MasterCard Online Casinos

Pay worldwide, without any problems and without fees - this is exactly what you advertise at Mastercard. And of course this also includes payment in online casinos. With various available MasterCard variants, exhibited by a wide variety of banks worldwide, there are enough different versions of this payment method to satisfy the needs of various casino attendants.

How exactly the process in the casino works with MasterCard payment works, which you have to pay particular attention to, how the security aspects are and we have now clearly compiled many other relevant information here.

Use Mastercard to pay a visit to the next online casino? It's that easy!

Online Casinos mit MasterCard

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Advantages of MasterCard as a payment method in online casinos

But why should you use this credit card for money transactions at all? There are now countless payment options on the online game and business market- so you have to be able to offer a lot. And the Mastercard can definitely do that.

Here are the advantages you can expect if you want to pay with Mastercard in the online casino:

  1. Fast processing of the payment processes:
    In particular, money deposits are done in a matter of seconds - ideal for direct entry into real money.
  2. Mastercard security:
    Mastercard is a reliable and fair company and treats sensitive data confidentially.
  3. Accepted almost everywhere:
    Almost all game platforms accept online casino mastercard deposits.
  4. Usable for deposits and withdrawals:
    Both transaction routes are possible using this credit card.
  5. Ideal currency conversion:
    If you pay in other currencies, the official bank exchange rate is always used automatically.

What are the disadvantages of the Mastercard payment method in online casinos?

If you finance the real money game with the help of the MasterCard, you should consider the following points - you can certainly become problems or represent disadvantages for those players who decide to use such a credit card:

  1. Risk of self -debt:
    The overdraft framework enables the output of funds that have not yet existed, which can lead to problems, especially in gambling and impulsive game behavior.
  2. Duration of the exhibition and initial use:
    The first application and maintenance of a Mastercard, for example compared to e-wallets, last relatively long.
  3. Availability restricted:
    Only if you pass the bank's credit check can you get a Mastercard. A means of payment that is not accessible to every casino player.

Is it certain to pay in an online casino with Mastercard?

We have listed the security under the advantages of this payment method. Nevertheless, many players are often still skeptical about using credit cards for online payments. Too often one hears about cases of abuse, data theft and other serious incidents.

But what do you really have to fear in the online casino with Mastercard deposit?
Actually not much - with the Mastercard and also on the part of the venues on the net, various safety precautions are taken to clear potential problems before they originate:

  • SecureCode procedures of the MasterCard:
    If you want to carry out payments in the virtual casino world, this is always connected to the SecureCode procedure, in which you have to make a payment confirmation yourself.
  • Encrypted data transmissions:
    When transferring sensitive data, encryption technologies are used that prevent third parties from being able to intervene in the process from the outside and intercept the card data.
  • No data transfer:
    Of course, the game providers, at least those who receive good reviews from our team of experts, guarantee data protection from customers and not pass on sensitive data such as credit card data to third parties.
  • Insurance in the event of abuse:
    Should it still happen that the data is unintentionally intercepted by third parties and that they manage to illegally burden the card, you can claim these sales at the bank and arrange a return booking.

Thanks to these precautions, there are no problems to fear when using credit cards, as long as one does not forget to take a look at the credit card statement.

How do I make a deposit in an online casino via Mastercard?

If you have such a credit card first, it could hardly be easier to transfer money using this method.

  • In the first step, the card is stored as a means of payment in the player account.
  • Then select the amount desired for the transaction and confirm the selection.
  • The security procedure is then activated and the desired transaction is confirmed.
  • And the money is already on the casino account.

So if the card has been stored as a means of payment, all online casino Mastercard money deposits are done in a matter of seconds and the money is available directly for playing.

How can you withdraw money with Mastercard obtained in online casinos?

If you have accumulated profits or want to have the remaining credit withdrawn, it is important to ensure whether all requirements are met by the casino - this applies especially if you have claimed bonus offers. In these cases, the money often has to be implemented in the game before you can arrange a money withdrawal.

If you are certain that you are entitled to withdraw the profit sums, you proceed as follows:

  • Select a new payment in the player account.
  • Select the MasterCard as a means of payment (provided that this has not already been preset).
  • Choose the amount for payment.
  • Confirm payment request.

Then it is only important to wait until the stop period has expired and the money is sent to the credit card account. Overall, it usually takes between 24 hours and 3 days before you can see the money in the account.

What data do I have to provide at MasterCard to open an account and pay in online casinos?

Basically, the Mastercard is not exhibited by the Mastercard company, but by a bank. So you have to own or apply for a bank account and request a Mastercard on it.

Then a credit check is carried out by the bank before you can get the card. Personal data is requested by the customer for this exam. However, since these get into the hands of a (hopefully) reputable bank, there should be no problems.

What is Mastercard and who founded it?

Mastercard is an American company that was founded in 1966, so long before the Internet. It is a large company with over 13,000 employees worldwide, which was founded as an alliance between different bank companies under the name Interbank.

Today, Mastercard awards licenses to various banks that enable financial institutions to output credit cards, debit cards and other money cards to their end users.

The name Mastercard is now used on behalf of MasterCard credit cards, which are available in different versions (regular, gold, etc.).

Mastercard compared to other payment methods in online casinos

In the online casino with Mastercard, many players are the first choice - often primarily because of the simple and everywhere common use. Here is a brief comparison between Mastercard, PayPal and traditional bank transfer:

Payment method MasterCard Paypal Bank Transfer
Deposit INSTANTLY INSTANTLY 2 to 3 working days
Pay 2 to 3 working days INSTANTLY 2 to 3 working days
fees Rarely Rarely Rarely
Availability Very high Small amount hoch
security Very high Very high hoch
insurance And And no
Ø deposit limits 10 – 10.000€ 10 – 10.000€ 10 – 30.000€