Merkur games

Many know them, the yellow sun that laughs down from the entrances to the casino in the city center. The Merkur games are popular, and not only with us, but with many players worldwide. Merkur is a brand of Gauselmann GmbH, a family -run company that was founded in 1957 by Paul Gauselmann. In the meantime, the company's slots have found their way into the Internet game salons so that fans can play Merkur's slots online.

Was that Sunmaker Casino Until some time ago the only platform on which the slots were playable online, this has now changed. In the meantime, these games can also be found on other platforms. The big advantage is that the online game has the opportunity to test the individual titles for free.

play the slots of merkur for free without registration is also possible on our site. this is particularly practical if you want to learn the games first. one fact is also interesting: many of the Classics have found their way from the casino, pubs and casino cafes in the virtual arcades.

  • Mercury games conveniently from home PC and play without registration
  • Merkur magic app for the mobile game via cell phone and tablet
  • Welcome bonuses and promotions on the Internet game salons with Merkur Titeln

Merkur games

We provide some of the best Merkur games online for the game that can be played free of charge, mostly in American and without prior registration.

Merkur games

Indian Ruby
Elephant War
Golden Gate
Light Blocks
Triple Flame
Diamond & Gold
Genie’s Wonderlamp
Pirates Arrr Us
Velvet Lounge
Mercury Magnus 7
Amazon Treasury
Knight’s Life
Magic Mirror Deluxe 2
Lost Temple
Gold Cup
Cairo Casino
Wild Spirit
Multi Wild
Joker’s Cap
Ghost Slider
Fishin’ Frenzy
Magic Monk Rasputin
Jolly’s Cap
Gold of Persia
Dragon’s Treasure
Eye of Horus
Fire Of Egypt
Extra Wild
Brilliant Sparkle
Magic Mirror
King Of Luck
Double Triple Chance

The cornerstone for the success of the traditional and particularly popular Mercury Games was laid with the opening of the provider's first game salon in 1974. From this point on, Gauselmann GmbH opened many land -based casinos and casinos in$ pe. In 2011 the steps took place on the Internet, whereupon the games with the typical logo of the yellow laughing sun could also be found on the online casino platforms.

Everyone can play the games from Merkur for free on our website without registration. Here you will not only find the most popular titles, but also a lot of information about the developer and tips for choosing the Best online casinos. You now have the opportunity to recharge your sun and Mercury Test slots for free.

For many years, the slot machines have been convincing with a retro look that is a recipe for success of the company. Every slot from the Merkur Game list fascinates the players through their own recognition value. Like the classic graphics and the typical "daddel noises" as a sound carpet. All of this creates memories of the machines in the at the time of the casino and pubs.

Almost all of the manufacturer's slot machines also have the sought-after risk game, in which the tension is increased again by the card or conductor risk, since the players can multiply their profits here. Of course, this also goes hand in hand with the risk of the complete loss.

even if there are many video and 3d slots in a modern presentation on the gaming market and with a variety of bonus functions and futuristic extras, the "oldies", like the Merkur Slots, have a firm and recognized place. however, many players in particular want to play the titles of merkur online, precisely because of the simple and direct functions - just without a big distraction.

Top slot machines from Merkur - online casino legends at a glance

Many players prefer the Merkur games and they certainly know some of the Merkur classics and are familiar with their typical functions. So that other players can get an overview of these games, we offer them free of charge on our portal. Of course, classics like Double Triple Chance Not. But everyone should also give the new releases a chance.

There are several reasons for the fact that Mercury is popular with the players. On the one hand, the provider stands for high security standards, fun and experience has shown that fair payout rates. On the other hand, the software for the Merkur slot machines from our own house comes and are subject to the strictest controls with regard to fairness and security.

