Double Jackpot Poker


however, the name is more of a small trick from the manufacturer than really a program. in this slot player game, poker fun is more likely to run on 3 different play parts, not 2 (i.e. double). however, there is still one of the most handsome jackpots in the Video Poker. and we show exactly how you get it.

Missions, gameplay and what else you should know

As with every game, it is also important to familiarize yourself with the use and payout structures at the beginning. This applies in particular when you play Double Jackpot Poker slot machine games with real money, it is generally also a good and recommended idea in the free version.

In this poker game you can already see at first glance that there are 3 different payment tables:

  1. Payment table: This is about the left three cards with which you as a casino player play here.
  2. Payment table: In this case, all 5 cards are evaluated to determine how much real money or play money you have won in one round.
  3. Payment table: This table refers to the right three cards.

Basically, it is somewhat confusing that there is a so -called Wild Royal Flush in the tables on the left and right - because there are no wild cards in this game. Apart from that, these tables are extremely helpful to always keep an eye on how much your own hand is worth.

Clear profits, as simple as never

If you want to clear cash here, especially if you have enough of the Double Jackpot Poker for free, then of course it is important to earn as high -quality card combinations.

You should value the above 5 cards above all - because these can bring much higher payouts than the 3 margin cards each. Here you can earn thousands of coins in one fell swoop, while the 3 sets can at best bring a few hundred coins.

The operations also need to be considered if you want to play as lucrative online games. You can set between 1 and 5 coins on each of the three evaluation sets, so play with 1 - 15 coins as a whole. If you want to get the really big winnings out, you always have to play with the highest use of coin.

Poker fun guaranteed

This game is a somewhat more complex game, but it does not become confusing. This is primarily due to the fact that you play here with a single card set, which is then evaluated 3 times. So if you want to poker online in casinos, this game offers an exciting variant in which boredom is excluded. Nevertheless, this game is also a good starting point for beginners - you definitely learn how to keep an eye on different aspects during the game. And that should really get every gambler conveyed right from the start.

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