Double Bonus Poker


At least 1 coin per line and a maximum of 5 must be used. The action of missions is pretty simple once the player has selected his size of coin. There is not too much scope here, because the highest possible would be a use of 1.00 by 5 = 5 = 5.

The background of the screen is a dark blue and the buttons are either yellow or white. Generally speaking, design and presentation is calm and appealing and resembles a 3D version of an old poker machine.

It should be the most important striving, especially if you play in real money mode that you keep as many cards as you need for a good leaf. So it depends on the combinations that can look like this:

  • Vier 2er & Joker Royal Flush
  • 4 Asse
  • 4 out of two, three or four
  • Four out of 5 or 5 kings
  • Straight flush like 50 or 100
  • Full house like 9 or 18
  • Flush like 7 or 14
  • Street like 5 or 10
  • Threesome like 3, 6, 9, 12, 15
  • 2 couples
  • Boys or higher -quality cards

How can you win players as a casino?

At Double Bonus Poker slot machine games with real money, the distribution is 80: 1 with 4 of two, threes, fours and even 160: 1 for 4 aces. However, you should not only wait for the leaves with high cards, but also get involved with lower combinations in order to be grown to the game and get to know the rule value.

If you then managed to claim a price for yourself, this video Poker Game in Casinos Online is also available. There you have the opportunity to bet after each win. You choose a card that has a higher value than the card that is shown. If you choose the right card, everything doubles. However, if you lose, everything is gone and you can start from the front with the slot machine.

Have different options for fun

Video poker and other online games are not only available in money mode, but can also be easily tested free of charge. Playing double bonus poker for free is just as much fun and you can decide any time to open an account in a reputable portal for playing machines.

In addition to exciting games like this other first -class discounts and jackpots in the millions, there are millions of millions!

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