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If you would like to play Planet 67 Bingo, this page is exactly right! This game from Red Rake Gaming and many other games of chance are available in the demo version for free. This bingo variant has been designed with a lot of humor. In the background you can see the universe with funny rockets. Every now and then some cosmic males appear and help to upgrade a profit. At the same time, you can play up to 4 bingo notes and there are extra years that you can buy against additional inserts. Here on the online page you can Try bingo without registration.


At Planet 67 Bingo Online you can play one to four bingo notes in every game round. Each ticket has 15 fields with numbers between 1 and 99. There are 15 winning patterns that make a profit. In each game round, 30 kungs are pulled with the numbers between 1 and 99. If you have very promising tickets where only one or a few numbers are missing, you get the option of buying up to 10 extra labels. With a little luck, you can get free extra labels or you get a wild extra. With a wild extra, you can choose which number this ball should get. This is followed by the profit evaluation. If you feel like this breathtaking game, you can play it now!

This is how it is played!

To get to know the course of the game better, you should first try planet 67 Bingo for free. In the beginning you have to decide how many notes you would like to play. There is a small cross on the top right. This allows individual tickets to be deactivated. If the digits on the appearances do not respond, you can mix the leaf and be given new notes. A total assignment is determined that is distributed to all selected bingo notes. The button with a flash activates the Fast Play function. This is a good function for everyone who is in a hurry. The game starts by pressing the play button. Alternatively, you can switch on the autoplay mode. After 30 balls have been pulled, the tickets are automatically filled with the hits. If a number is missing on one of the notes to create a winning pattern, this number flashes. This number can be seen the profit amount that would result from this number.


If it looks very promising, 10 one -eyed, cute monsters appear. Each monster stands for an extra. Basically, every extra fee is subject to a fee. The price for this ball depends on the amount of the assignment and the prospects of winning. You can see the price for the next extra extra on an ad. If the "Free Ball" display is "Free Ball", the next ball is free. If you pull a ball with the inscription "W", then you are lucky enough to be able to freely decide which number this ball should receive.

Operations and profits

With this variant of Bingo you can use between 0.05 and 60.00 per game round. The operations depend on the number of tickets played. The profit height depends on the pattern achieved on a bingo note.

  • The smallest profit that can be generated on a bingo certificate: times 3 of the application height per ticket
  • The biggest profit that can be generated on a bingo note: times 1 800 of the application height per ticket

Try Bingo online now!

This is a very well developed variant of Bingo. There are some ways to adapt the circumstances to its taste. The operations can be varied in a wide range. If you want, you can play one or the same four tickets. Extra balls can upgrade your profits. The amount of possible profits make the game very attractive and every bingo fan will have a lot of fun with this game.

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