Legendary Merkur machines like Triple Chance, Joker’s Cap or Extra 10 Liner have long since found their way intoeuropean online casinos. Admittedly, the Merkur slot machines work compared to the modern video slots from software forging such as NetEnt, Microgaming Or Yggdrasil dusted a little. Because Merkur Gaming is more likely to focus on the originals and therefore brings his Merkur games faithfully into the virtual arcades. Because you could already play in the classic game stores Merkur Games exactly as they work in the online variant today.

The Gauselmann Group, which is behind the Merkur slot machines, is right. Because the fans of the Merkur games simply prefer classic entertainment and are therefore enthusiastic supporters of the titles of this provider. There is a reason that classic Merkur slot machines have so many supporters. Here the players are offered exactly what they know and appreciate - classic entertainment without any modern frills.

Now enough talk about it. Let's finally come to the best slot machines that Merkur offers online. Among these are next to the classics such as Vampires, Gold of Persia and Fishin’ Frenzy Also the following Merkur games:

Eye of Horus

In this Merkur Online Slot, the developers have fixed themselves on the topic of ancient Egypt. Mystical symbols on the five reels with ten variable paylines put the players into the world of pharaohs and gods. Eye of Horus is an extremely successful slot machine game that ensures tension and fun through its additional functions.

In the game there is a game that is Horus, the God with Falkenkopf. Not only that incomplete paylines are supplemented by the wild, but it can also expand. The pyramid is the scatter symbol in the game that gives twelve free spins. With the increase in value through the game, divine views of the chances of winning are made within the free spins. The tension is perfected by the risk game in the form of card and conductor risk.

Magic Mirror

Another attractive and popular game is Magic Mirror. The game is played here on five reels with ten fixed paylines. Magic Mirror Moves the players into an exciting fantasy adventure, with some symbols already making a profit on a payline.

In the special functions, the developers use wild and scatter symbols. While the former replaces all other symbols, apart from the scatter, it brings ten free spins. Magic Mirror Is one of the Mercury games that convinces with an RTP of over 95%.

All great: King of Luck

2014 rose All great: King of Luck to one of the most popular titles of the provis. With this slot, the developer brought a completely new game concept to the online casinos. This is about gradually collecting symbols on only one roller in order to climb to the point of three profit ladders.

Among the symbols there is a king who acts as a joker and increases each of the three winners. There is also a devil that should be guarded in front of, because it can reset any success to the ladders to the zero point. Basically, nerve strength is required here, because you can hold through, then it is possible to collect a bonus win. Or should you prefer to target one of the jackpots?!


Bullfighter is one of the slot machines that promises a lot of fun. This slot puts the players into a Spanish fiesta atmosphere and provides a lot of tension, produces through free spins and other functions.

The game is played on five rollers with three rows each and 10 paylines, which can be activated depending on your own request. The RTP is 96,08% and is therefore just as high as with the manufacturer's other top titles.

This slot machine has a fairly simple game principle and therefore it is even possible to get directly into the action.

Blazing Star

Another top machine game of the provider is Blazing Star. Not only does the slot have a high payout rate, but also offers entertaining entertainment in the style of a classic fruit loot. So belongs Blazing Star Not without reason to the most popular games of the Player.

The game is played on five rollers with five paylines. As soon as three or more identical symbols appear on an active payline without interruption, a profit is paid out. The big main prize comes on a payline with five suns and is the highlight of this slot. Here the lucky knight can concentrate fully on the game and with an RTP of 96.31%, this machine is a good alternative to many 3D slot. Therefore, this slot is preferred by many fans of the game manufacturer and also by newcomers.

The popularity of the Mercury slot machines-what is the secret of success?

As already mentioned, the Mercury games can be classified among the online casino games. Some of them owe their popularity to the success of their analog counterparts that can be found in the land -based venues. On the other hand, the online games have proven that the concept appeals to a large number of gambling. Last but not least, it is the appealing payout rate that convinces.

