Black Jackpot HD


The graphic representation of the table is not spectacular, but has all the necessary functions that the casino player needs for an interesting game.

As an additional extra, as the name it announces, there is a jackpot.
Of course you can also play Black Jackpot HD for free.

Black Jackpot HD and the properties of the casino machine game

To achieve the map value 21 is of course the top maxim.
The advantage of playing up to 3 hands increases the possibilities of the player.
The card values correspond to the classic blackjack:

  • Is 1 or 11
  • Photos 10
  • Other cards according to printed value

The dealer has to pull up to 16 points, from 17 it stops while the player can pull as often as he wants, ideal until he has reached 21.

There is a doubling and division, whereby a split can only take place once in this game variant, namely the first hand.

The possibility of insurance here is always attractive. If the case occurs that the first listed map of the dealer is an ASA, the player can choose an insurance company. The insurance pays 2: 1 when the dealer wins with a jackpot. With a dealer ace, the player can choose whether to secure all 3 hands, or only individual.

There is no possibility of getting out of the game to secure part of the mission in this online game.
The so -called "push" means that the player will get his set back when the dealer and player have the same card value at the end of the game, i.e. the game ends undecided.

Nowadays, every online player pays attention to bonuses offered as soon as they play. As a special feature, Black Jackpot HD, the slot machine, offers a jackpot special feature that is only supported in the real money function: The player can win the table jackpot if he has a blackjack with PIC ASS and PIK Bube.

A second special function for playing machines with Black Jackpot HD is sharing on social networks. If the player presses the corresponding button, a list of the available networks appears and the player can exchange information about his success and strategies with friends.

Use minimum is 0.10 $ per hand, the maximum is 5.00$ s.
Normal profits count 1: 1, the blackjack is paid 3: 2, which means that the player receives the one and a half times his bet.
The happiness factor is required in any case, in addition you should master the blackjack rules in order to develop a corresponding slaughter plan if necessary.

Black Jackpot HD, classic modern with extras

Black Jackpot HD is on the one hand the traditional card game as a slot machine game, as many online players like.
Additional features, such as the jackpot, social network connection and various special features of the rules, also make the game Black Jackpot HD something special as a casino machine game.

Here, too, it is advisable that the casino player trains his game behavior with the free version so that there are no uncertainties in the hot phase of a game.

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