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Dear Reader! Maybe we start with an indiscrete question: how old are you? Please do not get this wrong. But if you are 20 years old, a lot of what surrounds us today is absolutely normal and practical. But if you are 40 years old, you have witnessed a pretty big change. If you are 60 or even older, you will think that everything is somehow pretty crazy today. The reason for this is technical progress. Let's look a little back.

the chapter slot machine started with a one -armed bandit over 100 years ago. a 3-roll game system that started to move with the pull lever. of course, one was still far away from the experience that you threw a coin in and iDeally stubborn coins in the flap. but that was the preprogrammed path that has been followed for decades.

There was great potential here

The possibilities of this game were quickly recognized. A duel with chance is ideal for gambling and thus for casinos all over the world. The triumphal procession was inevitable. The variety was inspired by different motifs and different roller systems.

Casino goes online

The breakthrough was final in the 1990s at the latest. The first online casinos came onto the market. Now it was time to find games that can be digitized easily and reliably. Slot machines are the logical consequence. They also only started the market as simple game versions. Finally, computers did not yet have the immense computing power of today's computers and the Internet was still in its infancy. We point out that computers were only fleeting with Windows operating systems in the middle 1990s. Processors had clock frequencies of around 50 MHz, RAM of 16 MB were considered lavish, graphics cards, if at all, brought 1 MB memory. The content of hard drives would be enough for a maximum of 2 highly dissolved cell phone photos.

But even then, pioneers with slot machines in online casinos started the market. Now we are turning the clock for 10 years. In 2000, Internet was no longer a rarity. Fast landline lines already reached 500 kbit/s. Cell phones had a black and white (green) display and a stub antenna. Smartphones were still a foreign word.

From now on everything goes very quickly

Once again 10 years later, mobile internet including tablet and smartphone was on the advance. Almost every Centraleuropean has at least a smartphone. Internet is no longer just at home and at work, but everywhere. Thanks to GPRS. This was followed by Umbs, Edge and what the latest standards are called. Even smartphones come with 8-kernels processors, best graphics and huge memory and make games of all kinds a real pleasure.

So it is not surprising that brilliant 3D slot machines can be played in real time in real time. Security standards are great. The possibility of transferring funds to virtual player accounts are possible without any problems. This opens the online casinos completely new dimensions. Games of all kinds - hundreds and thousands of them are playable today. On all devices with the Internet.

What is possible today?

And all that in real time. All over. Around the clock. On almost every internet -enabled device.

As you can see, slot machines are the most popular category of casino games.

  1. Slot machine - 50%
  2. Poker – 20%
  3. Bingo – 20%
  4. Roulette 10%

An incredible story, isn't it?

As you can see: The boys among us have grown with today's technology. You see a lot as normal. Everyone else looks a little further into the past and are surprised at the possibilities that are offered. 10-15 years ago it was common to go to a land -based casino to operate slot machines or to play against dealer and croupier. The game on the Internet was still in short supply and not an optical treat. Today the game on the Internet has almost become everyday life. There is definitely no boredom with the multitude of games. Those who have become curious now should simply follow our links to various portals. Here you will find a lot of entertainment and with luck.

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular in USA and people also wish for the new year good luck. In order to help happiness a little, the gambling on the Internet can be very helpful. If you are only looking for variety from everyday life, you can also Free casino games Try and distract yourself a little. The days when players have to stay in the casinos or arcades are long gone. Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular and enjoying high number of visitors. Again and again, clear trends can be seen here, which are again emerging in 2019. At this point we tell where these trends lie.

Are also lucky on the way - the mobile game

Customers who use an online casino today are increasingly using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Fewer and fewer users use a PC for your visit and the trend was also collected by the online casinos. Because hardly a large casino on the Internet does not offer a mobile version today. Almost 40 percent of all online casino visitors try their luck via the smartphone. It does not matter whether the user has to load an app or the casino can simply call up in the browser. The trend is unbroken and the casinos react to the user layer with mobile bonuses and also offer more and more games for smaller displays. The live casino can usually be used via the smartphone.

More and more Americans use the online casino

Today the gambling is no longer anything that has to be played in dark arcades or only in a real casino. More than 75 percent of the American population have already visited an online casino and tried their luck there or took part in an online gambling. More than 30 percent regularly play poker, roulette, baccarat or slots online. But the online casinos also create jobs. More than 190,000 people work in USA alone for the industry. It is about software developers, support employees or web designers.

The trend towards online casino is unbroken and the demand for new offers is getting bigger. The market share of the online casinos in USA is already 16 percent of all gambling. For the players, however, it should always be noted that they find out a reputable provider. Because here, too, there are also some black sheep.

Egaming is the future

The casinos always adapt to new trends and often offer their customers spectacular 3D graphics and increasingly complex games. VR is also a trend that is now also finding its way into the online casinos. If you visit a live casino with a VR glasses, you will hardly notice the difference to a real casino. The player can easily communicate with other players or the dealers and immerse themselves in another world.

There are also games that have an ego shooter aspect. The times when only the lever has to be pulled on a slot are long gone. The players also want more action on the slots and better and better graphics that are supported by a great sound.

The cryptocurrencies

Certainly the cryptocurrencies are also part of the trend, which continues to continue. In addition to the well -known Bitcoins Find Litecoin, Dogecoin or Ethereum into the online casinos. More and more online casinos have included the virtual currency into the program as a payment method and accept the currency.

USA will have to go along

Even if USA is still a bit difficult with theeuropean gaming laws, they will have to go along sooner or later. Because the trend is no longer to be stopped in$ pe. From March 2019, for example, gambling in online casinos will be approved in Slovakia and in Spain the income that results from this will increasingly increase. Sweden also awards more and more approvals and Denmark implements all EU guidelines. Incidentally, the only country in$ pe.

Online gambling is indispensable and is already part of everyday life. USA will also not be able to escape in the long run and have to improve its own laws. We can look forward to the future development. However, it is certain that a lot has to and will change here.

By: Werner Schulz April 11th, 2019

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