots.

But Novoline has increasingly rely on innovative slot machines in recent years. These Novoline slots offer far more complex graphics and also have more to offer with regard to the gameplay. But Novoline's great strength is the good adaptation of traditional games. Because many have the desire to be able to play these slots from Novoline online that are known to them from the casino. That is exactly what the Software provider, and very successful, as well as Mercury.

Ultimately, however, it is a matter of taste, which of the games is preferred and how to judge individual aspects. Only one thing is certain, here it is possible to do the popular Novoline Playing games online for free and without registration.

Classic Novoline slot machines - an overview of online casino legends

Many legendary Novoline machines come from the game forge of the Austrians who have caused an incredible amount of fun among the players and are among the absolute favorites. For example, we think about it Lucky Lady’s Charm, Dolphin’s Pearl, Sizzling Hot Or the absolute cult game Book of Ra. The latter is probably the most successful of all Novoline slot machines worldwide. All these games and many more have been in the ranks of the best and most exciting games for years that can be found in the (online) arcades.

Every Novoline classic has developed into a real cult game. Basically, the Novoline games were not missing in any online casino. Since the games enjoyed great popularity and are still pleased, or they are still copied or expressed today and to express it benevolently: Other providers have been inspired by the games.

The classic game stores Novoline Games are generally equipped with three or five reels and have between five, nine, ten, 15 or 20 paylines. Certainly, many of the Novoline fans wonder when it is finally time again that classic Novoline slot machines are again available as real money games. Nobody can answer this question, because this depends on the Gaming State Treaty.

But if you don't want to do without the games, you can Play slot machines for free and without registration.

A small selection of the games from the large manufacturer

We show a small selection here from the great and large selection of the provider. It is a selection that shows that Novoline always attaches great importance to diversity and variety online.

With the slot machines it is possible to experience adventure, fairy tales, fantasy stories, underwater adventures and much more. Regardless of whether the classic three roller slot or rather progressive and innovative with five reels, the developers of Novomatic AG know what the players are concerned with and implement this without much hesitation.

A closer look at the most popular Novoline online slots shows that implementation is always perfect. Every single detail of the top games of the well -known developer quickly shows that professionals are at work here. Everyone should really try the classics of the Novomatic Group.

The three most popular Novoline Games

There are real sizes among the Novoline online. These conquered the hearts of the players in the storm and captivated them. In the following we present three of the games that are considered an absolute classic and are currently on the market.

Book of Ra

This slot is one of the first classic games that found its way from the land -based play library to the online casinos. Book of Ra is a game that has already followed tens of imitations of other providers. But one thing is certain, none of these slots is as good as the original.

The players are kidnapped here in an Egyptian adventure. The game is played on five roles, in two variants. There are nine paylines in the classic and the Deluxe variant has 10 paylines. Apart from that, the two slots are similar and offer pure entertainment.

Book of Ra - Or Bor for short - game enjoyment is at the highest level and every player who prefers ancient Egyptian topics will be more than enthusiastic.

Sizzling Hot deluxe

We start with the Deluxe Variant of the classic Sizzling Hot. This game is one of the Novoline slot machines, which is also very popular. This slot has already been played with real money online and some gamblers got out of the game with a lucrative profit.

With the slot you have a mixture of classic fruit slot and a modern 5-roll game. The RTP of 95.66% is great for a classic and since the game is very simple, even beginners can easily start here.

Lord Of The Ocean

The developers of Novoline have used many topics to offer players a varied gaming experience that is also associated with excitement and good chances of winning. With Lord Of The Ocean can be found under the classics with a slot with an underwater theme. The large, wide ocean and its depths fascinate people.

The focus of this slot is certainly on the seven seas, but the implementation of Lord Of The Ocean Bring an exciting additional element here with Greek mythology. On the five reels, over which ten paylines run, deities can be seen and promising treasures. In addition, the players can look forward to ten free spins here. This means that the developers thought of everything: tension, good implementation and sufficient bonus functions to offer corresponding chances of winning.

The popularity of the Novoline slot machines - what is the secret of success

Novoline entered the online market with his games quite late. That was only in 2010 to be precise. The developers first focused on establishing themselves with their well -known titles on the Internet and, with the help of this familiarity, to attract regular customers to the Novoline casinos. The software manufacturers, who focused exclusively on the online casino games, such as microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech, had a certain lead at this point.

