Pai Gow Poker


A Pai Gow Poker card game is similar to the Chinese poker. However, two hands from seven cards have to be formed here, which makes the essential difference. The poker game was invented in Las Vegas and is by no means as complicated as the domino variant. From there it quickly found its way to the Internet, where Pai Gow Poker Casino can be found. This is playable for real money or as a free variant.

Pai Gow Poker playing slot machines with real money - that's how it works

Games with 52 cards, the joker, are also very classic. In a large casino it is possible to play with seven players at the same time. However, this is one of the bankers. All players are now trying to outdo the bank holder.

When the cards have been distributed, the player must form the high hand with five cards and with two cards. Here the player should note that the low hand must be worse and worse than the high hand. With its rules, the card game is like the ordinary poker. The highest hand is the slot machine, however, the one that consists of four aces and the joker. In the low hand, two aces form the highest hand. If the players have now formed their two hands, the cards are now compared. The casino player who can now record both hands wins the jackpot. If it now happens that each of the players gains one hand, everyone will now get their efforts again.

Play Pai Gow Poker for free - how can you win

Even if the game is played at the slot machine, the chance of real gain can be improved with a covered strategy. So he can be really worthwhile if two couples can be found on both hands. In any case, the focus should never be put on one hand. Those who play like this get their commitment more often, but will rarely win. The focus should always be on both hands, even if the risk in the casinos online is something higher. By the way, Full House is not so welcome by many gamers. Because it becomes particularly difficult to get a second hand that can also win.

  • Always pay attention to both hands
  • Distribute two couples
  • Full House vermeiden

The attractive card game

Online games are finding an increasing fan base and this poker variant is also finding more and more enthusiastic fans. The game chance of 29 % on both hands makes the game so appealing. However, if you play this game, you should say goodbye to the idea that it can only be done with a pinch of happiness.

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