Betsoft games

this software developer has long been known to the passionate player. because this manufacturer can now be found in all well -equipped arcades. the Provider is particularly well -known for its over 100 slot machines with many animations.

What you need to know about Betsoft

The company, which is based in the Igaming stronghold of Malta, was only founded in 2006. Although it was only launched at the end of the 2,000, it is now one of the most widespread game providers in$ pe. This may be due to the company philosophy, which demands a high quality of the games and presents the gaming experience before sales. The development team is concerned with technical innovation and the connection to the standards of technology enthusiasts general gaming world.

Betsoft games

Wolf Moon Rising
FA-MAs Twins
House of Fun
Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Sugar Pop
More Gold Diggin
Fruit zen
Books and swastika

The operators are therefore particularly committed to 3D technology and invest in elaborate animations even with small slots or instant games. The Betsoft slot machine games are a mixture of various styles and genres, but all of them are technically high quality and with creative ideas for design and structure. The gaudier, the better. So you know the funny titles like Sinfinity Man or Books and swastikathat look at the igaming industry with a wink.

the brand has a total of 200 games, including around 140 machines, over 40 card games, various roulette, scratch and dice games. however, the focus is on the Video Slots, which significantly attracted the standards of the igaming industry from malta in just a few years.


The brand is not only very popular, but has already cleared some prizes and awards. These include the Malta Igaming Awards, the G2E Asia Awards or the 5 Star Igaming Media Starlet Awards. Players primarily appreciate the graphic quality of the slots, which regularly make it to the top of the hit lists in USA and anywhere in the world.

Betsoft Casino Games - an overview

The software of the Betsoft machines is not necessarily revolutionary. Nevertheless, the company is known for only bringing out HTML5 machines. Thus, the games are technically at the latest level and are largely playable everywhere. The developers attach great importance to well -built slot machines that immediately captivate the viewer and do not let go.

For each topic, a separate approach is chosen for roller structure and the additional functions and the provider is not economical. Because you can count on plenty of surprises in each of the top -plated games that let the player stick to the screen for a long time.

What makes the Betsoft slot machines so special?

As one of the few software manufacturers, the makers understood the needs of their customers. Many players now have more expectations of slots than just paying in and pressing the spin button. It is about entertainment and the provider can offer this of his customers. Because every slot opens up a small world that needs to be explored. If you don't want to know what is hidden behind a title like Take Santa’s Shop or Primal Hunter or even Fruit Zen.

And even after clicking, you will not be disappointed, because the provider knows how to keep its customers happy. So sometimes you don't even notice that you are still in a relatively classic gambling when you start playing the slot machine games. There is no stoic turning of the rollers here, but often a firework of additional games. Visual effects, animations and various bonuses also have space in the different machines. To do this, the games are always supported by an original soundtrack.

Here are all the characteristics of the manufacturer at a glance:

  • All slots are programmed in HMTL5
  • Humorous topics and genres
  • Various additional opportunities
  • Suitable for all mobile devices

The best known Betsoft games

The provider has not yet fought completely into the top ten in the ranking in USA. Nevertheless, one has to say clearly that the brand's games are climbing further and further. One of the seasonal top hits is Take Santa’s Shop, where you can tap all gifts from the shop of Santa Claus. Other games that have been on the slot machine games for a long time also achieve ever higher ranks.

The quality of the Betsoft Games List is high, and this also convinces casino fans. We have selected the manufacturer's best -known slots in USA.

Super Sweets

This slot is a tribute to Charlie and the chocolate factory. With wonderfully detailed elements such as the golden ticket, the sweets themselves and the animations for packaging you can get an insight into a candy factory. You play on five reels that are pipes here, from which the sweets fall on the treadmill in three rows. If you get a profit, the sweets are packed and sold. This is once again emphasized graphically by an emerging label.

The game only sprays in front of ideas. The golden ticket here is a scatter that triggers free rotations. When a candy burst, a game appears. In addition, a funny childish music is running with which the mood of the slot is supported.

Primal Hunt

You will meet a completely different world at this slot machine game from Betsoft online. Already at the beginning you will be greeted with the loud roar of a saber toothed tiger. Here you play in the world of Stone Age, including flora and fauna. A 5 × 4 roller system is built in a stone -age -painted cave and presents symbols and figures from the age of people when they could still be prey themselves. This is how you hunt for antelopes, mammoths or try to defend yourself against the saber -toothed tiger. To do this, you are accompanied by energetic drums.

