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Why should you play pirates bingo? Because it is so much more fun than the simple standard bingo. Fortunately, you will not meet real privateers here, which in no way reduces the joy of playing. On the contrary, this online bingo has some properties that make the game a real adventure. These include some personalization options as well as the appearance and an appealing sound. At Pirates Bingo, the bingo cards are intended!

If you learn more about this first -class game and it Want to try it out for free, then you are just right at we take you step by step through the pirate bay and explain to you in detail how the bingo game is played and the individual settings are made.

This is how Pirates Bingo is played online

At Pirates Bingo, only a few minor changes were made, because after all, the exciting entertainment effect of the Bingo should be preserved. This is also completely successful, because while they play Pirates Bingo, the same basic rules of the game apply - the number drawn is either on the bingocarte or not. We have summarized the most important deviations for you here:

Classic Bingo Pirates Bingo
- The gameplay is usually lengthy because the numbers are pulled one after the other - much faster game, since several numbers are drawn almost simultaneously
- The price of a playing card is specified and the same for all players - The operational height can be regulated by the player at his own discretion from round to round
- Combinations of profit consist of five figures that are connected with each other vertical or horizontally - three horizontal profit combinations
- a bingo ends the game - Players can buy further numbers after the first draw

The pirates play Bingo with 90 numbers, also in the free version without registration. If you start the draw, 32 numbers are first drawn and the player is more or less presented immediately. Immediately afterwards you can take a moment and look at your bingo cards. Now you have the option of buying up to ten more numbers in a second draw. Since the price is based on the amount of the possible profit, it is advisable to consider this decision well.

If you play Pirates Bingo online right now, we advise you to always keep an eye on the jackpot. Pirates may be a little more difficult due to their eye flap, as it is, should one of their bingo cards have a bingo after the first draw, then this pirate treasure is yours!

What settings have to be made in Pirates Bingo?

Here is the great strength of the online bingo, because at Pirates Bingo you can make various settings that more or less directly affect the game factor of the game. We would also like to start directly with the most important setting option, the determination of the application height. You can either set them yourself via the menu in the lower left corner or start the game directly with the high stone set via click on "Max Bet". Next, we advise you to set the number of bingocated cards, play with one or up to four cards, you have the choice.

If the adventurous background noise is not according to your taste, you can easily deactivate it in the "Settings" menu. At this point you will also find the button for activating the turbo version. In addition, the cards can be exchanged by clicking on "New Tickets" before the game begins. There is nothing more to do and the bingo fun can start.

The pirates bingo adventure begins with these simple steps:

  1. Determine the use height
  2. Define the number of bingocards
  3. Sound optionally switch on or off
  4. Activate the turbo version if necessary
  5. If desired, replace bingocarts
  6. Start game either with the "Play" or "Max Bet" button
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