The best Android Casino apps for real money games

Mobile devices must be as powerful today as a desktop computer. In addition, we want to be able to use our smart companions anywhere, which makes the need for stable internet connections and WLAN access in the public sector. Smartphones and tablets are controlled with numerous apps and can bring almost any kind of information to the man in real time, even if the location is in the middle of nature.

Of course, online casinos are also required to grant your customers the opportunity to play mobile. Most internet arcades now use web apps that are simply accessed via the mobile browser of the respective device. But specially developed casino apps are still used as they promise a high degree of stability.

Top online casinos with the best real money casino apps for Android

Real money gambling has become increasingly important in recent years, so that many casino platforms are trying to develop a casino app Android for your customers in addition to the offer for the desktop PC. With it you can then play completely independently and time and access the same content that is also available when playing on the home computer. In 2022, a trend towards Casino apps for Android devices was recognizable in USA and this will probably continue to continue next year.

Our team tested some Android Casino apps to filter out the best real money providers for mobile devices. These are our recommendations:

Play for real money in the Android casinos

Online Casinos Bonus type information Pick up bonus
1 100% up to 500$ s + 200 free spins
2 300 $ + 150 free spins Get your welcome package
3 300% up to 1000$ s + 25 free spins

Casino games in Android apps

Online casino operators have to decide whether you want to offer your customers a separate application for mobile devices in addition to the now mandatory web app, which can then be downloaded and installed on the homepage of the online casinos itself or via the Google Play Store. More and more gambling platforms are being developed native casino apps Android so that they are available separately on the mobile devices of customers. Studies have shown that most players prefer correct applications - compared to the web apps that do not allow direct access, but have to be controlled via browser.

Large providers such as Mercury or Novoline have long developed their own apps and even offer different versions with which different platforms can be ideally supported. The variety of games knows no limits. Slots can be played with different topics, but classic table games such as roulette, baccarat as well as Black Jack and Poker can be conjured up on the display in a playful way. All games can be played in the real money version and so casino apps Android offer a complete experience.

The best casinos for the real money game with Android apps

The online gaming market is extremely dynamic and changes every day. New Internet casinos with new range of offers are constantly being created, all of which are also pushing on the market for mobile devices. With our reviews and ratings, we therefore always have the offers of the market in mind and can pass on ideal recommendations to players with whom the best Android Casino can be selected. In our tests we adhere to strict standards so that the result is also convincing and authentic.

Above all, we look at the trustworthiness of every casino portal. An online casino with a recommendation from us in any case requires a valid license for gambling, which means licensing from USA or another EU country such as Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. The British Islands of Isle of Man and Alderney also award licenses that are beyond any doubt.

The security idea also plays a major role. Casino customers are very sensitive to money transfer and rightly expect the encryption of all data via SSL, which has long since become the standard. Fair games and acceptable sales conditions for bonus offers are another sign that an online casino works honestly, which makes our recognition deserving. The cooperation with renowned software providers is also an indication of careful and trustworthy way of working, since these companies do not want to connect their names with dubious providers.

For an Android Casino, however, it is also important that every game can be downloaded and installed without any problems. A liquid game process must be guaranteed. Even with a mobile internet connection, there must be the possibility of being able to finish a game without trouble. It is indispensable how annoying it would be if a game suddenly fails in the middle of an exciting round.

An Android Casino real money bonus without a deposit must also be uncomplicated to maintain and manage. If you choose from our casino recommendations, you have already made the right choice and only have to win.

What to consider when installing an Android Casino app

In principle, Casino apps do not differ from the other apps that are already in large numbers on almost every smartphone. You can either be easily downloaded from the provider's website or from the Google Play Store. In the following we explain the procedure that leads you to the mobile casino experience. These steps must be carried out:

  1. Find online casino with a native app
  2. Check whether all requirements are met
  3. Start Download
  4. Get to know the app
  5. Start game

First of all, the right online casino has to be found. Ideally, the portal should offer excellent security, a valid license and a large range of games with fair bonus offers for new customers. Suitable payment methods are always an important topic, because they have to match the customer's ideas, how best to process payment transactions. Once the right online casino has been found, the possibilities for mobile games still have to be clarified. In addition to the Web App, does the casino have a downloadable casino app Android on its homepage or in the Google Play Store? If the features of the online casinos and the casino app fit together, the decision can be made at this point.

