european Roulette Gold Series


the game also opens up a few new functions. this roulette has been developed by microgaming and brought to the world market. you can playeuropean Roulette Gold Series for free or for real money. the gameeuropean Roulette Gold Series casino slot machine game is available as an online game, for example

  • Madame Chance,
  • Jackpot Casino,
  • Lucky Emperor,
  • Grand Mondial and
  • Desert Nights.

Buteuropean Roulette Gold Series is and remains a roulette game, which is why the rules are online or in casinos despite all the innovations and revisions as well as with classic roulette games. This brings players who are already used to other versions, because they can get into the game so quickly. This allows experienced casino players to quickly enjoy the game.

With regard to the innovations, it should be noted thateuropean Roulette Gold Series has changeable settings and you can choose an expert mode.

How doeseuropean Roulette Gold Series work?

As in any classic roulette game, there are also 37 fields here where the ball can stay. Eighteen are black, eighteen red and a green. Roulette itself is by no means complicated; The player only has to choose his bet and choose one field or several that he wants to put something on. In order to make a clever choice here, you have to know which profit you are in which field in which field. You can, for example, on colors (only red or black), on straight or odd numbers or on numbers up to and including or over 18. If you are right, you will get your bet backed back. You can also rely on a certain number; If you are lucky, you win 36 times. You can also rely on two numbers lying next to each other and, in the event of winning, you can get 18 times the employee used. In addition, it is possible to rely on a cross-series from three numbers and to get the used 12 times the employed. It is also possible to make its commitment to four one square figures or the numbers 0-3 and to get the assignment nine times in the event of a win. You can also rely on two neighboring cross-rows and get the use 6 times in the event of a win. Finally, it is still possible to set on longitudinal rows or the numbers from 1-12, from 13-24 or 25-36 and to get it three times in the event of a win. Anyone who plays cleverly weighs the chances of winning against the possible profit. There are no jackpots.

The use can be chosen freely between one and 160 $ per shoot if you choose roulette aseuropean Roulette Gold Series slot machine games with real money. This offers the advantage that you can play with every budget here at the virtual machine.

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