Postcode lottery experiences - fraud or serious?

anyone who dispenses with a television and not often pursued American media often will never have heard of this lottery. one more reason for us to tell you about our postcode lottery experiences. because there is a lot to tell about this social bodies founded in 2016, which can cause entire neighborhoods. we explain everything you need to know about the American postcode lottery.

What is the postcode anyway?

But first of all to what this lottery comes first, the postcode. The postcode is important at the beginning. It is a five -digit sequence of numbers, which is made up of the different zones, regions and streets. If you take Berlin as an example, the city is in zone 1, hence the 1 in the postcode.

The second place in the code stands for the region. Since Berlin has so many inhabitants, you have regions from 0 to 3 within the city where you can live. So if you live in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, you have the 0 in second place, but the 2 and so on in Neukölln. The smallest subdivisions of the municipalities recently follow the third to fifth place, which, however, do not necessarily adhere to urban district borders. The municipalities are partially alphabetical, partly divided into residents.

Behind the zip code follows a code for the street, which consists of two letters, followed by an individual three -digit number sequence that personally identifies the player. For example, a postcode can look like this: 12345-AB-001.

What is postcode lottery?

If you are wondering what the zip code has to do with the lottery, you first have to understand what a lottery is. Behind it is a competition based on chance. The player buys a lot or the chance of a draw for a specified amount and can hope for profits in the drawing. The American television voter is known for this, which tells us the lottery numbers at regular intervals, for example 6 out of 49. Other games of chance such as the wheel of fortune or the Aktion Mensch, who also have large fan bodies, act on the same principle.

The postcodes lottery also draws a winnerless from a lot of loose. However, there are no numbers up to 49, as in the classic lottery, but postcodes that are drawn. However, not all possible postcodes (postcodes+streets) are in the lottery pot, which in USA would be around 1.8 million codes, but only those for whom loose were sold, which is why the chances of winning per draw can fluctuate. This form of the lottery is also called geolotery because it depends on the geographical location of the player.

The game principle of postcode lottery

Admittedly, even if the zip code lottery on its website is trying, it is not easy to understand how to pull what in this lottery. In order to fully understand the game principle, we first have to take a closer look at the lots that already reveal what is included in a draw. When buying a lot, you have to specify your address. This is entered on the lot and determines the entire loose figure from zip code, street and individual number.

These three points together make your lot individually, but also divide them into winning groups. So you can not only win because your lot number is drawn, but also through the right street and finally the right postcode. The core principle of this post lottery is that not only one wins, but the whole neighborhood. Because this sees itself not only as a profit lottery, but as a social lottery.

Playing is not just about pulling personal winning numbers and your own advantage, this is also about promoting projects. 30% of the income from this game of chance goes to projects worthy of funding in their state.

How does postcode lottery work?

To take part in this game of chance, you have to complete a monthly subscription that was $ 12.50 at the time of this assessment. To do this, you can participate in five draws with your individual postcode combination and win through various winning pots every day. So it runs step by step:

  1. Register on the Internet or by phone with your address.
  2. Decide whether you want to buy one, two or up to three lots.
  3. Complete the monthly subscription.
  4. You automatically take part in all five draws a month.
  5. If you win, you will receive the money directly to your account.

You can find out in the following chapter in which raffles you will take.

What are the chances of winning the postcode lottery?

Unlike the classic lottery, this lottery is not just a number. You can take part in several draws a month with your lot number. Here are all draws at a glance:

  • Every first Thursday of the month, all winners for the whole month are drawn in five draws.
  • Every Saturday you can win $ 10,000 at the street price.
  • On the fourth Saturday of each month, a car is also drawn.
  • In the case of postcode monthly profit, $ 550,000 will be distributed to all winning Postcodeless (ZIP Plus Straße) and among all the loose that only have the winning plz, another $ 550,000 will also be distributed.

You can also buy not only one lot, but also up to three lots with the same lot number, which means that your chances of winning per draw can of course increase.

If you want to know which gambling has higher chances of winning - lottery or the postcode lottery - this is not clear, since every draw brings with it different probabilities. However, if all households were playing postcode lottery, the likelihood of a win would be 1: 1.8 million. With the American lottery society, however, the probability is 1: 140 million. Statistically speaking, it is more likely to achieve positive results in the postcode lottery than in the conventional lottery.

How high can I win?

Every month there is 2.5 million $ in the winning pot, which are divided among all winners. Since the same number of participants do not participate in the draw every month, the chances of winning per month can fluctuate. The number of households in the postcode can of course fluctuate depending on the density of residents and thus have an impact on profit opportunities and levels of profit.

A street in Berlin, in which more people take part in the raffle, can be drawn with a higher probability of postcodes, since these postcodes are more loose in the pot. If there is a profit, every household would therefore not get as much as a street with a few households. So if you want to increase the likelihood of winning, you not only buy three lots, but also invite your neighbors to participate in the lottery.