At that time, the Novoline Slots did not yet shine with particularly striking 3D graphics or a variety of innovative game ideas such as the competition. In addition, the Austrian developer did not have licenses from large blockbusters and series hits. But the question in the end is why were the Novoline games so popular with the players from the start and then online?

Novoline won a loyal fan base for decades

Over the decades, a loyal fan base had formed around the Novoline Slots, which enjoyed the proven composition of the games. The well -known graphics style and the classic sound effects are just two things.

But the risk game is certainly at the top, since the ultimate question is asked here: lose or double everything? While the question can be answered either by the black and red cards or with the winning conductor, the old rabbits repeatedly find that it is hardly possible to have more fun and feel pure adrenaline.

The secret ingredient

When it comes to the secret ingredient or the secret of Novoline's success, many will be amazed because it cannot be defined exactly. Ultimately, Novoline's secret of success lies primarily in simple operation. Even beginners can easily play Novoline's games online. It is necessary to understand the principle once, and the fun is already inevitable. So the "secret" of success is straightforwardness. Let's get the aspects through which the games are characterized by:

  • Clear and simple graphics
  • simple process
  • usually a five roller system
  • low number of paylines (mostly max. 20 or 25)
  • Quickly understandable for everyone
  • Popular topics in a variety of choice

This quickly shows that the provider sets simplicity in every respect, but what comes out in the end is by no means boring. Because every slot machine convinces thanks to the creativity of the developers, even if it is still so simple. Every slot that players of Novoline play online brings an immense voltage factor with it and pure entertainment.

The best Novoline slot machines - top rated slots

Novoline has never rested on his laurels and regularly publishes new games. It remains to be seen whether a huge hit like at some point Book of Ra will be there. Here you can only speculate. To date, Novoline has already developed over 370 slots. Such a number of Novoline Games is impressive. In the end, in addition to the Novoline Slot Machines, the developer even concentrated on games with live dealer. In order to be able to establish the games on the Igambling Markt, the software smithy cooperates with extreme live gaming. A fact is particularly interesting when playing live. Many of the live novoline games take up the topics of the popular slots.

For example there is one Book of Ra Roulette. This is a normal roulette game, which is, however, provided with an additional winning element, a wheel of fortune. Novoline has thus created a secondary bet in which the players can bet on one of the slot classic's prize symbols, which is redesigned in every coup.

The best known and best rated slots

However, the best rated Novoline slot machines should be concerned. While some of the titles have developed into real cult games, there are other games from Novoline, who enjoy particular popularity. On our site you will find over 150 Novolines games that can be played free of charge and without registration.

Because in 2022 it is no longer absolutely necessary to go to a land -based casino or a playground, but still - even if Novoline has withdrawn from the American gambling market - still the opportunity to get the top games of the Austrian developer in some Novoline online casinos to play. The big advantage here is that players can play Novoline's slots for free and thus test the games in the Novoline online casinos without their own financial risk.

For those who still don't know Novoline or want to recall the Novoline games, we give some food for thought here. One of the top games in the Novoline Casinos is undoubtedly Book of Ra. The classic that picks up the old Egypt on the subject and in which a mysterious book is the Weg to great win, the players still captivate the players today when they play Novoline online. In the meantime there are even some sequels to the popular book game:

  • Book of Ra deluxe
  • Book of Ra Deluxe 6
  • Book of Ra magic
  • Book of Ra – Temple of Gold
  • Book of Ra Deluxe Two Symbols
  • Book of Ra Xpand

Players who are interested in enchanted stories and myths are certainly well served with this slot. Also Lucky Lady’s Charm Is one of the games in the Novoline online casinos that players cannot let go. This is a mixture of lucky charms and a pretty lady who certainly twists the men's heads when they play this game from Novoline for free. But this slot brings a special feature. In addition to the free spins, there is a main prize that increases the operation up to 200 times.

Another game is Columbus (Deluxe). This slot is for the fans of shipping and history what Mega Joker for the friends of fruit slots. Exactly said the Fruit-Slot changed its face: from classic joker to the legendary seafarer Columbus.

The big advantage is that the Novoline Games list has the right ready for every player type. Everyone should really find something here. Because not only for beginners who play Novoline online for the first time, the games are ideal, but also for connoisseurs due to the lucrative chances of winning.

