Online Casino Bonus

Special campaigns, bonuses and small specials - all and much more offer online casinos to your visitors today. Regardless of whether you are playing in an online casino for the first time as a new visitor or whether you are already one of the professionals in Igaming, Casino bonuses are really available for everyone. If you like it particularly risky and also free of charge, free promotions such as the online casino bonus are offered without a deposit. If you prefer to play with large sums of money, you will find suitable high roller bonuses. Fear of losses? Then you should look for a cashback campaign.

so the variety is great, but the differences in quality are also. but don't worry, but you don't have to compare and evaluate the Details of various bonuses for hours, because we have already done that for you. we show you,

  • Which types of bonus are suitable for which players,
  • What you should consider when choosing a casinobonus on the Internet,
  • How good a casino bonus without a deposit actually really is,
  • How to use bonus codes or activate bonuses otherwise,
  • Which casinos offer the best bonuses and special actions
  • And of course also simple, what offers that are currently best.

So let's get started and take a look at the diverse and fascinating world of special promotions in the casino. You will see that in no time you will find a top online casino bonus and start playing with a nice bonus!

The best casino bonuses and promotions 2022

Online Casino Test Bonus Info Pick up bonus
1 Welcome bonus from up to 300 usd order 1 BTC + 100 free shooting
Bebe t tea drinking
150% welcome bonus + 200 free spins Exclusive welcome bonus up to 1 BTC
140% up to 1500$ s VIP Casino welcome bonus 170% up to 5000 $
Casino Token
Welcome bonus 300% + 250 free spins For the first 5 deposits
5 300% up to 1000$ s + 25 free spins
6 100% bonus of up to 500 $ and 120 free spins for Book Of Dead
7 Receive 100% up to 100$ s pay at least 77 $ and receive 77 free spins for Fred's Lucky 777
45% Cashback + 30 free spins
King Billy
2500 $ bonus + 250 free spins + 50 free spins without a deposit
200% up to 400$ s + 120 free spins
1000 usd Bonus + 1000 LV Spins play for different

What is a casino bonus and how does it work?

The online casino bonus simply describes the respective special offers that a casino has for the players of the platform. These bonuses are voluntarily offered by the casino and either serve to attract new customers or persuade loyal players to continue to play on the platform.

So what do bonuses generally look like? There are basically two types. The online casino bonus without a deposit, in which you as a player can start playing for real money gains before the first money transfer, and the casino deposit bonus that you always receive when you deposit money in the casino.

Get a bonus without a deposit and still win real money, which of course sounds like an incredible offer that you shouldn't miss. We will show you even more precisely why it can be a good idea in some cases to choose a deposit bonus.

Basically, however, the following applies: The bonus conditions are the key to the bonus success and finally decide how well a doctorate is actually! In order to successfully use a bonus, you must meet the requirements of the casino that are written down in the bonus conditions and adhere to all the rules, only then you can actually go home with profits.

Why do online casinos offer bonuses?

A question that every casino visitor has already asked themselves one or the other, especially when again when a magnificent campaign appears in the casino and you can hardly believe which specials you as a player in the online casino are always surprised. So a question that we also want to take a closer look at and answer in detail.

An online casino bonus is basically one thing, an advertising material. This function is in particular when it comes to a casino bonus without deposit. Through these new customer campaigns, players should be able to register in the casino, look around there and hopefully also become faithful and long -term customers. The most difficult aspect on the hard -fought online casino market is exactly this point to win new customers.

But the advertising factor is also very important for special promotions that are based on deposits of the players. Existing customers are to be particularly pleased to prevent them from choosing one of the many other online casinos. The main thing here is to offer the highest possible bonuses or to write out promotions that stand out otherwise from the masses of the casino offers.

Not an easy task for the many casino sites online. The creativity of the operators has proven to be an essential element and in recent years above all led to the fact that there is now an almost incredible amount of different promotions. So let's take a look at these different bonus variants!

