Pontoon Blackjack


The following is particularly interesting on Pontoon Blackjack

The hidden dealer cards create both tension and greater money blessing when winning for the casino player.
Here, too, Multi Hand stands for a play option of 1-3 hands.

As an additional incentive, Pontoon Black Jack offers the Sweet 16 bonus, which can be played extra for every new use of the player and for each individual hand. The extra bonus is an additional bet, which increases the chances of winning and the thrill in a single game run.

How does Pontoon Blackjack work for the online player?

Due to the exciting situation with the hidden dealer cards, there is a game in casinos online, which stimulates and challenges the intuition and imagination of the player.

You play with 1 to 3 hands. With every single hand, the player decides whether he also wants to serve the Sweet 16 secondary bet.

The points of the two cards drawn at the beginning are decisive for the profit height:

  1. If the first hand has a value between 16 to 21 points, the payment of the profit is one -to -one.
  2. If the first hand includes an ace, the profit payment is also 1: 1.
  3. If the first hand shows two aces, the profit payment is made 2: 1

A difference to other blackjack is the rating of the hands.

Profits are calculated one to one, with a pontoon or a five hand, conversion is one to two.

The amount of the betting operations goes from 1.00 $ to 100$ s.

Strategies and tips

In the game Pontoon Blackjack as a casino machine game, an important aspect is how many cards the hand of the online player shows. The player has great opportunities for pulled 5 cards, because only one opponent with 21 points would be able to outdo him.
From this fact, the consideration follows again with 17 points and four cards drawn again to achieve the chance of a five hand.

If the value of all cards is below 15, a profit is more than questionable. You now have to distinguish between hard and soft hands again to act continuously.

Soft hand states that the two cards pulled first contain an ASA, that is, the value is variable.
Hard hand means that the cards drawn first do not show ASA and have a minimum value of 12. This constellation would mean that the player would lose with an additional card with value 10.

Pontoon blackjack, an exciting version

The dealer's hidden cards are something that makes the newcomer frown.

If you deal with the special rules when playing the machine, you can see your opportunities and the exciting aspects for the online player.

In addition to the strategy, as always, a great portion of luck is required.

Pontoon Blackjack can also be played with real money and also as a fun version. Anyone who uses the free version to develop and practice their strategies will benefit later.

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