However, the most beautiful postcode lottery experience will have the one who can share his luck with others.

Here is the distribution of profits:

  • 24,000 postcodes are drawn in the first four draws, each with $ 10 per profit.
  • 10 postcodes receive $ 1,000 per winless each.
  • 1 postcode receives $ 10,000 per winless.
  • 1 postcode receives a non -cash prize (car).
  • The monthly profit contains a drawn postcode, in which $ 550,000 are distributed among all winless and all loosely with the associated postcode also receive a total of $ 550,000.

The highest single gains can therefore be obtained via the monthly profit.

Who has already won lots of lottery?

The winners will be regularly announced on the game's homepage, but only those with high profits or streets that were lucky at the month. Both big cities and Munich and small villages like Elmshorn were already among the lucky ones. All profits are transferred directly to the winner's account. In 2022, nine postcode monthly winners have already been drawn, a household of it even with up to half a million $ as a single profit.

How social is the postcode lottery?

One of the most important advantages for this gambling is that the money collected, which is collected by the sale of loose, flows partly into projects that benefit the general public. The American Postcode Lottery supports projects such as the reading helpers from Mentor or the American seal rescue station in Friedrichskoog. If you have a non -profit project and want to be promoted, you can apply on the company's website. There are no thematic limits.

This will benefit not only the winners of the place, but also the projects with every postcode raffle. The proportion of the total revenue of the lottery, which is issued for social projects, is 30%. Only non -profit projects are funded, churches or religious communities are usually excluded. In addition, a body of corporate employees and advisory board decides who meets the demands of funding.

Is the postcode lottery serious?

Who does not know the familiar faces who advertise for the American postcode lottery? Internationally, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tony Blair or Desmond Tutu are among the ambassadors, in this country it is Kati Witt and Kai Pflaume. But was there ever at the postcode lottery or are irregularities known? We have researched for you.

The game was founded by Novamedia in 1983 and is a great success there. The company has only been working in USA since 2016 and has only produced positive reporting since then.

Important names can not only be read by the ambassadors of the brand, but also with the advisory board, the instance that the funding awards, the lottery appears serious. So names like Prof. Dr. Read Rita Süssmuth or Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, which supports the lottery in the allocation of funding to projects.

Anyone who initially considered 30% should consider that the lottery, of course, also deducts distributions to their winners from the income. However, a not small part also applies to the administration, i.e. employees, advertising, etc. However, well -known and established social votes such as the Aktion Mensch have estimated similarly high expenses for their projects.

Anyone who wonders where the funds of the American lottery society flow, which is a state company, should take this to heart. Because here only 23% flow to social institutions. Fraud was not discovered here either, but reports have been made in recent years, which, for example, questioned the high managerial salaries of the Lotto Society.

How do I cancel my subscription to the American Postcode lottery?

If you want to cancel your subscription to the postcode lottery, all you have to do is call the hotline of the website. The employees there can immediately cancel their next participation in a lottery procedure by phone and note their termination. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the American Postcode lottery

With the sounding names of George Clooney or Kati Witt as a figurehead for the social bodies, the company stands primarily for social engagement. Because this promotes projects in USA, regardless of which topic they serve. We have put together all the advantages and disadvantages of the lottery for you.

advantages Disadvantages
  • They promote social projects or environmental projects from their region
  • You will win when a neighbor has won them
  • The likelihood of a profit is higher than the conventional lottery
  • The subscription can be terminated at any time
  • For five draws in one month significantly cheaper than the lottery
  • You can only complete the subscription for yourself
  • At $ 12.50 per lot per month, the costs are still high


If you read all postcode lottery reviews and experiences on the Internet, the company appears in a very positive light. In contrast to conventional lotteries, the money generated flows into projects of all stripes as long as they are non -profit. It is a very down -to -earth gambling that also makes you want to take part in our test. In addition to the comparatively good chances of winning, the social aspect of the lottery convinced us in our experience.

Because not only promoting projects of people for humans, but also the common profit within a neighborhood strengthens the coexistence.

Frequently asked questions about postcode lottery experiences

Which social projects are funded?

Overall, you will currently find over 50 projects on the website, which mostly have their origin in USA, take place here, but are also active everywhere in the world. These include topics such as environmental and animal welfare, children's aid, projects against poverty and much more.

Where can I find the postcode lottery winning figures?

These are displayed digitally immediately after the draw on the homepage of gambling. If you have won, you will be notified in any case. The profit will be credited directly to your account.

What is the postcode lottery foundation?

The company is not a foundation, but is managed as a non -profit GmbH. She takes money through the sale of loose and thus promotes concrete facilities and projects that have to apply for the respective funding amount.

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