The Merkur slots with the laughing yellow sun stand not only for seriousness, but also for professional game development. Providers who have been active as long as Merkur (or Gauselmann) have a good reputation and thus this company also stands for quality. But what is the key to the success of Merkur? On the one hand, it is the extensive selection of topics in the games, because something is offered for every taste.

Each player can select his own favorite: from the classic Mercury slot machines with a fruit topic in a wide variety of explanations to mysticism and fantasy to ancient Egyptian topics or a visit to foreign countries. Everything can be tried free of charge and without registration. Due to the simplicity of the games of this provider, newcomers also have the chance to easily get in and feel comfortable.

Merkur understood it as a veteran of the industry to stand up broadly and to offer a varied package of Merkur online. The success is based on different pillars:

Manageability and minimalism

In contrast to the modern 3D slots, the games do not have as many animations and extras. This is an advantage for a large group of players. You do not want a distraction from the base game and love the classic flair of slot machines.

Simpler gameplay

Playing online with Mercury is not necessary to deal with the special features such as additional bonus rounds or other features. For this reason, the manufacturer's slot machines are ideal, especially for newbies. But even for fans of the uncomplicated gameplay, they are one reason to look for Merkur Casino.


The manufacturer offers games for a wide variety of preferences of users. Regardless of whether the classic fruits are preferred, mysticism, jackpots or topics that are based on history. Whether with free spins and/or bonus functions or just the classic game on a few paylines - everything is available. Since the game portfolio is regularly added to new games, the selection remains interesting.

The risk game

The popular risk feature should not be missing from Mercury. It contributed a lot to the popularity of the provider. Players have the choice here to increase their profit up to a maximum of 140$ s. Often there is even the possibility to share the profit. This means that they have a part withdrawn and use the other part to play in the risk game.

These few points clearly show that there are special advantages in Merkur casinos with which the success of the provider is secured in the long term.

The best Mercury slot machines - top rated games

On our portal we offer over 150 Merkur games that can be played free of charge and without registration. In addition to the classic slots, our Merkur Games also contains the newer title. Anyone who loves Merkur Games should also look around, because one or the other favorite will certainly be among them.

In addition to the list shown here, there are other games that clearly show the wide variety of the portfolio. In all Merkur casinos, titles are required how Dragon’s Treasure, Vampires or Pipeliner.

In addition, the Merkur slot machines stand out with various jackpots that have found a large fan base in Merkur Online Casinos. It doesn't matter whether Genie Jackpots, Winstar or Super Diamond Deluxe - Each of these Merkur games has already delighted one or the other player with a high money gain. In many of the Mercury online casinos, these games from Merkur, which were not developed by Edict, but by Blueprint, another subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group.

There are also other Merkur games such as roulette and blackjack. Even Bingo And Baccarat offers the provider, as well as the casino classic craps and the dice game sic Bo. You should play the titles of Merkur for free without registration. This offers you the opportunity to play, test, test and find your own favorites for yourself.

Often the question comes, why Merkur play for free? After all, the goal of the game in Merkur Online Casinos is to win cash with a little luck. We have already briefly addressed this topic, but would like to go into more detail and make the players to simply try out the Merkur Slot Machines for free and to see this as a help.

  • If it is about filling up waiting times and simply passing the boredom or playing your favorite, you often prefer the free variant.
  • Even players who love a challenge and want variety do not necessarily want to take their own financial risk. Especially when you play a new game from Merkur online for the first time.
  • If it is about testing your own strategy or one from the Internet, it turns out to be an optimal option that you can play games from Merkur for free. Because this makes it possible to try everything stress -free, without losing a single cent. Even tricks with which slots are said to be outshawing in the Internet can be checked in this way.

However, the most important reason from which a title of this provider should be played in the free demo version that is playing without a financial risk and it is possible to get an overview of the game and its functions without any obligation. This makes the free game the best and safest preparation if you later want to play online in a casino title from Merkur and want to use real money.

