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Even if not quite as well known as PayPal, MasterCard or other payment giants - Ecopayz is definitely on the advance in the business of online payment methods. To make payments in the online casino ecopayz is now possible on many gambling platforms.

But what is behind the payment system and how do money transactions work using Ecopayz? We took a closer look at all of this, with an explicit focus on the virtual casino world. We show whether paying a good idea in the online casino with Ecopayz and what you have to consider in detail.

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Advantages of Ecopayz as a payment method in the online casinos

Anyone who frequently carries out money transactions on the Internet knows how important the security of one's own data is and can therefore also understand why the payment method Ecopayz is considered very safe - one of the main advantages of the payment, because if you make deposits in the online casino with Ecopayz, No bank details are passed on to the casino side.

But that's not all that makes this e-wallet so popular. Here are the other positive aspects of this payment method at a glance:

  1. High security - No bank details are passed on to the usage site.
  2. Immediate transfers - The money appears directly on the casino account (or with the respective recipient).
  3. Double protection -Ecopayz has secured all transactions with a 2-step verification since 2016.
  4. Mobile compatibility - Payments can also be made easily on mobile devices.
  5. Self-protection player protection - Since it is a prepaid payment method, no debts can be set up.

What are the disadvantages of the Ecopayz payment method in online casinos?

Skeptics of the payment method complain about the following points if you make payments in the casino with Ecopayz:

  1. fees - There are fees when using Ecopayz, even if the casino itself does not estimate any costs.
  2. Registration process - Depending on which level you choose the Ecopayz account, the registration can be uncomfortably lengthy.
  3. Availability - The acceptance of Ecopayz in the virtual casino world is still relatively limited.

Is it certain to pay in an online casino with Ecopayz?

Now back to the security of this payment option already mentioned - the most important criterion for everyone who is looking for a suitable means of payment for internet shops.

"Reliable and safe online transfers"

This is how you advertise on the Ecopayz website for your own product - so security is really at the center of attention.


Again and again the means of payment is nominated and awarded awards for security and reliability. For example, the FSTECH Award was received in 2015, as did the 2014 Payments Award for anti-frauds and security solutions.

2-Step Verification:

With this procedure, a double security level for the use of Ecopays was introduced in 2016.

Self -protection:

This point is often particularly relevant for casino players - the Ecopayz payment method is a prepaid system, so that you cannot spend any funds that you do not already have. So you are protected from debt trap.

How do I make a deposit in an online casino via Ecopayz?

The implementation of an online casino ecopayz deposit could hardly be easier, first you have bought an Ecopayz account and paid money there. This is the prerequisite for the use of this payment method.

Once the money has arrived in the Ecopayz electronic wallet, the deposit in the casino account is done in just three simple steps:

  1. Select Ecopayz as a payment method in the casino.
  2. Set the amount for the deposit in the casino.
  3. Perform the verification for safety directly on the Ecopayz page.

And the money appears with immediate effect on the player account.

How can you withdraw money with Ecopayz in online casinos?

With this payment method, the payment process is just as easy as deposits, especially if this method has already been chosen to pay money.

In order to initiate the money payment, you only have to register in the casino and enter the desired amount and the Ecopayz payment method in the account area under the “Payment” item and the money is sent back to the Ecopayz account.

If the casino releases the payment (which can take a few hours or even days regardless of the selected means of payment), the transaction takes place immediately without delay.

What data do I have to provide at Ecopayz to open an account and pay in online casinos?

In the first step, only basic data is required by the user when opening ECOPAYZ. Depending on the extent to which you want to use the Ecopayz services, further information must be given.

When registering for the first time, only

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone number and
  • E-mail address

needed. You can also set a password yourself and select the currency in which you want to open the account.

What is Ecopayz and who founded it?

Ecopayz is an e-wallet, i.e. a kind of prepaid payment system in which you can send money to the virtual wallet and then pay with these funds on the Internet, including the online casino.

Behind the electronic wallet is the company PSI-Pay, which has been known for almost 20 years with the Ecopayz product or its predecessors on the payment method.

  • 2000 was established as a payment platform and developed the Ecocard.
  • In 2008, the company based in the United Kingdom was considered electronic money in accordance witheuropean guidelines - so one is regulated by FCA.
  • Cooperation with Mastercard began in 2009.
  • In 2011, the spectrum was raised by private customers to a business level-business solutions are now also offered.
  • In 2014 a PIN was introduced, one of the most important awards was won and its own Ecopayz app was released.
  • In 2016, the 2-step verification was introduced and thus increased the security.

Ecopayz compared to other payment methods in online casinos

Most online casino platforms have a lot of payment methods to choose from-how does the Ecopayz E-Wallet cut off compared to other options?

  • Security:
    In terms of security, Ecopayz has the front of some other methods. While, for example, sensitive data is canceled to the casino side for credit card payments, everything is carried out anonymously at Ecopayz. This means that the casino itself does not get an insight into its own bank details.
  • Speed:
    The transfers are carried out immediately, as you are used to by prepaid payment. This applies not only to Ecopayz, but also to other e-wallets, as well as for most credit card payments. Only bank transfers are lagging behind on this point.
  • Fees:
    While there are now definitely payment options that do not incur costs for transactions (e.g. some credit cards), fees are used when using Ecopayz, regardless of whether the casino costs are estimated. In most cases, money deposits and the use of Ecopayz as a means of payment causes costs.

So if you value security and anonymity and are ready to accept small fees, you can get the right address at Ecopayz.

Comparison table: Ecopayz and other payment methods

Payment method Ecopayz MasterCard Bank Transfer
Deposit INSTANTLY INSTANTLY 2 to 3 working days
Pay INSTANTLY 2 to 3 working days 2 to 3 working days
fees And Rarely Rarely
Availability Middle Very high hoch
security Very high Very high hoch
insurance And And no
Ø deposit limits 10 – 10.000€ 10 – 10.000€ 10 – 30.000€