Different bonus types

One thing is now almost guaranteed in the virtual casino world: there is a suitable bonus offer for really all types of players. So let's take a look at the 7 most common bonus types, which you can currently find on a variety of casino platforms on the net. But don't forget, these bonuses are the most common offers, but of course not everything you can experience as part of the player community.

The top 7 of the casino bonus offers

Without much further predominance, we now want to see which actions you are currently finding in most online casinos, which makes them differ from each other and whether all types of bonus offers are actually recommended for you as a casino visitor.

1. Welcome bonus

The classic among the casino bonuses par excellence is the welcome bonus for new customers. If there is only one bonus on a platform, then you can be sure that this is a welcome bonus for new players. Nothing is more effective to recruit new customers than a lucrative and promising welcome bonus. What has been clearly shown in recent years is that in particular the new customer offers, in which you can start playing as a player with an online casino bonus without a deposit, are very effective.

No wonder that there is now such an online casino welcome bonus without a deposit on many platforms. A prerequisite for receiving this bonuses is therefore not a deposit, but only the registration and registration in the casino. So read from a registration bonus or a registration bonus at a casino, then you can be sure that it is an online casino welcome bonus without a deposit for new visitors to a website.

Are welcome bonuses always available without a deposit? No, this is definitely not the case! A welcome bonus can also be a deposit bonus or take a completely different format. There are no limits to the game provider.

2. File citizen bonus

In contrast to the welcome bonuses, which are always new customer bonus actions, existing customer bonuses that are aimed at those players who have been a member of an online casino community for a long time. Regardless of whether it is a birthday bonus, reload actions or other specials, diversity is particularly high for existing customer campaigns. However, the majority of the existing customer bonuses clearly provide the deposit bonus, which is always granted to the player when a deposit is carried out on the player account.

However, modern casinos are also increasingly trying to bring variety into play in this bonus area and to promote as many different promotions as possible. Daily specials are very popular in the area of existing customer bonuses. These daily specials ensure that you as a player can claim another bonus every day.

This is intended to move customers to stop by in the casino as possible. The promotions are fixed on the respective day, so that, for example, Monday could be the free play day or the day for a live casino bonus etc. On Wednesday there is an ideal existing customer bonus variant for all players who value a lot of variety.

3. No Deposit Bonus

Now we have arrived at the most popular bonus offer in the Igaming world, the No Deposit Bonus, in American the casino bonus without a deposit. As the name already shows, this type of offer is provided for you as a player without a deposit. In most cases, this is one of the Welcome specials already explained for new customers. In rare cases, however, no deposit bonuses are also awarded for existing customers, for example as a birthday present or simply as a small surprise in between.

In these promotions, the above -mentioned upper limit and the bonus conditions set must be observed in general. We will take care of what these conditions are all about in detail in the later course.

4. deposit bonus

In contrast to the deposit -free bonus, the so -called deposit bonus is then, which, as the name suggests, is linked to a deposit. Prison bonus campaigns are particularly widespread here. The 100% doubling bonus is the most common offer, but other percentage bonuses also occur. In particular, 200% and 300% actions are becoming increasingly popular.

Payment bonuses can also be staggered in several stages, so that, for example, the player's first three or four account loads are rewarded with a percentage bonus. Always pay close attention to the specified details, often the bonuses are gradually reduced and then only offer 50% or 25% as a bonus amount. So rather small bonus amounts, but at least they receive several of them in a row.

5. Cashback Bonus

A completely different version of the virtual casino bonus is the cashback bonus. As a player, you do not get any additional credit or free spins, but you are given the opportunity to have any losses created. A kind of re -enacted bonus, which only comes into force if you actually created losses during the game in the online casino. Especially anxious and hesitant players are usually very enthusiastic about these actions because they represent a kind of protection against too high losses.

