Mega Jack HD


The structure of the graphics and the distribution of the functional buttons are simple and do not distract from the game itself.
Whether you play free of charge or with real money when playing the machine, concentration is required here.

The game Mega Jack HD, that's how the casino slot machine works

After determining his bet, the player is assigned 5 cards that are open to him and only lead to profit with certain combinations.

Once the player can determine which cards he wants to exchange, then chance decides on the profit, because if you have the combination of the higher sheet, the winner is:

  • Royal flush - 5 cards of one color form a series of 10, bei, lady,
  • King, Ass. - Straight Flush 5 cards of one color form any five series.
  • Vierlies - four same cards (same rank) with different colors.
  • Full House - a couple and a drilling each with the same rank.
  • Flush - 5 cards, no matter what rank with the same color.
  • Straight/street - five cards with the following rank, color no matter.
  • Drilling - 3 cards of the same rank, color doesn't matter.
  • Two pairs - twice 2 cards of a rank, colors no matter.
  • A couple - two cards of a rank, but only from boys to ASA (here the game from other poker rules deviates)

With the "P" button you can call up the winning list in which the individual profit margins for the card combinations are listed.

Under this list there is a heart with the word "game" and a small heart to the right and left to continue leafing. The word "game" leads back to the game, the arrows to the left or right bring the player to explain the specially Mega Jack HD, namely the "Magic Dice", a wheel of fortune with which you can double your previous win.

In the game you can choose between "Collect" after a win, then the win is expected to do so, or if you choose "Double", then Magic Dice appears.

You choose between four options: Especially, odd, the numbers 1 to 3 or the numbers 4 to 6. When the selected possibility appears, the player doubles his last win, with a negative result he loses his commitment and profit.

According to the game instructions, calling at the bottom left under "I", there is also a progressive jackpot, which, however, depends on the delicacies of the license carriers. Only those who play Max Bet with the button can reach the jackpot.

To the right of the cards there is the symbol for social networks that enables the player and exchange with other players. At the moment, Facebook and Twitter can be selected.

Minimum use is 0.20 $ per hand, the maximum stone set amounts to 5.00 $ per hand.

Mega Jack HD, poker with 25 hands

If you play with 25 hands, you need a lot of concentration and also money.

The casino player who loves poker can really let off steam here. Tips and tricks can be found free of charge on the Internet.

Special features such as Jackpot, Magic Dice and the social networks increase the attractiveness of this slot machine.

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