Enter Boku сasinos with your cell phone money

Have you heard of Boku Casinos? If so, they are among the real trend setters who do not miss a new development. If your answer is no, however, this is no reason to question your ability to track down new casino trends. Rather, it is the case that you are in very good company. Because Boku is currently little known in$ pe, but has potential and could become an important teammate at the online casino market.

Boku was founded in America in 2009, now you can pay with Boku in around 70 countries around the world. We took a closer look at the new mobile phone payment service provider and paid special attention to the online casinos that offer payments via Boku. In general, most people encounter new payment methods with caution. After all, it is about the things that are made and so you want to be convinced that the hard -earned money is also in safe hands. Therefore, we have made it our task to take a closer look at the company for you to search the Internet for online Boku casinos and to check the advantages of the mobile payment system.

Which casinos offer payments with BOKU?

Even if not many internet play salons have jumped on the Boku train, there are some platforms where you can fill up with this option. The interesting thing about this payment service is that you do not have to provide any personal data. The deposit to the account is handled exclusively via the cell phone. The deposit amount is due with the next cell phone bill. So you do not need to announce sensitive financial details from your bank account or credit cards, but only need your smartphone to deposit.

Below you will find an overview with the best Boku casinos that are serious and accept players from USA.

Pay online casinos with Boku

Online Casinos Bonus information To the casino
1 Up to 200 usd extra + 100 free spins
2 5 usd bonus without deposit With registration For new players
3 100% welcome bonus of up to 200$ s Play with 30 Netent Free Spins

The best online casinos with the Boku payment method

Even if the number of Boku Casinos is currently not too large, it is obvious that this will change in the near future. The mobile phone payment service offers a lot of advantages, especially for online casino customers. Therefore, it can be assumed that the operators of the casinos will soon also rely on this payment method and that the existing range of mobile options such as Apple and Google Pay or Muchbetter will be expanded by Boku.

If you look around the platforms that offer BOKU payments, it quickly becomes clear that some of the top casinos can be found here. They are not only characterized by a well -filled portfolio of payment methods, but also offer attractive bonuses also a wealth of games that range from slots to table games to live dealer games. It goes without saying that we only introduce you to online casinos with the best reputation, high security standards and absolute seriousness!

Boku Casinos are in good company, because many internationally recognized payment service providers such as PayPal, Western Union and some more work together with the company. After all, you can pay in around 70 countries with Boku, none of the big names want to miss the opportunity to be there.

The advantages of BOKU payments in online casinos

Mobile phone payment systems are becoming increasingly popular among American online casino. After all, make it possible to make deposits to the player account with the smartphone in the simplest way. This is exactly what Boku follows. We all now have our cell phone almost around the clock and what could be more obvious than to carry out financial transactions on the phone? Finally, they correspond to the highest safety standards in the BOKU payment system and at the same time the service is characterized by simple handling.

Plus points from Boku

The most important advantages of Boku Casinos are:

  • The payments are handled directly via the smartphone.
  • You do not have to provide bank details or the data of credit card or e-wallet.
  • The deposit is simple because the cell phone is used like an electronic wallet.
  • Payments with BOKU are safe and protected against access by third parties.
  • The company does not charge any fees for transfers.
  • The deposit amount will be credited to the player account immediately.
  • BOKU payment receives attractive welcome bonus in many casinos.

In addition to these advantages, there are - depending on the personal preferences - but also one or the other disadvantage. Decide yourself!

For some a , a minus for others

The BOKU deposits are billed via the cell phone bill. Whether this is seen as an advantage or a disadvantage depends on your preferences. On the one hand, you can see all transfers at a glance and automatically pay the entire sum with the mobile Casumo, on the other hand, this fact can turn out to be a disadvantage for some. Because the payments to the casino will not be paid immediately, it is easier to spend more than you might want. After all, the debit only takes place days or even weeks later. This does not come into play with a prepaid tariff, since the deposit amount is immediately debited from the credit. So you can only play with the money that you actually have.

Another possible disadvantage of BOKU payments is that profit payments are not possible. So you have to switch to other payment methods and therefore cannot avoid the announcement of personal financial data. But you have to honestly say that Boku is not the only means of payment in which payments are not possible. The same applies to the Mastercard as well as the Paysafecard, to name just two.

Deposits in Boku Casinos

But now to the all -important question: How can I deposit with Boku to my player account? We viewed this important process and lead it step by step through the deposit process. The basis for deposits with the service provider is that you choose a casino that offers payments with this method. Of course, you can also browse the World Wide Web yourself for Boku Casinos, but the easiest and fastest is if you select one of the casinos that we have listed in our table. We are constantly reviewing and expanding this list to include new game salons that have included the payment service in your portfolio of banking methods.

