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Bingo is a game that combines fun and tension. This becomes particularly apparent when you play Power Bonus 4 Bingo. Although it is primarily considered a social game, it has now also conquered the online world in storm. Online Bingo has some advantages over his classic grandfather, who is mostly played in large halls or other event rooms. In the case of Power Bonus 4 Bingo Online, it is even a whole series of advantages!

get to know a different bingo game that stands for pure joy of playing. at least our testers came to this conclusion after trying the game. we tell you what power bonus 4 makes so refreshingly differently and how it is played at

So Power Bonus 4 Bingo is played online

Admittedly, the name Power Bonus 4 does not sound like a bingo game. But appearance is deceptive, we can assure you that this is actually bingo. Not in the form, as you play in a larger round in the event rooms, but still about bingo, with cards and drawn numbers. Our table provides you with clarity at a glance:

Classic Bingo Power Bonus 4 Bingo
- is usually played with one bingocarte per player - can be played with up to four bingocarts per round
- In order to be able to participate in the game, the player has to buy a card with real money - you don't have to play with real money and can be played without registration
- numbers are drawn until a player has filled out one of the three winning combinations consisting of five numbers - After the first draw you can buy more numbers
- Mostly the same and uniform rules of the game without major deviations - even more tension through personalization options and even bonus rounds

If you have already packed the bingofiever, you can play Power Bonus 4 now, right here on They will quickly get used to the process of the drawing, because there are only two draws. The first one consists of the main depreciation, here 30 numbers are drawn. The second draw can be started if Power Bonus 4 offers you up to ten numbers. However, not all numbers have to be bought with credits, sometimes they are free. If a black Z appears, you can choose any number.

Power Ball 4 even has a jackpot! They crack this when all numbers of a bingocarte were drawn with the main depreciation of 30 digits. The height of the jackpot is based in most games on the level of the assignment made. A bonus game comes to the jackpot, which you can reach when Power Bonus 4 Bingo Online is drawn one of the four bonus combinations necessary for this.

What settings have to be made in the Power Bonus 4 Bingo games?

Thanks to the numerous settings options, while playing Power Bonus 4 Bingo, you can let the tension increase immeasurably. First of all, you will be asked, for example, whether the sound effects should be activated or deactivated. Then it goes directly to the field and here you have to select the coin value and then the application height in the area under the cards. Immediately afterwards, you should not forget to set the number of cards before starting the game.

With the Power Bonus 4 online bingo, you can exchange them by clicking on one of the cards, which gives you new bingo cards with new numbers. On the other hand, the autoplay function and the adjustment of the game speed are rather optional. As a result, you start Power Bonus 4 as follows:

  1. Activate or deactivate sound
  2. Define the use height and coin value
  3. Select number of cards
  4. Start the draw with the autoplay function or manually
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