Use real money Casino PayPal for online

If you look for a PayPal casino on the Internet, it is difficult to find out, and that, although PayPal is one of the most popular payment service providers worldwide. Many millions of users use this e-wallet every day and you know almost no online shop that does not have PayPal in its selection of payment methods.

Unfortunately, this is currently no longer the case on Internet casinos. The casino operators have handled payments with PayPal for years, but that has ended since September 2019. Because since then no online casino PayPal has been able to offer deposits or withdrawals. On our website you will therefore find an overview of serious and renowned online casinos that accept payment methods that are similar to PayPal and therefore represent a good alternative.

Regardless of whether it is deposits to the player account or profit payments into your own wallet - the transfer of real money is one of the most important processes in every online casino. It is all the more important that you can rely on the payments as a customer Safe, easy and easy to handle. We show what is really important in payments in PayPal casinos and what other payment methods you can switch to. Fortunately, PayPal is not the only way to transfer your money to the highest security standards in an uncomplicated manner and in the shortest possible time!

Best online casinos with PayPal alternatives

Online Casinos Bonus information To the casino
1 20 free spins to register without deposit for Book Of Dead
only for 🇦🇹 and 🇨🇭
Slotty Vegas
55 free spins without a deposit For new players in Austria and Switzerland for Book Of Dead
3 50 free spins without a deposit Casino review bonus for Dead or Alive 2

PayPal as a payment method in real money online casinos

The payment area is one of the most sensitive areas of an Internet casino. After all, you give a lot of private information and want it to be well protected. In addition, you don't want to wait long for the money, the payment transactions should be able to be handled as easily as possible. Therefore, security, speed and easy handling are at the top when it comes to deposits and profit payments. If an online Casino PayPal deposit offers, this is a guarantee for many that the respective game salon of the election is a serious company that follows exactly these principles.

PayPal - the payment friend from America

The PayPal company, in American "payment friend", was founded in America in 1998 and is currently one of the most popular payment service providers worldwide with around 416 million active accounts. From August to October 2022, PayPal was handled to the 4.9 billion transactions. These had a value of around $ 310 billion. But not only worldwide, but also in USA, PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods in online business.

Over the years, the American payment service provider has acquired the reputation of one of the safest online payment methods. This is not least evident in the awards with which the listed company has already been honored. After all, the payment friend has received over 20 awards to date. These range from the "Best Financial Services Site", the "People’s Voice Award" to the "Best Employer" to the price for the "Most Innovative Company in The Finance Industry".

Advantages of PayPal

If you choose the online Casino PayPal as a payment method, you benefit from some advantages:

  • Deposits with PayPal are free, no fees for customers are charged.
  • In many casinos, PayPal can also be used for payouts.
  • It is not necessary to store bank details at the casino.
  • The deposits in the PayPal Casino will be credited immediately.
  • The use of PayPal is very easy, you only need an email address.

In contrast, however, there is also a disadvantage that primarily affects casino visucers: there are currently no casinos that offer payments with PayPal. If you want to make a deposit in the PayPal Casino, fortunately there is a number of other methods that are as safe, simple and quick as the payment provider from America. Many of the most popular Mercury and Novoline slots can often be found in those online casinos that offer a wealth of payment options that are very similar to PayPal and are available for customers from USA.

The best PayPal online casinos in USA

Even if PayPal is unfortunately not an option for casino payments in USA, there are still a number of service providers to switch to. The good news is that these methods are just as safe, simple and quick and that you can also snap a bonus for your deposit. Here is a table with the best PayPal casinos and casinos that have similar payment methods in their portfolio.

Which casinos accept PayPal?

As the table shows, there are plenty of gambling platforms that offer a wide range of means of payment. Many of these portals offer games of the most popular software providers such as Merkur and Novoline, but unfortunately do not accept any deposits or payments with PayPal. But even if the online Casino PayPal does not offer, this is far from a reason to be stopped from the visit. After all, there are many other payment service providers whose service can be used as a customer or customer. In addition, there is still hope that in the future maybe deposits and withdrawals will be possible in the casino with PayPal.

Pay with PayPal in the mobile casino

The mobile visit to PayPal Casinos online via smartphone or tablet is now a routine for many. Gone are the times when you have shot the rollers at home in front of the PC. With the rapid development of cell phone technology, mobile igaming has found its way into everyday life for many people. It is all the more important that payments can also be handled via the smartphone or tablet - and please with the same security standards as we know them from PC and laptop. Accordingly, the casino operators pay the highest attention to mobile payment transactions and the same criteria apply to payments via cell phone as for transfers on the desktop calculator:

  • All data from the financial transactions must be well protected.
  • The deposit and the payment simply have to be done.
  • The money must be available quickly in the account.

Therefore, only such payment methods that correspond to this standard are also eligible for transfer of real money via smartphone or tablet. If you want to make payments in a mobile online casino PayPal, this is unfortunately not possible. As on the desktop PC, there is no mobile online casino with PayPal payments until further notice, but there are also many alternatives to choose from.

