1x2gaming games

The British software developer 1x2gaming is at home under the umbrella organization of the well -known 1x2 Network, which offers slot machines and bets on the island. Founded in 2002, the company in Brighton, England is based. In the range, the operator has some slots, card games, instant games and virtual sport.

What you need to know about 1x2gaming

The brand was founded in 2002 before moving into the 1x2 network as a subsidiary. Since its beginnings, the company has been based in Brighton, the Silicon Beach, as the English call the area there due to the abundance of tech companies. You can tell that to the company, because one of his figureheads is the virtual sports that you can bet on here. The English are famous for their preference for betting in general. At this manufacturer you will therefore find a wealth of different virtual football leagues and other sports that can be bet on.

But the company is also involved in other forms of gambling. There are more than 60 slots, ten table games, a darts game, three Keno games and seven scratch cards under the brand. The 1x2gaming slot machines clearly show what the brand stands for, because the technically perfect games are thematically created on the entertainment of their young nuclear audience. So you will find popular topics such as Egypt, historical role models, but also more child's topics such as Kitty Cash or Puppy Payday.

1x2gaming games

Bingo classic
Apollo God of the Sun

the development team has geared its strengths to the simplicity of its slots, all of which are rather Classic. there are some additional functions in the machines that enable higher chances of winning and make the game exciting.

What does the Brexit mean for the brand

Since the company acts virtually, the manufacturer's slots and games will continue to be playable from the EU even after the United Kingdom leaves. However, the situation is different with regard to the arcades from Great Britain. Although the Internet is known to have no national borders, players from USA will soon make it difficult to use British arcades, as there is no generaleuropean lucky license for Great Britain.

1x2gaming casino games at a glance

Since the 1x2gaming machines were all developed after 2000, the software is very high quality and is sufficient. The manufacturer has programmed all games in HTML5, which means that the games compared to flash -based games, which are very susceptible and hardly playable on mobile devices, have no technical difficulties.

The mechanics of the games, on the other hand, are rather simple. The manufacturer relies on classic techniques in its slot machines, such as a 5 × 3 roller system with known symbols and functions. Nevertheless, you can often find features here that also make the games exciting. Multipliers in particular ensure that one or the other lucky knight can get out of the game session with very high profits.

What makes 1x2gaming slot machines so special?

Certainly the titles of the provider are not among the most technically sophisticated and graphically has also been seen with the young competition from Scandinavia more impressive slots. Nevertheless, the software manufacturer can inspire his supporters, for example through the abundance of betting options for virtual football and other sports that are not so often available in the IGAMING industry. For example, there can also be bet on virtual horse races or to the outcome of a tennis match.

Of course, this is intended for a special audience who feels like betting, but does not necessarily need real sport. But the slots can also find their players with funny topics and designs. The brand has over 50 slot machines in the portfolio, the basic tone of which is set to entertainment. The topics are light and humorous. Many of them have more childlike features, which a younger audience should address.

Here are all the characteristics again at a glance:

  • Various virtual sports
  • All games are programmed in HTML5
  • Mainly fun slots
  • Slots with high winning opportunities
  • Suitable for all mobile devices

The best known 1x2gaming games

Certainly not every slot is intended for every taste. If you look at the 1x2gaming games list, the selection with its virtual sports is aimed primarily at a niche audience. But the slots are definitely intended for the width. This is mainly seen by the provider's bestsellers, in which the strengths are particularly good. It is a potpourri of popular topics such as Vikings, fairy tales and fruits. Battle Maidens are among the most popular games, Apollo God of the Sun, Candy cash. We introduce you to the top 5.

Battle Maidens

Since the Amazons in the DC Hit Woman were finally able to inspire the great cinema audience, fighters have experienced a new upswing as heroines in games and series. The female role models are well received by many young players. 1x2gaming also took on this topic and published its very own slot with heroic fighters with the Battle Maidens, published in 2019. In the game you will find a 5 × 4 roller system with more than 1,000 winning routes and various additional functions.

The design is very appealing because it is set to the topic from the smallest symbol to the background. Here you will find Vikings who historically documented as fighters. The great success of the title ensured that the manufacturer developed a sequel in 2022: Battle Maidens: Cleopatra. Here you can see fighters from Egypt pulling into the battle.

Whisker Jones

It is not quite the fairy tale about the booted hangover that can be seen in this slot. However, 1x2gaming online has taken many bonds from it. Because here you can also see a hangover with clothes and sloppy hat, which instead of fighting, however, is more of an archaeological journey of discovery to Maya temples as Indiana Jones (hence the last name) to look for valuable mystical treasures. The slot is a hybrid from these two stories and takes the best of two worlds. You can see a 5 × 3 roller system with various bonuses from wild to multipliers.