Of course, not all losses are reimbursed, but only a certain proportion of the losses that were created in the bonus period. As a rule, 10% or 20% of the losses are reimbursed. If you find cashback campaigns in which even higher proportions of the losses can be recovered, you have found a really lucrative offer that can be particularly worthwhile to hit it immediately-even if a deposit is of course always a prerequisite for these actions .

6. High Roller Bonus

These bonuses are the ideal choice for all those who are at the other end of the spectrum and not among the anxious and hesitant, but rather among the risk -friendly and brave casino seekers: the bonus offers for high rollers. High rollers are the players in the online casino who like to play with large amounts of operations and prefer high risk in the game. The ideal bonus for this type of player is therefore a bonus that particularly rewarded particularly high deposits in the casino.

This is exactly the case with promotions for High Roller. Minimum payment amounts of sometimes hundreds of $ apply here. However, the bonus amounts obtained are then potentially just as high and can bring bonus money up to thousands of$ s. If you also consider the bonus and sales conditions to be fulfilled (more on this later), it quickly becomes clear that these specials really have to be ready to take large money quantities in your hand.

On the other hand, if these high amounts are almost afraid of you, then it is best to find an online casino bonus without a deposit, these offers represent the opposite of the high roller bonuses and are an ideal choice for new players.

7. Mobile Bonus

Play on the way - hardly anything is as popular today as the mobile casino offers that can be used at any time and on really all devices. Fewer and fewer players still use the laptop or PC at home for playing in the online casino. Most people also want to easily enjoy smartphones or tablets on the go. Our seventh category of the most common bonus campaigns in the online casino: the mobile bonus offers is aimed at this dynamic player community.

The special thing about these promotions is that they are aimed specifically at users of mobile casino sites or online casino apps. For example, install the app of a casino, you can get an additional bonus without deposit, free free spins or a particularly high -quality deposit bonus in many cases.

The loyalty program as a variant of the Casino Bonus

We have already explained a lot of bonus variants. We now want to take a closer look at a very special kind of bonus: the so -called loyalty program. These loyalty programs are aimed at existing customers and represent a system in which you can become a VIP in the casino via several stages. In most cases there are five to seven different stages.

If you want to get to the next from one level, you actually only have to do one thing: play in the casino. Yes, it's actually so easy. Loyalty programs in the online casino are based on a kind of point program where you collect points every time you play with real money.

If you have reached a certain number of points, then come to the next stage. With every rising level, additional bonuses, better conditions and much more are waiting for you. In most cases, there is also a lucrative additional bonus every time a new level is reached. Getting 50 $ bonus without a deposit in the casino has long been no longer uncommon.

Participation in the loyalty program takes place automatically on almost all platforms. If this is not the case, you should definitely register for the loyalty point system. So make sure that you do not miss the advantages of the casino. Incidentally, since participation in the programs is free of charge, they also take no additional risk.

More bonus offers

Experience the casino bonus without a deposit, this works with these offers, the very special bonus offers in the virtual casino. So here we speak of new, innovative and versatile bonuses. Examples of these actions include the VIP bonus for particularly hard-working players or bonuses that are granted when using certain means of payment (e.g. 5% additional bonus when using Bitcoin). Even at tournaments, additional prices are often awarded to the winners.

VIP bonus, means of payment, tournament bonus-that sounds very varied and interesting. Bonuses are also common for certain casino areas. The best known examples here are special campaigns especially for the live casino or for visitors to the sports competition area of a platform. So you see to play as a welcome bonus in the online casino with starting credit, that's not everything the virtual casino world has to offer!

Casino bonus without deposit

Before we deal with the activation and the conditions of the bonus offers in the online casino, here is a somewhat more important overview of the two most important bonus variants: the online casino real money bonus without deposit and the online casino real money bonus with deposit.

The bonus without a deposit, also called No deposit bonus, is a bonus that, as the name suggests, is available without a deposit. In most cases, these are welcome offers for new players. The only prerequisite for receiving this offer is registration and registration in the casino. This is also based on the name of these doctorates as a registration bonus or registration bonus. The bonus itself can take different forms. We now want to take a closer look at the two most common variants of the deposit -free bonus.