Regardless of whatever reason you want to play games from Merkur free of charge: the player saves time, because registration on a casino side is no longer necessary. This small line -up shows that the free game is quite helpful. On our site, all players can get started right away and prepare risk -free with the best Mercury Games for the game with additional thrills.

Mobile Merkur Games - Merkur Magic App for Android and iOS mobile devices

Today, many players no longer just want to play on the desktop PC or laptop, but also on their smartphone and tablet. This is possible in many Merkur casinos and a Merkur app is also offered. This is the possibility to play the preferred Mercury games at any location, be it free of charge or for real money. After all, nobody wants to do without your favorite games if you are traveling or just relaxing on the balcony.

However, it must be mentioned at this point that the players who choose Merkur Magie app and download them from the App Store for iOS or Android can only play with virtual money. But this app is still a great service, because despite the free game with a large selection of games, lots of fun is offered here.

Even if this Merkur app is not played for real money, the protection of minors is not neglected and it is clearly pointed out that the game is only permitted from the age of 18.

Of course, players who want to play for real money have to Mobile slot machines Do not write off right away. The Merkur casinos offer the appropriate options for this. In such a Merkur Mobile Casino, real money and free demo mode can be played. In this case, the download takes place directly via the casino side or the provider provides a mobile web app for the games from Merkur Online.

In the latter, the gaming portal is then simply called up via the mobile web browser. The so -called responsive design of the Mercury Games or Merkur Casinos supports all common operating systems. A download or special settings does not have to be made here.

According to our experience, not all Merkur games for the mobile game are available, but of course the top games are available, such as Eye of Horus, Blazing Star or Double Triple Chance. Otherwise, the developer is constantly working to adapt more and more games for the mobile area. With regard to the new games, it is ensured from the start that they are compatible for the mobile game. Thus, the number of games available is continuously increasing, so that boredom never arises even on the go.

Roulette from Merkur

In addition to the classic slot machines, there are also Merkur roulette games. A lot has happened in this sector with the game developer. Land-based roulette machines are offered that can be played in the Mercury Casinos. There are also various roulette variants from Merkur, which can be found in the online casinos.

Next to the classic roulette There are also more unusual variants such as Magic Roulette and a mini roulette that even has a risk function. Like all Merkur games, the manufacturer's roulette also convinces with high quality in connection with an attractive game. Nobody has to worry here that the risk is too high, because thanks to the new roulette Games from Merkur, it is possible to play with little use.

In roulette classic mode, it is already sufficient to use 10 cents to take a seat at one of the tables. If you are not afraid of the risk, you can start playing up to $ 100. The successful middle ground is roulette pro, in which the operations are up to a maximum of 20$ s. The provider thus ensures that every player comes from Merkur Casino atmosphere from the beginner to the high scooter and professional.

Of course, the game developer does not refrain from making several variants of the popular boiler game to choose from its customers. In addition to the American andeuropean roulette, there is also French roulette. Anyone who has already dealt with the American roulette knows that the game is very risky, because after all, the house advantage here is a lot higher.

In addition to the different variants and possible uses, one thing is also important and speaks for the manufacturer's roulette games: the optics. The developers gave everything to make the game as realistic as possible. After a short time, it is almost forgotten that you play on the home PC or via the Merkur Roulette app.

Mercury automatic machines for traditional casinos

With more than 300 modern Mercury Casinos, which the provider refers to as an entertainment center, the provider in USA is the market leader. In addition, Gauselmann GmbH with its Merkur brand is still active in eight othereuropean countries. As early as 1974, the provider laid the foundation stone for the internationally active branch company with over 700 Merkur Casinos.

The first own branch was opened in Delmenhorst in Lower Saxony. In the history of the Gauselmann Group, this was one of the most important milestones. Then as now, the branches and Merkur Casinos stand out from the conventional machine halls with their design concept according to the standard of a four-star hotel. Paul Gauselmann is therefore considered the "inventor" of the modern venue. Factors such as a first-class ambience, an excellent selection of Mercury machines and qualified staff are still making these traditional casinos the most popular in USA.

