Giropay Online Casinos

The Giropay is a payment method that can only be handled online. Not all banks participate in this payment system. There are currently around 1,500 institutions in USA, and more are followed. This procedure is characterized by quick, safe and uncomplicated processing. The prerequisite for Giropay is a bank account with a participating banking institute. The customer must confirm each transfer with an individual pin or TAN for this one payment process. The dealer then immediately receives a payment guarantee and is also on the safe side.

In addition to a payment process, online identification and proof of age can also take place via Giropay. These two services serve to secure sales to adults and the determination of the personal details.

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Advantages of Giropay as a payment method in online casinos

A casino with Giropay Payment benefits from both security. In contrast to a bank transfer, an online casino with Giropay deposit can make his credit available to the customer within a very short time and, thanks to the payment guarantee, cannot wait for a payment receipt. Another advantage is that the Giropay is a system of the bank. No additional account is necessary and no fees for transfers are required.

Advantages of Giropay:

  1. Security for buyers and dealers
  2. Quick availability
  3. No additional account
  4. No fees

What are the disadvantages of the Giropay payment method in online casinos?

Some customers will have to find a disadvantage at an online casino with Giropay. Not every bank takes part in this payment system. You can't just register and use the service. An existing bank account, with an available bank is a prerequisite.

Disadvantages of Giropay:

  1. You can't just create an account
  2. An existing bank account is a prerequisite
  3. Not all banks take part in this project

Is it certain to pay in an online casino with Giropay?

An online casino giropay transfer is fundamentally to be regarded as very safe. The player must confirm every single payment process via Giropay with an individual tan he receives. However, some banks offer a TAN-LOSE payment for purchases below $ 30. Complications could occur faster when paying without TAN. In order to commission such a payment, all you need is the data and the log into data for online banking.

The system of online banking is equipped with an extremely safe AES 256-bit encryption at Giropay. This makes it almost impossible to withdraw data or even funds. In addition to a payment order, a culprit would also have to get access to the victim's mobile phone in order to get the unique TAN number. For these reasons, an online casino with Giropay is very safe.

How do I make a deposit in an online casino via Giropay

Today you can pay with Giropay in almost any online casino. The matter is simple and uncomplicated. The advantage, compared to a different type of bank transfer, is the quick order. The credit is available immediately after the payment process has been completed in the casino. However, some minutes of processing can occur in some playhouses.

Step 1 - Select payment route:

In the cash register area of the online casino, select the Giropay payment method and complete all further information, such as the payment amount.

Step 2 - complete bank details:

You will be asked about your bank details. Most of the time, it is the name of the account holder, the BIC of the Bank Institute and the IBAN des account. These information is the data of your bank where you have an account.

Step 3 - Confirmation of the bank account:

You are linked from the casino page to a safe Giropay homepage. On this page you have to confirm your account. This is done by entering your access data for online banking.

Step 4 - Confirmation of the payment process:

First of all, they are made aware of the upcoming payment. As soon as you have confirmed this, a TAN number will be generated by the banking institute and informed you. Most of the time, this notification is made via the telephone number registered with the bank. The payment process is completed by entering the TAN into the payment form.


As soon as you have completed this process, you can have the credit paid in online casino within a few minutes. Have fun!

How can you withdraw money with Giropay in online casinos?

Giropay is a kind of payment process and not an institute for storing or making credit. A casino with Giropay payment is a facility that works with the banking institute via the Giropay System. Payouts are prompted as a "transfer" to the bank account.

What data do I have to provide at Giropay to open an account and pay in online casinos?

Giropay is a system for transactions and is not to be equated. When using Giropay, there must always be an account of a bank. You can't register with Giropay. Only a bank can decide whether it takes part in this system or not. The end consumer does not have to go through a registration process. Online banking is a prerequisite for a bank account at a participating banking institute. Online banking can be activated at the bank.

What is Giropay and who founded it?

Giropay is a limited liability company based in Frankfurt am Main. The company was founded in 2005 and is now under the direction of Joerg Schwitalla, Andreas Schmid and Marco Schöning. Giropay's service is online-based payment methods from a bank account that has a very fast payment processing through a payment guarantee. The system only works with an account with a participating bank and is based on online banking. The development is optimized for all requirements in e-commerce.

Further services from Giropay consist of online identification and the online proof of age. All Giropay services are free of charge for customers and end users. The provider is bound to a low transaction money and can transfer it to the customer in the given case.

Information about Giropay

Company name: GROPAY GMBH
Founding year: 2005
Management: Andreas Schmid, Jörg Schwitalla
Seat: Frankfurt am Main
Industry: Financial service
Legal form: GmbH
Email: Write e-mail
Phone: +49 (0) 721 476 66 35 44

Giropay compared to other payment methods in online casinos

Giropay is a form of bank transfer. No additional account has to be opened and money does not have to be paid in anywhere. For these reasons, Giropay can only be compared to the conventional methods of bank transfer. Compared to all of these methods, Giropay stands out in particular due to the fast order. If you can pay with Giropay in the online casino, you have the paid credit available in the player account within a few minutes.

Payment method Giropay Online bank transfer Ban transfer
disposal INSTANTLY 1 working day 2 to 3 working days
fee No sometimes sometimes
Payment limit 10 000,- $ Variable Variable
security Middle Middle hoch
insurance And no no