Pink Panther Scratch


the whole game is stored with pleasant music from the well-known pink panther films and kept in a pink-blue design. the player can either play for free or start slot machines with real money. the Casino player plays with a slot machine here:

  • 40 paylines
  • 5 rollers
  • a minimal use of 0.01
  • a high stone set of 5.00
  • a jackpot of up to 5,000
  • five different possible bonus rounds
  • 10-29 possible free spins
  • a optional multiplier of 2x.

This is how Pink Panther Slot plays

The game is one of the casino slot games that, in addition to attractive jackpots of up to 5,000 real money, also offers 4 bonus rounds. The popular pink predator randomly brings two to six symbols to the explosion in some online games and replaces them with its own symbol, which acts as a joker (Wild Card). If there is more than one of these symbols on the same line, the player enjoys a particularly high profit. He receives 15 coins for two symbols, 150 coins for three pink panther, 500 credits for four and sensational 5,000 coins for five pink predators on the same payline.

Other symbols in the game include the little man, bombs, inspector Closeau, Farbeimer and Rosa Tatzen. The low -valid symbols include the card symbols 10, 9, J, K; Q and A.

This is how you win the pink game

In the casinos online, pay attention to the randomly triggered special rounds. They are particularly interesting and occur quite frequently. In "Crack the Pink Code" you have the selection of ten safe that the pink animal can open for you. You will receive free games, multipliers or a joker for the third under the rollers. If the panther finds a bomb, you get two free games and the safe game ends.

The most interesting is the jackpot adventure. The likelihood of this bonus game is higher for larger operations. You can open 12 doors. If you find 5 pink panther, you will win the large jackpot of up to 5,000. Find four times Inspector Closeau you win the Major Pink Jackpot, whose height is dynamic, with three small men, you will receive a consolation price, the amount of which also varies.

Our conclusion to play with the pink predator

A beautifully made and entertaining game that does not make the money too quickly and thus ensures long fun. The maximum gains are not as high as playing machines playing, but for which the bonus rounds compensate for a lot. Overall, the game with the pink animal is a successful game with reasonable profit sums.

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