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if you play Fishmania Bingo, you can fish immediately after big prices. with the help of extra balls, jokers and 15 winning patterns, the chances of a large fish on the hook are pretty good. experience the classic game in an entertaining way with this topic -related bingo and, with a little luck, win the big jackpot!

Play now and make the catch of your life

The Fishmania Bingo Online Automat not only addresses bingo fans, but also passionate anglers and everyone who loves the sea. The authentic design ensures the feel -good atmosphere of all sea lovers, which can be seen on a wide sea floor in the background and which shows a few corals.

The great argument to play Fishmania Bingo is also the excellent winning opportunities. There are a total of 15 profit patterns that lead to payments. Everything that has to happen to be able to fish one of these prices is that the drawing shows the same numbers as on the active playing cards and one of the patterns is reflected.

Fish Mania Bingo for free or playing real money

To test the immediate game, you can play on / simply without any costs. Check the game settings and the process before deciding on a round for real money. Basically, the structure of the slot machine game is clear and simple.

Before the start, 1 to 4 playing cards that contain 15 numbers can be activated. You can set an insert between 0.05 and 50 $ per bingocarte, so that a maximum of up to 200 $ per round can be played. The use is determined via the coin value and the betting level.

So you can win online

In each game round, 30 numbers are drawn as standard. These have to be found on the active playing cards and show one of the 15 patterns so that it comes to a bingo. The different winning combinations are displayed on the left next to the cards. The maximum profit is achieved with the jackpot. This is cracked when the numbers of a total bingocarte have been drawn among the 30 standard balls.

Once a player has narrowly escaped a win, the extra ball mode is activated. Up to 10 additional numbers can be drawn in this. However, each additional number requires a price that is displayed before the acquisition. The extra balls are optional, which means that you can end the game without buying and continue with a new round.

Special balls

While you buy additional balls, a so -called Z ball can happen to fall, which is to be used like a kind of joker. You can click on any number on an active card to delete it. If desired, you can also automatically select the system. The field is chosen that leads to the highest possible profit.

A bonus win can also be activated in every bingo game. To do this, one of the profit pattern marked with "bonus" must be achieved.

Start directly without registration

If you are already itching in your fingers and you can no longer wait to play Fishmania Bingo, you can now easily get started on our site. In addition to the great profit options, the slot machine offers good entertainment with a traditional gambling on a topic -oriented basis. The possibility to fishmania Bingo to play for freeallows you to have fun without any risk and to be able to get started without registration in an online casino.

If you would still like to get the chance to make correct profits in the future, you can register at any time with one of the many available online arcades and use the immediate profit opportunities. Do not wait any longer and throw your fishing route straight away to fish after the big prices!

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