After the Casino app has been selected, it must now be checked whether your own Android device meets the technical requirements. In addition, the latest version of the operating system should be installed on the device so that all functions of the app can work error -free. The next step can only be carried out when this check is complete.

The download can now start with just a few clicks. The application is loaded onto the mobile device and can also be installed there immediately after the download is finished. All of this only takes a few minutes and the Android Casino app is ready to go.

When you open the app for the first time, a new navigation will open up, which should initially be tested and tried out. Only when the functionality is fully clear and the individual menu items have been tried out can you use the full potential of the app as a player. The Android Casino is now ready for the first game.

Now, before you get started, you should find a bonus and let your first deposit reward you. Under certain circumstances, you are even offered an Android casino real money bonus without a deposit, with which you can try out some games free of costs and risk and still achieve real revenues. Now you are ready and you can go hunting for profits at any time and anywhere.

Native Android Casino app and web app - the central differences

There are two ways to access an online gaming portal and use the games: via Android app as a permanently installed application on the end device or in the browser with the web app. There are a few differences that you should consider as players before you choose one or the other variant.

The web app has the advantage that it is always invited from the Internet so that you don't have to worry about updates, because the website is automatically kept up to date. As far as security is concerned, you may have some doubts here, since logging in requires the input of login names and passwords that do not feel as safe in a browser environment as in a closed app. However, these worries are unjustified. In addition, the web app works on all devices regardless of the operating system so that more customers can be achieved. It is also the cheaper variant.

Native apps, on the other hand, are permanently installed and appear as an icon on the display of the end device. In the best case, they are widespread in app stores and can therefore achieve high download numbers. Especially when you reach the top lists or recommendations, download numbers are possible that cannot otherwise be achieved. Reviews of other users have proven to be particularly important. Because native Android Casino apps are specially tailored to the operating system, they run most smoothly on these devices. Especially when a casino platform is very complex and a high computing power needs, the native app is definitely the better choice.

The advantages and disadvantages of Android Casino apps

Android Casino apps, of course, have the disadvantage that they do not run on all devices. Certain technical requirements must be met in order to be able to ensure a liquid gameplay. This automatically restricted the number of players achieved. The development of your own app must also be carried out by professional developers so that the product is also high quality in the end. The work of the professionals is anything but cheap. This means that an Android Casino app costs considerably more than an optimized website, which can then be used equally by all mobile devices.

However, the advantages of the Android app outweigh. It is characterized because it was specially developed for the operating system. Especially with large and extensive applications, as Casino apps are, the best performance can be achieved. Here you develop all of your strength and put the games at the center of attention. But Android Casino apps can do even more, because you can reach huge amounts of new customers by spreading the Google App Store. These enormous figures can be increased again if the software occurs good ratings and can therefore convince other players as part of a customer-to-customer recommendation to choose exactly for this.

Use the app when it is available!

Using a casino app for Android makes sense because you are equipped with the best and most fluid version of the online casino of your choice. With it you get the optimal gaming experience and the highest quality. Native apps are also very lucrative for the arcade operators, even if they are initially very expensive in their development. The number of new customers can be increased enormously, because registration can be carried out even faster within an app than is already possible in the browser version. So if you like to play on the go or want to use short breaks and use boring moments, you are well served with an Android Casino app.

The most common questions about Android Casino apps

Can Android be used as an ideal platform for online casinos?

Android is certainly a very good platform for online casino apps, as there is a very good technical basis and the software is always brought up to date quickly. The online arcade operators also love the app stores because millions of potential customers are lurking there.

Is it also played for real money within the Android apps?

Yes, of course you are offered the same content as in the browser version in the app, so that you can also risk real inserts. The casino providers strive to keep the differences as low as possible so that customers find their way around quickly and easily. All bonuses and real money games from the browser -based casino can also be used mobile. You do not have to be afraid here that the area of mobile devices would only be about play money.

What should an Android Casino offer its customers?

Basically everything a desktop online casino would also offer its customers. There must be a large range of games, preferably with countless slots and table games. In addition, there are optimally an attractive live casino and jackpot games. The bonus offers have to offer lucrative added value for both new customers, as well as existing customers always give motivation to play and deposit. In addition, security must be guaranteed and sufficient payment methods must be observed.

Should the app or mobile website be used for playing on the go?

This cannot be answered in principle, as it depends on the individual situation of the player. If the games are calculated, a native app would be a better choice because it simply provides the better quality for the end device. In its flexibility, the web app has the advantages and allows all devices to access. Here the player has to weigh up which solution seems most practical.