If you want to get a picture of the games first, you can play Novoline's games at any time without registration. After all, everyone has their own taste and special preferences, and this also applies to slot machines and other casino games. You can easily play games from Novoline on the Internet. There are no limits and this works best here - without registration.

Novoline casino games with live dealer

Most players only know Novoline's slots with three or five reels. But now Novoline is more than just a manufacturer of slot machine games, because the developer now also offers live dealers games. We had already pointed out this shortly in advance! If you are looking for a Novoline Live Casino, you don't have to look for Novoline or Novomatic, but for extreme live gaming. These are the live dealer games from the well -known Austrian manufacturer.

These games are also available to American players as real money variants, provided that there are corresponding Novoline Live casinos in USA that offer these games. Here you actually sit comfortably on the home computer and watch the real dealers over a livestream how to spend the cards or throw the ball into the roulette boiler.

Even if the Novoline Live Casinos are not yet so well known and are rather rare, the quality of the Live Novoline Games convinces. If you have the opportunity to play these grand live games, you shouldn't hesitate. Because the titles of the live games not only sound interesting and exciting, but here the pleasure of play is raised to a new level by connecting the authentic casino atmosphere with the highest quality.

Card games and other games from Novoline

The assumption is obvious if there is Live Games from Novoline that there are also some table and card games from the manufacturer. As expected, the developer also relies on diversity in the entire range of games. This means that the usual table games as well as popular card games should not be missing. Regardless of whether Roulette, Blackjack, baccarat or poker is sought in a Novoline casino - the selection that the provider offers is convincing across the board.

As for the offer of games in the Novoline casinos, this includes everything that is known from other virtual arcades.

  • Blackjack: This is about getting as close as possible to the 21 and beating the dealer or house.
  • Roulette: The popular boiler game, of which there are several variants.european, American and French Roulette. While the latter is often referred to as a "classic", the American variant is faster and easier to understand. The payout rate here is not as high as with theeuropean or French variant.
  • Poker: A popular classic that is known to most. Texas Hold’em is played the most. This is due to the high voltage and the possible influence on the chances of winning and thus the course of the game.
  • Baccarat: A game that is often associated with high operations and professional players. Certainly beginners can also play this game because the rules are not difficult to understand.

In each of these categories there are Novoline games and also from other game categories such as Sic Bo and Craps. Here is a brief insight into well-known titles of Novoline's table and card games.

American Poker 2

With this Novoline Game, the American feeling comes home directly to the player. The game is played here and the chances of winning are more than tempting with a maximum of 30,000 coins. But only if the maximum stone set is set and a Royal Flush is achieved, this profit is possible. It is definitely worth going to the full. American Poker is one of the Novoline games that is simple and quick and especially appeals to the young players.

Royal Crown BlackJack

Of course there is also the classic among the map games in the Novoline portfolio. Up to three hands can be played here at the same time and the tension increases enormously. With this variant, the dealer must stop at "Soft 17" and this is a fact that makes this game so interesting.

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag

This game is called a kind of ancient predecessor of the poker. This game is less well known, but that doesn't mean that it is not exciting. The game is played here with 52 cards. The goal is to hold a higher quality hand than the dealer. Even if some game terms sound unusual in this game, the game can be learned quickly. Players who have played and learned this game are happy to return.

Royal Crowneuropean Roulette

This is a variant of theeuropean roulette that is particularly popular with the players. Younger players in particular prefer this game.

Novoline machines for traditional casinos

Players who do not want to do without real money and don't just want to use the classic Novoline slot machines for free can do that in the traditional casinos. In USA, Austria and Switzerland there are a variety of traditional casinos in which the Novoline machines are represented.

These hardware Novoline slot machines, which are available in various designs, are very popular among the players. Games such as Book of Ra or Lord Of The Ocean. Then, as now, the multi -line titles of Novoline are present in the land -based venues and are considered crowds among the operators.

Of course, the classic Novoline automat also has some advantages in the real casinos. On the one hand, it is possible to experience the classic play atmosphere, and on the other hand, the profits are paid directly. But if you compare the aspects of the online slots, the machine in the land -based casinos, then a much more appealing picture is shown:

  • The selection is much larger online.
  • A game is possible at any time - Online Casinos are not bound at opening times.
  • There are no travel routes and times.
  • Hardly any limits in the deposits and operations.
  • There are progressive jackpots.