Sherlock’s Casebook

This game is an optical jewel among the manufacturer's titles. This is probably due to the British veteran, which is the main character of the game here. None other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is a protagonist of this game. The English developers made a lot of effort for this legend and created a slot with detailed figures. The whole thing plays against a backdrop of the foggy London at the turn of the century, of course with a peaked cap, pipe and Dr. Watson, who must not be forgotten here.

Classic Fruits

Not much can actually be said about this slot. Diverse players in particular will quickly recognize the principle. It is a classic vending machine. The structure is quite easy with a 3 × 3 grid that is reminiscent of old land -based slot machines. Accordingly, the appearance is adapted to the topic and shows fruits and the typical companions of the original machines: bell, seven and bonus lettering. The software provider has hereby published its variant of the machine classic and thus does justice to every traditionalist.

Theseus Rises

With this slot, the provider focused on the legends of Greek mythology. The main character of the slot is THESEUS, to which connoisseurs may be known as the conqueror of the Minotaur, maybe others as the figure that prompted the Helena von Troy robbery. As a figure in this game, you can experience him in his heyday, surrounded by intelligent and beautiful women who, according to mythology, at least crossed his way. It is a 5 × 4 roller system with a pleasantly subtle graphic and various additional chances about multiplier and free spins.

Andere 1X2gaming Games

Although there are of course various scratch cards and card games with this provider that are definitely worth seeing, the virtual sports that are a special feature of the manufacturer should be emphasized. However, if you imagine actual games that are shown, you will probably be disappointed. There is usually only one table to be seen here in which game results are displayed and for which bets can be given within a certain period. Then the draw takes place. Depending on the bet, profits can be achieved according to the respective odds.

Many new 1x2gaming games can be found in this way. So you have to be a die-hard betting fan or particularly love the sport to enjoy tables. It is probably a particularly English form of gambling.

Play 1x2gaming for free

If you want to try the different games yourself, you can do that on our platform Do, because here we provided the manufacturer's top games to try it out. You don't have to register or start download. With us you can Play slot machines for free.

Play 1x2gaming with real money

Wer a suitable bonus without deposit would also like to find it with us. You don't need much to know for the first real money game. As long as the arcade is trustworthy and has a license from USA or$ pe, you can also dare to take your first game and, with a little luck, grab profits or even jackpots. With this provider, the chances of high payments by the many multipliers are particularly high.

1X2gaming Boni

The bonuses at this software manufacturer are versatile and numerous. Almost no slot machine from the brand does without additional functions such as Wilds or Scatter symbols with which free spins can get hold of. Even a simple fruit solder has more tension than initially thought, because the bonus functions ensure the necessary variety in the main game, are optically effective and sometimes even your own games. This includes the following functions:

  • Free Spins
    Free turns, which are usually triggered by Scatter symbols or can bring additional opportunities for special winning combinations.
  • Bonus Games
    This includes, for example, classic 50/50 opportunities, such as a card gamble in which you can reproduce your profits.
  • Re-Spins
    Here you can make part of the rollers turn again. This increases the chance of further profits and, as with the Free Spins, costs no further use.

1x2gaming games for mobile devices

The demo versions for various devices are already offered on the manufacturer's side. So you can choose between small smartphones, tablets and the desktop PC. The display of the games then automatically adapts to the screen environment and the operating functions. So you can use the respective game either with a finger or with the mouse. The barely 20 -year -old provider is well equipped for the technical requirements of the current mobile devices.

1x2gaming - conclusion and outlook

Some surprises hide behind the various games of the provider that present a very diverse overall offer.

If you play 1x2gaming for free without registration, you should also try the virtual sports that are a very own world for yourself.

In the future, the provider will further expand its portfolio of slot machines, because all sorts of new products are being planned. Some arcades in USA also offer the opportunity to play games from 1x2gaming.

Frequently asked questions about 1x2gaming games

What are the best 1x2gaming casinos?

A number of gambling platforms offer the games of this operator. You can read about which of them have a license for the American -speaking area on our page.

What are the most popular 1x2gaming slot machines?

Of course, this depends on seasonal, because machines on this topic are popular around the Christmas season, for example. Players in USA particularly like historical topics. But the classics that the development team offers are also very popular.

What is special about 1x2gaming?

The provider's portfolio is quite diverse. Sugging machine lovers and sports betting fans can look forward to some great titles when selecting. These include games such as Instant Greyhounds as well as sophisticated machines like Book of Loki.