BlackJack HD


the game has been developed and marketed by world match. you can play BlackJack HD for free or for real money at the following casinos online:

  • Madame Chance,
  • Jackpot Casino,
  • Lucky Emperor,
  • Slots Village,
  • Diamond Reels,
  • Treasure Mile,
  • Grand Mondial,
  • Mobile automatic,
  • Wild jackpots and
  • Desert Nights.

With such a large selection of possible online casinos, a passionate player with almost certainly finds a casino where he is already playing.

How does the game Blackjack HD work?

You don't have to worry if you don't know Blackjack HD slot machines with real money, because the classic rules of the card game will be retained in the machines. This brings an advantage above all experienced casino players, as they do not have to get used to the slightest if they switch from another blackjack game or from slot machine to blackjack HD.

For those who are not yet familiar with blackjack themselves, the rules should be briefly explained here. The goal that all players at Blackjack independently follow is to get closer to the card value of 21 as possible with at least two cards. However, this must not be exceeded. If you cross it, you are "Bust" in the Blackjack jargon and lose your commitment. Before the cards are distributed, the gamers submit their use. The dealer then gets a card and the players two cards. Then every gambler can decide whether to request further card or not, or whether he wants to split or double. When all players have made their train, the dealer gets a second card. If its card value is up to 16, it still pulls a card. If his card value then exceeds 21, all the game participants whose card value is below 21 win. If the dealer has a map value of 17-21 with its second card, only the players whose card value is closer to 21 win.

To calculate the card value, you have to know the respective values of the cards. The cards with numbers on it count the numerical value, picture cards count 10 points and aces are counted either with one or eleven points - depending on what comes to the player.

In the game Blackjack HD Casino slot machine games, the use can be chosen between 10 cents and 5$ s. If you win, you get it back one and a half times of your commitment. The game is also lost with the game. In the event of a tie between the dealer and the player -because only one player plays with Blackjack HD -you get the value of your commitment back. There are no jackpots at Blackjack HD.

All in all, Blackjack HD convinces with its appealing illustration and easy operation, but also with the simple game and the low risk.

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