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to get a touch of mexican flair on a good bingo game, you should play on this homepage muertitos bingo. the Demo Version on this page is completely free and you don't have to expose yourself to any risk. red rake gaming designed this game very appealing and as easily as possible. you can hear some barbecues in the background and a great party at night. the background image consists of a desert and a clear starry sky. you can play up to 4 bingo notes in one fell swoop and there are extra years that can even be wild with a little luck. anyone who has fancy a game of bingo can now play this game.


You can play up to four bingo notes in one fell swoop at Muertitos Bingo. There are 15 digits with the values between 1 and 99 on each appearance. 30 balls are drawn, which are also equipped with numbers. Numbers that are also on one of the tickets are chopped on the appearance. Up to 15 different winning patterns can be created. If you are about to win after the drawing, you can buy up to 10 extra labels. There are free extra labels and extra labels that are wild. With a wild extra, you can choose your own value. You should proceed tactically. At the end of a game round, the bingo notes are evaluated for possible profits. To get to know the game better, you can now play Muertitos Bingo for free.

This is how it is played!

On the page, this variant and many other bingo games can be tried out in a demo version for play money without risk. Before you start the game, you first have to agree on how much you are willing to put the game in a round. There are one to four notes at the same time. You can activate or deactivate any appearance. If you are not satisfied with the distribution of the tickets, you can click one of the notes before the game starts and you get new tickets immediately. A total assignment is determined that is evenly distributed over all active tickets. With the play button you pull 30 balls. The numbers on the balls, which can also be found on a played ticket, are chopped off. With a little luck, this can result in the apparent profit pattern. If you just slip past a profit, you can get the chance of up to 10 extra labels. Numbers that can trigger a profit are displayed by flashing. Below you can see the sum that you could win with this number immediately.


Extra balls are chargeable. The price for an extra ball is linked to the possible profit amount that can result from this ball. You can see this price of an advertisement. With a little luck, you can get a free ball where no assignment is debited. Every now and then you even get a wild extra. With a wild extra, you can choose your own value. There are up to a maximum of 10 extra labels in a game round.


Up to 100 rounds in a row are available in Autoplay mode. You can set in advance whether all extra labels should be bought, whether no extra damps should be bought or whether you want to be asked every time.

Operations and winning opportunities

In each individual game round, between 0.05 and 60.00 can be used for this game. The winnings per bingo note can be up to 1,800 from the triple of the ticket insert.

Real game pleasure with online bingo

Who likes Bingo on the Internet without registration wants to play, can let off steam on this page. There is no risk and no obligations. You just open your favorite game and you can play it endlessly for play money.

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