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New entry to the online gambling world or professional with years of gaming experience - we show here how you can get more out of this grandiose game.

This is what the game looks like

As with every game, there are also some relevant details to be examined here at the beginning. In the further course of theeuropean Roulette, it is even easier to score with real money.

  • The structure: The field is extremely appealing. The boiler is set to the top left, the table is built at an angle and the current "hot and cold" numbers are always displayed in the left corner on the underside of the screen.
  • Additional buttons: There is even more with this game than setting the regular options. You can personalize the game here as an online player. The associated buttons can be found on the bottom of the screen.
  • The type of game: The name already says it: This slot machine game game is gambledeuropean.
  • The bets: Of course, you have a wide variety of options for the bets, just as you know it from aeuropean roulette.

This is how you win the online games here

If you want to get into the gameeuropean Roulette Pro Casino slot games, you should listen exactly here. A few tips on the way to the big win have never hurt.

  • Wetting: Since this game is a French oreuropean variant, the turntable shows figures from 0 to 37. There is no double rush here. So the house advantage of the casino online is only half as high as in the American version. And that is exactly why you can expect good chances of winning with this game.
  • strategy in the game: into a special gambler, who play for real Money, but also those players who do not do this are concerned about a suitable strategy. there are various options that you should test for yourself. two of the best known are:
    • Marginal strategy: After each loss, the bet is increased with the same bet.
    • Paroli strategy: After each profit, the use is increased with the same bet.
  • Ideal game adjustment: With this Pro version you can get to the jackpots even faster here by using the Quick Spin button. In addition, players can lean back and use the Autoplay option.

Worth a try

You should really try this variant - and if you are not yet entirely convinced, you can also playeuropean Roulette Pro free of charge and test it in a risk -free manner. Skillonnet has truly done a great job here - recommended.

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