Free spins

The most common are No Deposit bonuses in which free spins are awarded without a deposit. These free spins apply to a specific slot machine and can only be used there. The value of the spins is preset. In other words, this bonus is very detailed and therefore has little flexibility. In return for this, you can play particularly relaxed with this bonus and really use the online casino bonus without deposit immediately.

start credits, Initial balance

The second variant of the free bonus is the starting credit that you can use in the casino for use on various games. Basically, you have much more freedom here. You will receive a certain amount of money and can then use it to play your choice. But be careful! Of course, your freedom is also limited here! The bonus conditions of the respective offers always determine exactly what games the starting credit can be used and at which games this is not possible.

Free spins or starting credit - what is better?

Suppose you have found two casino sites that offer an attractive welcome bonus without a deposit. In one case you will receive free free spins, in the other case a free starting credit. What should you choose? A question that cannot be answered with a general statement, for a simple reason. How good a bonus offer in the online casino actually is depends on the associated bonus conditions.

Nevertheless, both types of bonus also have their own basic advantages and disadvantages associated with the respective type of bonus. We have summarized the most important of these aspects for you in the following table.

+/- Free spins

start credits, Initial balance

  • Fast game entry guaranteed
  • Free spins usually apply to particularly recommended online slots
  • Mild bonus conditions
  • Flexibility in game selection
  • Usually higher bonus value overall
  • Casino can be tested more extensive
  • Usually only valid for a single game
  • Bonus conditions are usually a little more demanding

A table that can make it easier for you to make the decision regarding the bonus offer for you personally. In principle, however, you should not stress yourself in the decision. Both variants, the free spins and the starting credit, are good bonus offers that you can claim in reputable online game salons with a clear conscience.

Casino bonus with deposit

In contrast to the risk -free game in the online casino with starting credit or with no deposit free spins, the casino bonus is with a deposit, a type of bonus offer that is available in almost every online casino. As a player, you always get this bonus when you make a deposit. Bonuses for new customers and existing customers can fall into this category of bonus offers.

The regular deposit bonus

When it comes to the regular deposit bonus, as most online casinos offer in today's world, there is always talk of a percentage bonus. The bonus amount is calculated in these offers based on your own deposit.

100% bonuses are common, but in some cases you can even find offers that grant up to 300%, 400% or even 500% bonus credit. With the increasing percentage, however, the claims regarding the applicable bonus conditions always increase. For this reason, most players are particularly suitable for the common doubling bonus (100%), which in many places there is a welcome bonus and also as a reload bonus.

Der Cashback Bonus

A completely different type of deposit bonus is the so -called cashback bonus. In these actions, you do not receive an additional bonus bonus directly in the deposit, but you can compensate for losses that arise at the end of the bonus period free of charge. In other words, a cashback brings you back part of your losses at the end of the bonus period, in some cases even directly as real money! It can therefore actually be that a cashback campaign is a casino bonus without terms and conditions.

Bonuses for special casino areas

If there are your own sports betting sections or an extra live casino in casinos, many platforms offer additional bonuses for these areas. This is mainly due to the fact that regular bonus offers generally rule out the use of bets or live games. Players who prefer to stay in these casinity would not really benefit from the casino bonus.

For exactly these players, the live casino bonuses, the sports betting bonuses or the high roller bonuses were invented, which deal with special high deposits. This is how casino providers manage to really take care of all players. Mobile bonus offers that players who enter into the casino game via the Casino app or the mobile device also includes this category of special activities for special casino areas.

How to get a casino bonus

With so many bonus options in the online casino, every player immediately wants to get into the game with a pretty bonus. The choice of the right bonus offer is often a bit difficult due to the large variety of options.

Can't really choose and face a variety of apparently excellent bonus campaigns, but we also have a simple solution ready for this. Just look at the bonus offers that we list here on our website. There you will definitely find offers currently recommended for players in USA and can get into play with bonus even easier and faster.

