Visa Online Casinos

Visa credit card is the most popular and most common means of payment worldwide in various areas - and this is also the case in the online casino industry. With the VISA card you can easily finance the enjoyment of the game on the Internet and carry out money transactions in seconds.

Behind the map is the global company Visa International Service Association, listed and based in the USA. All information about the use of Visa card in the favorite virtual casino, all the advantages and disadvantages of the online casino visa payment option and much more can be found here now.

Online Casinos mit Visa

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Advantages of Visa as a payment method in online casinos

First we want to take a look at the positive aspects of this widespread payment method - there must be a reason why millions of users use this card for daily money transactions. So if you want to pay with visas in the online casino, you can look forward to the following five advantages:

  1. High security standards:
    As a long -term success, Visa has been convincing for many years with the highest security standards that make the use of this payment method on the Internet for many for many choices. Nowadays, the Visa 3D Secure procedure or the Verified by Visa procedure is usually used, which ensure that unauthorized persons cannot get access to the credit card account and that the risk is kept low even in online money transactions.
  2. Speed of transfers:
    The fact that transfers go across the stage immediately and seconds is an advantage that is particularly relevant for casino payments - so you can find the money in the player account right after the online casino visa and get started with the real money game.
  3. Mobile use possible:
    Of course, you can also pay with visas on mobile devices without any problems - regardless of whether you are located on a virtual game page or would like to make money transactions otherwise.
  4. Free in most casinos:
    Most gambling platforms do not require any fees if the Visa card is used for money deposits or withdrawals.
  5. Suitable for deposits and withdrawals:
    While some means of payment can only be used for deposits, the VISA card usually offers transactions in both directions - so you can fill the casino account or withdraw profits.

What are the disadvantages of the Visa payment method in online casinos?

With so many impressive advantages, of course, the question of potential disadvantages or traps quickly arises that can occur if you use this means of payment on the Internet when you visit the casino - what about the negative points of view of the VISA use?

The list of disadvantages is significantly shorter than that of the advantages and looks in detail as follows:

  1. Not usable for everyone:
    If you want to use a Visa card, you have to apply for a bank first and pass a credit check.
  2. Potential debt trap:
    Due to the overdraft framework that is normally granted on credit cards, problems can occur when using this payment method - especially when you tend to play impulsively and spend more money than you can actually afford.

Is it certain to pay with visas in an online casino?

Basically, it is quite certain to pay on online game platforms with the Visa card. The following aspects ensure this:

  • Encryption in data transmission:
    All data entered in payments are only transmitted encrypted.
  • Safety procedures on the part of the bank:
    A security procedure is always involved in Visa when carrying out money transfers - 3D Secure or Verified by Visa are the best examples. This ensures that third parties cannot authorize unwanted payments.
  • Rights in the event of abuse:
    If there is an abuse of your own card, these transfers will be refunded by the bank - you just have to keep an eye on your own credit card statement and the bank immediately if you are abnormalities.

How do I make a deposit in an online casino via Visa?

The deposit process when using the Visa card is extremely simple on most game platforms:

  1. Log in on the casino side
  2. Select the Visa card for the means of payment
  3. Select amount
  4. Confirm security procedure
  5. And the money is already in the player account

How can you withdraw money won in online casinos?

The opposite direction to deposit money, i.e. the withdrawal, after you have made a payment in the casino with a visa, is also simple. If you have made the deposit in the online casino with Visa, the same credit card is also automatically noted for the next payment.

Then it is only important to select the amount to wait for an identity examination for the first time and after the stop period (this is set by the casino regardless of the payment method), the money is transferred directly to the credit card account.

What data do I have to provide with Visa to open an account and pay in online casinos?

If you want to get a Visa card, you have to a bank, the Visa cards. The exhibition does not take place by Visa itself.

So if you want to carry out payments in the online casino, you first have to apply for a card from a bank, pass the credit check and wait for the card to be sent. If you don't have a visa card yet, this process takes a few days. The required data is determined by the respective bank.

What is visa and who founded it?

The company has been in the company since 1970, with Visa for Visa International Service Association. With around 15,000 employees, the company based in the USA has grown into a global company that enables the exhibition of credit cards worldwide.

Visa was founded by an association of a total of 243 banks in America. In the meantime, the business area has expanded nationwide.

Information about Visa

Company name: Visa Inc.
Founding year: 1970
Management: Andreas Schmid, Jörg Schwitalla
Seat: Foster City, California, United States
Industry: Financial service
Legal form: Aktiengesellschaft
Email: Write e-mail

Visa compared to other payment methods in online casinos

Compared to other payment options that are offered in virtual arcades, payment in the online casino with Visa is one of the most uncomplicated matters. Anyone who already has a credit card knows how easy it is to carry out virtual money transactions.

  • Simplicity:
    When registering the card in the virtual casino, only the credit card number, the expiry date of the card, the 3-position code and the name of the owner must be specified and the card can already be legitimized and used for money transactions. With other payment options, however, the course is much more complicated.
  • Freedom:
    While fees are often collected by the provider in other means of payment, payments are made free of charge for the customer using Visa, as long as a casino page has been chosen that does not estimate any additional costs.
  • Speed:
    Transfers usually run in real time - unlike many other methods, you can send money to the casino without a time delay or withdraw from the casino account.
  • Limits and limits:
    Many game platforms have high limits for deposits and withdrawals in the online casino with visas that can exceed those from other means of payment. This point is often relevant, especially for high scooters.
  • High availability:
    Almost all virtual gambling pages offer this payment method, so that you don't have to make yourself long -term search for a casino page that also accepts this payment option.

In contrast to other payment options, the VISA card cuts very well when using the virtual play enjoyment.

Comparison table: Visa and other payment methods

Payment method VISA Skrill Bank Transfer
Deposit INSTANTLY INSTANTLY 2 to 3 working days
Pay 2 to 3 working days INSTANTLY 2 to 3 working days
fees Rarely Rarely Rarely
Availability Very high hoch hoch
security Very high Very high hoch
insurance And And no
Ø deposit limits 10 – 10.000€ 10 – 10.000€ 10 – 30.000€