Play the Gold of Poseidon Bingo for free


Gambling on the sea floor? If you play The Gold of Poseidon Bingo it is possible! Experience a top-class bingo game with potential additional balls and special wild and free balls. Red Drake Gaming has developed a clear layout that leads players directly into the realm of the sea god Poseidon with animations and real sound effects. Now take the great opportunity to play the Gold of Poseidon Bingo for free to explore the treasures of the sea area.

Bingo in a fascinating underwater world

No more boring bingo rooms and simple layouts, the Gold of Poseidon Bingo Automat offers an exciting topic that brings the classic game to a new level. In the middle of the seabed, ancient treasures of the Greek sea god Poseidon are revealed, which with a little luck could soon belong to them if they play The Gold of Poseidon Bingo. The lifelike animal noises and tones of the water are particularly likely to like nature and water lovers. Overall, this game appeals to everyone who is looking for a new adventure.

This is how The Gold of Poseidon Bingo Online works

The gameplay is based on the traditional bingo. A total of 33 numbered balls are pulled. As a player, you rely on your personal bingocarts, each contain 15 numbers. In order for a win, a winning pattern must appear on one of their playing cards by matching the numbers drawn with their. The patterns that lead to a payment can look as follows:

  • 4 corners
  • 1 line horizontal
  • 2 lines horizontal
  • Entire game card

So that you can keep a better overview, the numbers on the cards are marked differently:

  • Green: The number has not yet been drawn, but could be under the extra balls; Additional small number appears that indicates the possible win of the pattern.
  • Rot: The number has already been drawn and is already part of a series of profits.
  • Red Cross: The number has already fallen, but no part of a win.

Extra balls and bonus features

If all 33 balls have fallen and you are about to have a good price, you will get the opportunity to play nine more extra balls. However, every additional numbered ball bears its price, which is displayed in the center of the field. The balls are represented by jellyfish and can optionally be selected or acquired after the other. If you do not want to reveal any further numbers, you can simply click on "End" and start a new round of bingo.

So -called special balls can be under the additional bingo numbers. There is a free ball through which the next number is free and a wild ball. The wild ball can be used for any number on the game card. Simply click on the desired number that is to be replaced or on "extra". This automatically replaces the number that leads to the highest possible profit.

Select and get started

You don't need great preparation to take part in a bingo game online. Simply select how many playing cards you want to play with (1 to 4) and set your use. The use can be used between 0.05 and 15 $ per played card, so that a maximum stone set of 60 $ is possible. The numbers on a card can be changed again before the start.

To start with the first round, simply use the manual start button or configure automatic bingor rounds to enjoy the tension even better!

Play and win now!

Bingo is a great game with a long tradition that is still often played. At you have the opportunity to try the Red Drake Gaming creation without registration. Enjoy a new kind of classic gambling with many exciting features and great chances of winning. Since you here all games play without risk Can, nothing stands in the way of the hourly fun!

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