These are some arguments that lure players more and more into the virtual arcades. If the word "if" were not- at least for the American players because the games from Novoline are no more available online as real money versions for players in USA. In that case, they only remain three options:

  • It is played online for free with or without registration.
  • The switch to real money games from other providers takes place.
  • The Novoline games are played exclusively in the traditional casinos for real money.

If you choose the latter variant, you can play the popular classics as well as the newer games. Below are:

  • Dragon Hits
  • The Money Game Deluxe
  • Ultra Hot Deluxe
  • Pharaoh’s Gold II Deluxe
  • Prize of the Nile
  • u.v.a.

These games are playable depending on the game cabinet that is set up. But the slot machines have one thing in common: they promise an excellent gaming experience and lucrative profits.

What are the alternatives to Novoline slots?

We know that we repeat ourselves when we say that players in USA are no longer able to play the Novoline Games for real money in the online casinos. The provider's decision at the end of 2017 was a tough disappointment for the fans. But there is always a way out when it comes to being able to play the Novoline slot machines:

  • Play Novoline for free and even without registration

Players who simply do not want to do without the games of the Austrian provider can at least still be in the free variant. Novoline also plays its advantages for free. It is played without your own financial risk, so that your own funds cannot assume. In addition, no registration process is necessary and it is possible to test all games extensively.

  • Use alternative games

However, there are players who just don't want to do without it to play real money and thus real profits. In this case, it is necessary to look for alternatives. The only question arises, what alternatives are there for the Novoline games?

Anyone who wants to play for real money must accept that the Novoline games are no longer available online in USA. The Novoline games are still offered in some selected land -based casinos with a state license. But we wander off! We once researched alternatives and in our opinion they are (almost) as good as the popular Novoline slot machines:

Book of Ra

The popular slot with its ancient Egyptian topic. Players who want to plunge into adventure and want to go on a treasure hunt should take a look at Games like Cleopatra From IGT or Riches of Ra by play’n go. But these are not even all alternatives, because many game forging have Book of Ra taken as a model and developed games that come close to the cult game of Novoline:

  • Book Of Dead (Play’n GG)
  • Legends of Ra & Egypt Gods (Evoplay)
  • Rise of Ra (EGT)

Sizzling Hot

This slot is another classic playing among the Novolines. There are also corresponding alternatives for this slot that also have good chances of winning and fun:

  • Five Star (Red Tiger Gaming)
  • Ninja Fruits (Play’n Go)
  • Fruits of the Nile (Playson)
  • Crazy Fruits (Kajot)

So there are plenty of fruit slots in the game portfolio of other operators. Especially when it comes to experiencing the "hot aspect" of the Novoline classic, then is 20 Super Hot From EGT exactly the right thing. Players who are looking for large payments and in the style of Sizzling Hot want to play with the alternative from Yggdrasil - Joker Millions - well served. Because big chances of winning are guaranteed here.

Lord Of The Ocean

If it is about the replacement for this slot, it is by no means a choice. However, the quantity is not important here, but the quality. Anyone who has an interesting gameplay in the style of Lord Of The Ocean Pays value, you can try the following games:

  • Age of Gods: Gods of Storms (Playtech)
  • Atlantis (Gaming1)
  • Atlantis Queen (Playtech)

Dolphin’s Pearl

Another time the topic of underwater worlds at Novoline. Everyone should have tried this slot. This machine among the Novoline playing online convinces with its bright colors and a simple gameplay. If you fancy this kind of game, the following alternatives are recommended for you:

  • Pearl Lagoon (Play’n GO)
  • Dolphins Treasure (Evoplay)
  • Dolphin’s Island (iSoftBet)
  • Dolphin Quest (Microgaming)
  • Dolphin Cash (Playtech)
  • Riches of the Sea (Microgaming)

Lucky Lady’s Charm

at Lucky Lady’s Charm If it is another classic among the Novoline play online. This slot is unparalleled in the large selection of slot machines. Even if there are many alternatives, it is difficult to hand the water to the original. But there are still some providers who have managed to give their slots a similar flair and to wait with a similar gaming experience. Ideal games are:

  • Lady of Fortune (Play’n GO)
  • Lil’ Lady (IGT)
  • Lady Luck (GameArt)
  • Super Lady Luck (iSoftBet)

This selection shows that many game developers have taken a benefit from the withdrawal of Novoline and created corresponding alternatives with which they can now lure the Novoline fans into their warehouse.