The offer of Merkur slot machines is complex and the manufacturer offers a suitable concept for every display. Today's multigamers offer up to 200 games, and this can no longer be compared to the former mechanical machines. Even the design has been adapted to today's requirements and offers players optimal play comfort. From the classic Merkur slots to the latest video slot machines with interesting functions, everything is offered in the best HD quality.

As for the so -called cabinets, which are the former classic variants, they are not forgotten. However, they were subjected to a facelifting, so that such a Merkur automat also stands out from the crowd by HD monitors and the best quality in design and performance.

There is even an attractive jackpot system in the land-based casinos. Many a machine has already given a visitor a warm rain of money.

How do you choose the best Merkur Casino?

Many players are familiar with the Merkur slot machines, because the games are represented both in land -based casinos and arcades as well as in Merkur online casinos. This is due to the long company history of the company. To date, the manufacturer has brought over 300 games to Merkur Casinos and, due to its many years of experience, has the talent to win the hearts of the casino customers again and again.

But finding the best provider between the many different Mercury online casinos is difficult. Because there are not only many different ones Welcome bonus, with whom the Merkur Casino's players encourage players to register with them, but each provider offers a list of Mercury of different lengths. However, the selection of a Merkur Online Casinos should not only be made dependent on bonus and game offer, but there are also a variety of other factors that must be taken into account.

Basically, it is true that an Internet play salon has to meet your own requirements and wishes. This is the only way to ensure that the player feels comfortable and also likes to come back. Since each player has their own requirements, they judge the properties according to their own standards. But there are some things that everyone should consider when choosing a Mercury Casino:

  • A serious and trustworthy casino in which the Mercury games are offered has a valuable American oreuropean license. This guarantees a certain control in terms of security and fair play. The providers are regularly checked by the licensors so that fraud and rip -off have no chance.
  • The gaming portal on which the Merkur slot machines are offered should be offered in American. Because even if you master a foreign language, you will feel safer on a portal in your mother tongue.
  • Another important aspect are the payment providers. Basically, the payment providers are handpicked in a Merkur game library and are among the renowned service providers. PayPal is considered particularly safe, although the provider unfortunately withdrawn from the American online gaming market. But also payment options such as Neteller, Skrill, Mastercard, VISA And Sofortüberweisung speak for the seriousness and trustworthiness of a casino platform.
  • Furthermore, when using Mercury, playing online can be asked or a problem. In this case, help is necessary. For this, there should be customer support in American, which can be reached 24/7 if possible. Other options are email and a free telephone hotline.

There is also the previously mentioned bonus offer. New customers who want to use games in the Casino Merkur and want to make use of a welcome bonus should check the offer carefully. What are the conditions of the bonus? The new customer bonus in the online casinos in particular varies greatly. It should be noted whether the sales specifications fit your own game behavior. The time frame in which the bonus conditions must be met must also be examined.

The bonuses are also often seen in which the player does not request a deposit. You can play Mercury in practice and still win real money. Such a Mercury Casino bonus without deposit In most cases, however, it is also linked to certain sales conditions. Be it in the form of certain sales specifications or a fixed amount that is paid out.

In any case, such an offer is usually a good opportunity, which brings the advantage that a casino platform can be met without a deposit. It is only important that the bonus rules and all other associated requirements are studied precisely.

Ultimately, it is still important to check whether the provider provides a casino app that enables Merkur online games on smartphone and tablet. If possible, not only the regular games should be available, but also the free demo versions.

All of this shows that the selection of a suitable casino is very complex. For this reason, everyone should select their own focus in order to ultimately select the platform with which most of the matches are achieved. In case of doubt, it is possible to register with several providers to test the environment in free play money mode so that a decision can ultimately be made.