Step by step to the bonus offer

Once you have found a bonus, you can still get into the bonus game with just a few steps. The process for the start of the game with bonus is very simple:

  1. Select the bonus and the associated casino from the overview of the currently available bonuses.
  2. Register in the casino and register on the platform.
  3. And you can already claim the first bonus!

Depending on the bonus offer, a deposit in the casino may be necessary for the stress. However, what is necessary in any case is the activation of the casino bonus. There are various options in online casinos. You can find out which option to use in your chosen bonus offer directly in the bonus report.

Activation options

As already mentioned, activating the bonus is always the first step when you want to benefit from a doctorate. Casinos apply different models for this, which differ above all in such a way that they have to do as players to enjoy the bonus premium.

  • Bonus without activation

Most casinos want to make it particularly easy for customers and activate the bonuses for the player as soon as he has registered or as soon as a deposit has been made.

  • Activation via bonus code

Bonus codes that you as a player when registering, paying or simply simply entering the casino are also popular, to activate the associated offer.

  • Activation in the bonus menu

Most casinos have their own bonus areas in which all promotions currently available are listed and explained. There you can easily select the desired offer by clicking.

  • Partnerlinks

Exclusive partner links are another method for casinos to offer special bonuses for your visitors. It is important that you use the link directly on the partner page to get on the casino side. Only then can you actually claim the bonus.

  • Direct request for customer service

Very rarely can it happen that a bonus must be actively asked as a player in customer service. To do this, simply register briefly via Live Chat with one of the service employees who activates the bonus for you on your account.

Use a bonus code correctly

We have already mentioned the bonus campaigns that are activated by entering bonus codes. In our opinion, this type of doctorate deserves a closer look. And not only because these doctorates appear more and more in the casino world, but because it takes some explanations, one would like to navigate successfully through the entire activation process. You should keep the following aspects in mind when using bonus codes:

  • Bonus codes are always linked to a certain casino and a certain bonus action.
  • The bonus codes are either entered directly when depositing or registration or via a bonus code field in the casino bonus area.
  • Large and small writing must be observed.
  • Bonus codes only apply to a certain period of time. So if you have found a code, you should use it as quickly as possible.
  • Regular bonus codes can be found directly on the casino sites themselves, but exclusive codes can often only be found on certain partner sites. We therefore recommend that we regularly take a look at our bonus reports, these always all include bonus codes currently valid for players in USA.
  • After entering the bonus code, check whether the premium has actually arrived on your account. Otherwise you should customer service immediately and before the first round.

If you pay attention to these simple points, it is truly no longer art to claim an offer on the Internet with online casino bonus codes, and you can still start the first bonus into the casino game.

Casino bonus conditions

Before you start discovering new games and casino platforms with the next casino bonus without a deposit, you should always take a look at the applicable bonus conditions. These conditions are set up by the casino and specify how to activate and use a special campaign. It is essential to deal with these conditions, since disregarding specified rules can lead to an exclusion from the bonus offers and a cancellation of all profits earned in the bonus period.

So let's take a look at the most important three areas of the bonus conditions: the play requirements, the bonus requirements and activation rules as well as the requirements and limits in the use of bonus.

  1. Through game requirements These requirements represent the most important point when evaluating a bonus campaign. They state how often received bonus money or profits earned in free spins must be implemented in the casino before they can be credited as real money in their account. In most cases, sales are required in about 20 to 45 times. Depending on the bonus height, there can be a big difference.
  2. Bonus requirements and activation rules The second major area are the prerequisites that you have to meet in order to qualify for an offer or the steps that are necessary for activation. Requirements usually refer to their player status (new customer or existing customer) or to the amount of the deposit (minimum deposit amount). When activating, you may have to enter a bonus code, make a request or use a specific link to qualify for the offer. You should always find out about these bonus conditions first.
  3. In addition to the minimally prescribed deposit amount, there are also some other requirements that come into play in the game with bonus money. Examples of this are limits regarding the permitted use height, restrictions on the usable games, the bonus period granted for the use of a bonus, or the maximum profit and payment limits.