Registration in the Boku Casino and welcome bonus

Open an account in the casino of your choice! It is important that you provide your correct data. All reputable casinos have to verify the account, i.e. check the correctness of the information. If you open a new account, you also have the opportunity to use a welcome bonus. Especially when it comes to offers for new customers, the game salons like to show themselves generously. In addition to a bonus without a deposit or free spins, exclusive deposit bonuses are often advertised with which you can get start-up capital from the two, three or even four times your account load.

A comparison is always worth it, but can be quite time -consuming. Therefore, we have - properly advised - have taken on for you and offer you an overview of the best welcome bonuses that can be obtained in Boku Casinos. You have to enter a bonus code at some casinos, and we would also like to recommend that you read through the conditions of every action well.

If it is a deposit bonus, a deposit must normally be made and only then do you get the bonus. This brings us to the all -important question: How can you deposit with Boku to the casino account?

Five steps to pay BOKU

The following five steps lead directly to the BOKU deposit via your smartphone:

  1. One -time registration in the BOKU customer care portal.
  2. Select the Boku payment method in your casino.
  3. Enter the desired deposit amount.
  4. Confirm deposit by SMS.
  5. The credit is ready for playing.

If you have opted for a welcome bonus, the bonus credit with which you can test the casino is also available.

Payments in Boku Casinos

As already mentioned, payments via BOKU are currently not possible online via smartphone. The payment service provider can only be used for deposits on the player account. We would therefore like to recommend that you inform yourself in advance, i.e. before you open an account in an online casino, about the payment options offered. As a rule, serious casinos that work customer -oriented offer a number of good alternatives. Since not all payment methods are used for deposits and withdrawals, casinos attach great importance to offering suitable options for the payment. You can find more information about it in the FAQ or on the payment page.

More than just a trendy payment method!

We have devoted ourselves to the new addition to the mobile phone payment service providers and found that Boku is only known to a few players in USA, but the service has potential. The deposit via the smartphone is straightforward and quickly takes place, a one -time registration with the BOKU payment system is sufficient. Even if you cannot currently make any payouts, the option is still an interesting alternative under the cell phone.

Advantages and disadvantages of BOKU payments at a glance

We have summarized all the advantages and disadvantages of BOKU payments in online casinos for you:

advantages Disadvantages
✔️ Deposit is carried out completely via cell phone ❌ payments are not possible
✔️ No information on personal data ❌ There are currently only a few casinos that offer Boku
✔️ Details of the bank account or credit card are not required
✔️ Immediate credit of the deposit
✔️ Billing via the cell phone bill
✔️ No fees

What is Boku and who is behind it?

Boku is a mobile phone payment system. The company behind it has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2009 by Mark Britto, Ron Hirson, Erich Ringewald and Javier Martell. It is currently managed by CEO Jon Prideaux. Since its beginnings, the company has been expanding continuously in order to be able to assert itself on the international market. The last highlight was the takeover of Fortumo in 2022, an Estonian company that specializes in browser -based payments via cell phone, smartphone and tablet.

In the meantime, the service provider is represented in over 70 countries worldwide and works with more than 220 different mobile payment systems. In 2022, over a billion transactions via BOKU online were carried out online, which had a value of around $ 7 billion.

At the moment, Boku's mobile payment system is known in USA and the number of Boku Casinos is manageable. The American company works with a number of well -known sizes, including companies such as Apple and Google or Microsoft and Facebook, but also Spotify, Electronic Arts and the streaming service DAZN accept Boku for payments. Boku also has cooperation with mobile phone operators such as American Telekom, Vodafone, Spanish Telefónica and SK Telecom as well as several renowned mobile e-wallet operators.

Since Boku is a still relatively unknown payment method in USA, there is a lot of clarification. We have summarized the most important questions and answers to bring some light into the dark. Because especially when it comes to payments on the Internet, information is everything. This is the only way to estimate whether you want to trust the payment service provider.

Frequently asked questions about Boku Casinos

Are you due for payments with Boku to an online casino fees?

No, if you make a deposit with this method in one of the Boku Casinos to your player account, you do not have to pay any fees or expenses. In this sense, the use of BOKU is very customer -oriented. Since payments with BOKU are not possible, no fees can be offset against it.

Can I have a casino bonus paid out using Boku?

Unfortunately, withdrawals via the mobile phone payment system are currently not possible, regardless of whether it is real money profits or a casino bonus. To make a profit payment, you have to switch to another payment service. Serious Internet casinos usually offer several safe alternatives with which you can transfer your profit.

What is the minimum deposit amount when I am using BOKU in the online casino?

The amount of the minimum deposit, like the maximum amount, is specified by the casino. In most online casinos, the minimum deposit amount is 5 or 10$ s. However, exceptions confirm the rule and so there are also casinos that accept deposits from 1$ , as well as those in which you only have a deposit amount from 20$ s.

Is there a payout limit for Boku in online casinos?

Since BOKU payments are not supported, you have to switch to an alternative. In this sense, there is no payout limit. In principle, the amount of the maximum payment as well as the upper and lower limits for deposits are determined by the casino. You can find this information on the banking pages or in the FAQ of the respective online casino.