Bonus Poker


the game bonus poker is one of the online games that offer the player more than just the regular poker game. the developers of Microgaming have installed a small twist here - the additional payments for "4 of a child", i.e. for 4 of a variety.

This is how pokers in casinos are fun online

A simple, but still appealing user interface is the first thing that catches your eye as a player. For a better overview, you have a payment table directly on the screen, which shows which card combinations can be used to expect which profit sums. There are two things to consider:

  • The extra trick is the additional payments for 4 of one variety. That is why this combination appears unusually high in the payout list - especially those who play bonus poker slot machines with real money should always keep in mind.
  • The number of coin, which is used in a game, also has an impact. The more coins you set, the higher the possible profit sums for the casino player. The main payment of 4000 coins is only possible with maximum use. This maximum use is 5 coins.

The following table shows the maximum payments for different card combinations - those that can be earned when using 5 coins.

Card combination


Royal Flush

4 of a variety (aces)


Straight Flush

4 of a variety (2, 3, 4)


4 from a variety (5 to king)

Full House






3 of a variety


2 couples


Boys or higher cards


Even more win - everyone wants that

Of course, you would always like to discover additional winning opportunities in a game. Because then of course it is time to play bonus poker casino slot machines immediately, and get as much as possible.

However, the developers have also placed emphasis on a more or less classic game. Thus, the exemption of the 4 of a variety, which has already been explained, is also the only special rule that is present during the regular game. Apart from that, we speak of a regular poker game with the ordinary 52 cards where there are no wild cards.

However, after you have earned a profit, another special feature appears. You can play for doubling the profit already earned. Here it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the risk associated with the associated risk.

A successful video poker game

All fans of real money will definitely feel comfortable with this game - because thanks to the additional payments for 4 of a variety, you have even more chances of cash gains in this slot game game.

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