Is costs to be expected when using PayPal?

In general, the use of PayPal is free for you as a customer, like private use, i.e. if you want to transfer money to your loved ones, for example. The fees that a PayPal transfer causes are usually worn by the dealer. This means that you do not have to pay any fees in PayPal casinos, but also in all other online shops for deposits, but have the entire amount. The same applies to payments if you transfer money from the online casino to your PayPal account. This is one reason why the payment service provider from America is so popular with end consumers worldwide.

The best alternatives to PayPal payments in online casinos

In the area of banking, almost all online game salons offer a good selection of payment methods. Even if your desired online casino PayPal payments do not accept, there are plenty of alternatives such as the following:

Skrill: The former Moneybooker's e-wallet enables the transfer of real money to your player account in a few seconds, with payments that are also possible. To use Skrill, you need an account with the payment service provider.
Neteller: Works similarly to Skrill and is also an e-wallet where you first have to open an account in order to be able to carry out transfers.
Trustly: With Trustly you can make transfers online via your own bank account for the casino or internet shop without having to open a special trustly account.
Giropay: Giropay is a function of a current account that can be used to make payments to the Internet dealer or the casino directly from the account. A one -time registration is necessary.
Clear: This service provider wraps the entire payment process between the customer and the dealer, you don't have to reveal your own payment data in the online casino.
MuchBetter: Muchbetter is a cell phone payment method in which you have to download the corresponding app before use and register an account with the digital payment service provider.
Apple Pay: This is Apple's payment service, which works via an installed app. With your smartphone you can make both online payments and conventional payments directly on site.
Paysafecard: The Paysafecard is a prepaid card worth 10 $ to 100$ s. If you want to deposit with the Paysafecard in a PayPal Casino, you only have to enter the 16-digit code.
Credit and debit cards: VISA And Mastercard are accepted by almost all online casino platforms. Payments are usually made immediately, but the Mastercard usually does not support any payouts.
Cryptocurrencies: Some Internet play salons now also offer the option of charging the account with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and also making the profit payments with a virtual currency. However, it must be noted that this means of payment has not yet been established among American casino seekers.

This is a small selection of the most popular payment options among American players. Of course, there are many more with whom you can transfer money online.

PayPal online casinos and other payment methods

For many of us, PayPal is the preferred means of payment for purchases on the Internet. Unfortunately, in most online arcades it is no longer possible to carry out deposits and withdrawals with PayPal. However, there is a large selection of other options for PayPal Casinos online, which are ideal for quick, safe and simple real money transfers. They are not only available on the desktop PC, they are also available for the casino visit via smartphone and tablet. So if the casino currently does not accept PayPal payments of your choice, most game salons offer you good alternatives to the payment friend from America.

Is there a deposit bonus without paying PayPal?

The best comes to the end: Yes, there are also a bonus in most casinos if you do not deposit with PayPal. It would also be unfair if there is no bonus! Because what can you as a customer do if this payment method cannot be offered. The arcade operators also see this and provide interesting bonus campaigns for deposits with other means of payment. In general, a distinction is made between the PayPal Casino and in casinos that also accept other payment methods, two types of offers:

  1. Actions that are exclusively reserved for new customers and
  2. Promotions for loyal regular customers.

The focus of all welcome campaigns is the recruitment of new customers. These promotions are often characterized by particularly high bonus payments, sometimes there are even free free spins as extra. But you can not only benefit from deposit bonuses as a new member, because online gaming salons are also happy to assign extra credit for deposits as part of the customer loyalty. If nothing is on offer, it is worthwhile to recreate with customer service. Especially with good customers, the employees there are often generous.

Important tip: With deposit actions, it is important to pay attention to which payment methods qualify for the bonus. Skrill and Neteller are often excluded, but that can also affect other options. Therefore, you always have to read the bonus conditions exactly!

Frequently asked questions about PayPal Casinos

Are other payment methods accepted in online casinos?

Yes, PayPal is just one of many means of payment with which you can fill up your account or make profit payments in the online casino. In addition to e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller as well as payment service providers such as Trustly, credit cards (mostly Visa and MasterCard, less often American Express) or prepaid cards such as the Paysafecard are accepted in many game salons.

How can you have profits withdrawn?

In most casing banks, a selected range of means of payment is available to pay for profits, which can range from credit cards to e-wallets to traditional bank transfer. However, the anti-money laundering law requires that the same means of payment must be used for the payment as for the deposit if possible. The majority of the payment method is therefore not given.

How does PayPal cut off with similar payment methods?

PayPal is one of the most popular payment service providers worldwide and offers many advantages. Especially the simple handling and widespread distribution speak for the electronic wallet. However, there are also very good other options with which you can do your payments as safely, easily and easily.

Who is behind PayPal?

PayPal is an American company based in San José, California. The company is managed by John Donahoe as chairman and Daniel Schulman as President and CEO. Ebay PayPal bought in 2002, and the American -speaking website has been available since 2004.