Kong: The 8th Wonder Scratch


hard to believe, but true - in this game you can gain a little bit of luck and the right symbols with a little one, if you are willing to set a little bit. the developers of Playtech have linked various operating levels with different payout heights in this game. in particular, if you play for real money and really want to win, it is worth digging a little bit in your pockets and getting in with slightly higher inserts.

The game in detail

If you look at this game for the first time, you are a pretty big one, and maybe even a little terrifying, Gorilla. It is of course the main character of this game and can be seen in the center of the game monitor. But this figure is actually not the center of the game - these are the 6 scratch cards that are on the right side.

The process in the slot machine game is extremely uncomplicated:

  • Make missions: First you have to stipulate how much money you are willing to provide for play enjoyment. The minimal use, which can be selected online in the casinos, is usually 0.5$ s. But if you want to go towards the jackpots, you have to pay with larger missions - more precisely with the maximum inserts of up to 10$ s.
  • Find couples: Then it goes to the actual game. You try to find exactly the card, which corresponds to the given symbol. Depending on which symbol it is, different payments are waiting.
  • Coll up money: If you manage the same symbol, you clear more cash than most other rubbing online games offer.

How can you win more here?

All fans of the film are of course enthusiastic about this game and say game Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World Scratch Casino slot games now. After all, you encounter all the popular and well -known characters from the film, such as Kong itself, Anna Darrow, Captain Engelhorn and many others.

But apart from the regular Rubbel game, there are not really many special functions or tricks that have to be observed on the way to win. Of course, you can still play Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World Scratch for free, but actually this is almost not necessary with the simple rules.

However, when it comes to profit, it can help to take advantage of the Autoplay option - especially if you like to play several games at the same time as a real casino player.

Cash cleaning just like never

As expected from a Scratch game, it is truly easy to win here. So you can easily play Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World Scratch slot machine games with real money, without having to worry about that you may not really understand the rules.

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