Mini Roulette


the name already shows in which direction this is possible - it goes towards the small format of the online games. this thinks that, as you can expect from the title, you will find a reduced variant of the Classic roulett here. and we show exactly what it looks like here.

This is how the mini game runs

With this roulette version in small format, the rules are built in large, entire whole as well as in the larger sibling games:

  • Table structure: There is a table next to the boiler that contains the numbers on which you place your bets. The numbers of 1-12 are stored red and black, the zero is found green. It is then played with a small white ball.
  • Game drain: First you place your bet as a casino player, then press the start button, whereupon the ball is virtually thrown into the rotating roulette boiler. If the little ball comes to stand on one number, it is evaluated and paid out. You just crack the jackpots by relying on the right number.

So ideally you play mini roulette

In order to clear up this game cash, of course, it is important to understand the betting options and to use it ideally. As far as this slot player game is like with other standard roulette games, but now we want to see what this variant differs from others.

There are only 13 fields here (instead of regular 37 or 38). In the case of betting operations, this means a single number in an 11-1 quota, two numbers in 5-1, three numbers in 3-1 and 4 numbers in a 2-1 quota. So if you want to gain big with this game, especially if you gamble Mini Roulette slot machines with real money, you have to put up with some risk and put it on a single number.

Win more with these tips

In some casinos, however, there is a special rule that is used. The so -called "La Partage" rule.

As a player, you get half of the loss, whether real money or play money, refunds when the ball comes to be on the zero and you therefore lose the bet. If, on the other hand, you have set zero yourself, this is of course fully paid out according to the betting odds.

This then means that the advantage of the casino is reduced online. The so -called House Edge lowers from 7.69% to 3.85%. So if you have the opportunity to choose, it is definitely worthwhile to activate this regulation within the game Mini Roulette Casino slot games.

It's that easy

As you are used to from the various online game platforms on the net, there are also different game variants in this game. All of the aspects previously explained are preserved - even if you want to play completely free mini roulette for free. The all -round successful and extremely clear game enjoyment remains at all times - with play money, as well as real money.

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