Only if all three areas of the bonus conditions are observed and you meet all the requirements placed in the given period, you can ultimately get out of a bonus offer with real money gains.

When paying off itself, the payment guidelines and conditions of the page apply, which are specified in the terms and conditions. With a clever choice, fees can also be prevented in most casinos, so that the entire profit in the end actually arrives as real money on your bank or e-wallet account.

Our tips for the best casino bonus offers

Many bonuses, many conditions, many information - in the diverse world of bonus offers, it is often not so easy to make the right decisions and find out which bonuses and which platforms are actually serious and which offers you as a player with a real advantage receive. The following 5 tips should offer you a small assistance in the choice and stress of the next bonus campaign on the Internet.

Tip №1: First the casino, then the bonus

The principle of casino priority applies to decision-making. First, the casino should be evaluated in its safety and its entire performance. Only if it is an overall recommended platform does it even make sense to deal with the promotions.

Tip №2: First the bonus, then the deposit

A second principle deals with the consideration of the bonuses offered. You should definitely examine the promotions required before the first deposit in the casino. If there are special campaigns that you receive as a new customer without a deposit, these are always linked to the conditions that you have not yet made a deposit in the casino. So if you prepare money prematurely, you may already do without a first top bonus offer.

Tip №3: First the bonus conditions, then the game

At least as important as the choice of the right casino and the right bonus before the first transfer of money is of course also a look at the bonus conditions. A look you should dare in any case before you start the first game after activating an action. Why is that so important? For a very simple reason. A forbidden game or an unauthorized amount of application can lead to the fact that the stressed bonus is immediately declared invalid and removed from the account.

Tip №4: Play on games with good chances of winning

It sounds obvious, but in the heat of the battle, we like to forget to really take a look at which games the best payment opportunities bring. Games where there are the highest RTPs and thus the biggest chances of winnings are of course the best choice in the case of bonus offers.

Tip №5: Play with a clear head

A tip that is extremely valuable for every casino visit to the bonus used: always play with a clear head and try not to be guided by strong emotions. Just because an offer sounds particularly tempting, it doesn't have to be the best available bonus. On the contrary, they always do well to look at the bonus conditions with a cool head and to take a look at the bonus reviews before activating an action.

Casino bonuses - our conclusion

Bonus campaigns in the online casino are clearly one of the main reasons that more players than ever choose virtual casino platforms. Free starting credit, free free spins, hundreds of $ in deposit bonus - you can secure all of this and more with the various bonus offers of the online casino world.

Our bonuses have the best conditions, where you play at the true top games of the current casino industry and, above all, how exactly you can still secure the really recommended bonus offers online today, our bonus reports show. In these bonus reviews, we will show you in a clear, precise, precise and always in a nutshell, where the best offers are waiting for you, about which bonus codes you should know and of course also which promotions you should better avoid. So don't wait any longer, the next bonus can still be yours today!


Can I play in the casino without a welcome bonus?

If you want to play completely without a bonus as a new customer on a platform, you can easily refrain from activating the new customer bonus and thus play without a bonus. If the welcome bonus is an automatically activated bonus, you always have the opportunity to have the bonus canceled as long as you have not yet started playing in the casino. Simply the support team for more information.

Do I need a bonus code for all casino bonuses?

No, there are also many other species to activate and claim promotions in the casino. Bonus codes are only necessary if the platform explicitly prescribes this.

Can I have bonus credit paid out directly?

If you receive a bonus credit from the casino, it is not yet real money, but so -called bonus money. This has to be released in the casino before it can be paid out. Free spending you can easily do bonus credit by implementing the money in the casino. How often the money has to be implemented before it is regarded as free is stated in the bonus conditions.

What happens if I can't do the bonus conditions?

What happens if I can't do the bonus conditions?