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this makes the game suitable for beginners and also those who would like to use more money. there are some differences compared to the classic blackjack, but players can orient themselves on the previously known rules. therefore, beginners can start with theeuropean Blackjack hm slot immediately and find their way around quickly.

Play and test for free

If you are concerned with the topic ofeuropean Blackjack MH for the first time, you can play in the casino and try this slot for free. The advantage here is to acquire the rules on the one hand and to test known strategies on the other. You can also get a first impression and get to know theeuropean Blackjack MH in the area of online games.

Game process ofeuropean Blackjack MH

There is aeuropean version of the well -known Blackjack

  • Six different decks
  • Six times 52 cards that are used
  • There is no hole card as is known from the classic version
  • Likewise, there is no dealer peak, i.e. there is no croupier that could see if there is a blackjack.

All game inserts are lost if there is a blackjack at the dealer. If the donor gets an ASS as the first card, there is still the possibility to take a so -called insurance for the players. This means that the donor has to wait at every 17. Another term that comes up at the machineeuropean Blackjack MH is Double Down. This is possible if there is a hard 9, 10 or 11. If you want to be shared, this can only happen if the same cards are available. Also, as you know from the classic game, splitting image cards is not possible because they all have the same value. First of all, sharing is possible so that you can get two hands. Double is also allowed, but only if the prerequisites for this are fulfilled. With some slot machines there are still special shapes, which are then explained. In order to be able to crack the jackpots, it is important to win, double and distribute the operations well.

There are fewer card decks available for the online version:

  • Instead of the well -known 6 decks, there are only 2 decks
  • So there are only 2 times 52 cards that are used.
  • All rules mentioned remain the same.

Jackpots crack at slot machine games with real money

If you want to win real money, you should switch to real money after the free version and try to increase your commitment. For this you play online in casinos and try, like with classic blackjack, get as close to the 17+4. The higher the value, the higher the chance of winning. Since theeuropean Blackjack MH also pursues the well -known rules, it is also easy for beginners to understand this and try their luck.

A classic game with extras

There is a variety of blackjack games on the Internet. The rules are based on the classic 17+4, so that even beginners can find their way around quickly. The tension moments increase when the dealer has drawn a ten or an ace. Otherwise, the game is more designed for those who like it rather classic. There are also special extras at theeuropean Blackjack MH.

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