Sugar Pop 2: Double dipped

You will experience a true sugar bomb when you click on this slot. Because in the second part of the already successful predecessor, they dive into a mountain of sugar. Lots of candies appear fresh from the factory on a large 7 × 7 grid and fall from the sky at every turn. The winning combinations are accordingly generously geared towards five neighboring symbols.

In addition, you can work up to a higher level by several profits in a row. To do this, listen to cute music and various acoustic effects that you will return to your childhood.

Fruit zen

You have to look closely, because the title already gives a good indication of what to expect from this slot. Because here you actually get the classic fruits, just in a zumpt full of calm and harmony. It is the absolute alternative to all other fruit slots that are mostly supposed to get upset. Fruit Zen, on the other hand, is pure relaxation with classic elements such as a 5 × 3 roller system and various additional functions.

The fruits hover over a quiet lake and the music also ensures absolute harmony. It is the perfect machine for relaxing after a hard working day.

Take the Bank

During this slot machine game, the software provider fully took care of the topic of bank robbers. But not in a realistic way. Rather, this design comes to mind a version of the tank gang. Because here too the manufacturer relies on a humorous interpretation of the topic. You can see masked in black and white striped convict shirts, English taxis, gold bars, dollar notes and many details that could belong to a classic comic with bank robbers.

The whole thing is presented on a classic 5 × 4 grid, a lively melody runs and ensures the necessary fun when jumping bombing.

Andere Betsoft Games

In addition to the many different slot machines, the developers also have various other products in this brand. These include so-called mini games, the small classic casino games such as blackjack, high low or Lucky Seven. They are small applications that are suitable for in between and require little data volume. Another product of the brand is also the virtual racebook that simulates a virtual horse race that can be bet on.

The provider regularly brings new Betsoft games to the market and does not shy away from innovation. Precisely because the development team is so strong, you can always look forward to new ideas.

Play the title of Betsoft for free

If you haven't clicked on to take a closer look at one or the other game, you should definitely do so. On our platform you can use the manufacturer's other games and other games Test free of charge, without registration and without download.

Betsoft Games play for real money

Don't you want to wait any longer and start full risk? Then you should choose a arcade that is not only licensed for your region, but has also received good reviews as a whole. Finally, the only happiness decides whether you can go out of the arcade with a jackpot. If you would like to have more of your first game, you should Watch a bonus without a deposit, which many gambling portals offer for newcomers.

BetsOft Boni

When playing this manufacturer, you can expect a lot of additional functions. Practically every game in our test had at least one function that made free turns, re-spins or other extras possible.

We present the most common functions within the machines:

  • Bonus Game: Even if this provider does not use a classic 50/50 chances such as the card gamble, you can find many bonus games in the slots that complement the main game. So you can very often work up levels by collecting points. Or you collect symbols in parallel to the main game that explode, for example, and thus trigger other functions.
  • Free Spins: You will find a lot of options from this from the brands of the brand. The free rotations are available when collecting characters, combinations or reaching levels. Each slot has its own rules here.
  • Re-spins: This variant of a free rotation makes it possible for you to receive a new chance of winning without use.

Betsoft Games for mobile devices

The software provider boasts that his games work on all devices. and thats the way it is. You don't have to download software or use an app to be able to use the games. No matter which device, the manufacturer's games can be easily played on the screen using a browser. The games themselves recognize which format must be used and adapt to the requirements.

Betsoft: conclusion and outlook

This provider is a real expert all around. Because all slots surprise with interesting and unique elements that are also incorporated into the topic. If you play Betsoft for free without registration, you should

Be sure to try several games to find out the right one for your taste. In the future, too, some new machines will come onto the market, the topics of the zeitgeist, which we can look forward to. Packed with a pinch of humor, the fun in the Igaming industry should not be neglected.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

➡️ What are the best Betsoft casinos?

We have selected a number of top platforms on which you can play Betsoft titles and which correspond to our criteria for a good gambling experience.

➡️ What are the most popular Betsoft slot machines?

This always depends on the season, since in winter other slots climb the rankings at Christmas time than in summer. In addition to the top 5 mentioned, the following titles are also very popular: Stampede, Book of Darkness or Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time.

➡️ What is special about Betsoft?

This provider focuses entirely on slot machines. So you can choose from a miracle bag of diverse, original and technically perfect slots.