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here you can play lil ’lady Bingo! this Bingo variant from igt is exceptional and differs a little from most Bingo games. there are good winning opportunities with wild open fields. you will be accompanied by a sweet ladybug couple. in the background you can see the green grass and the drum with balls flying around. if you feel like a little Bingo, you can now try this breathtaking variant without registration.


At Lil ’Lady Bingo online the bingo note consists of 5 times 5, i.e. 25 fields. You can't choose a certificate. The numbers on the appearance are only determined when you have made your commitment. On each glow, three fields are randomly placed that do not contain a number. The inscription "Free" is located in these fields. These are wild fields that can be seen as already filled. In a game round, 35 balls are pulled between 1 and 99. If you manage to fill certain patterns on the bingo note with these balls, then you get a win according to the payment table. You can play this game now and put your luck without risk.


In order to be able to better understand the game, you should first try out a few rounds of Lil ’Lady Bingo for free. Each game round begins with the selection of a ticket by deciding how much you are willing to pay for the tickets. There are 5 different levels from which you can choose freely. At the first round, you are also asked whether you want to mark the numbers on your ticket yourself or whether this should be done automatically. This setting remains saved for all subsequent game rounds. Then you get the ticket to the desired deployment height. Now you can pull the balls. Either you pull each ball individually by clicking "Draw One" or you immediately pull all balls by selecting "Draw All". After all hits have been marked on the ticket, the profit evaluation is made and you will receive whether and how much you have won. To start another game round, click the "Play Again" button.

Ticket costs and profits

On the page / all games are played in a demo version. All ticket costs amount to play money and no real payment is requested. All profits also amount to play money and cannot be converted into real money.

Ticket costs

You can buy tickets in 5 different price ranges:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5
  • 10


A total of 5 different patterns that are profitable can be shaped on a ticket. The simplest pattern is a vertical line, across the entire appearance. With such a pattern, you get your application as a profit. Several vertical lines can be filled with a draw. You get the corresponding profit for every line. The four other patterns cannot arise several times during a draw. Individual patterns can be found in the payout table, to the right of the bingo ticket. The amount of the profits for certain patterns varies, depending on the application amount. There are the following winning options:

  • Pattern 1 - Between once 10,000 and sometimes 30,000
  • Pattern 2 - between 25 and times 50
  • Pattern 3 - between then 10 and sometimes 25
  • Pattern 4 - between times 2 and times 5
  • Pattern 5 - Exactly the application amount

Now you can play Bingo online!

Here you get the opportunity to do this Popular Bingo game play for free to be able to. The demo version on this website can be played unlimited. You get an account provided with play money from which you can remove your missions. This account can be recharged again after the desire. The player does not have to pay for money and can have fun without risk.

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