Big 5 Blackjack Gold


playing at the machine is certainly attractive - but the opportunities to design the game yourself are significantly higher in Blackjack than on the slot machine.

What can you expect at Big 5 Blackjack Gold?

Casino player expects a game at the typical semicircular table, which deviates from the classic rules in some points. So there is a way to give up whenever the player has the impression that the card provider has the better hand. Giving up the player costs half of his commitment while he receives the other immediately. In contrast, side bets on certain events (Side Bets) are not integrated in this game, so that the game options are limited to the main bet.

The best strategy to win!

It is not a disadvantage for the player that no side bets can be completed - these Side Bets are entertaining and bring more variety into play, but increase the probability of winning for the casino by a few percent. You should not be confused by the constant request to give up and the constant insurance offers. It is better to systematically follow your game. As is clearly noted on the gaming table, the card provider must reach a soft 17. The hands in which an AS is contained that can take on both the value 1 and 11 can be described as soft.

It is best to play on a 14 or more and values to split more than two. Since the card provider does not receive a preview of his cards, this option is an advantage for the player. Interesting hands are the switch 19 compared to a six of the card giver, because here the chances of winning are particularly high. Other cheap leaves for the player are the double 13 and 14 compared to five and six 15 and 16 compared to four, five and six, as well as double 17 compared to three, four, five and six of the card and finally 18 compared to two, three, four , Five and six of the card.

So is the game

A blackjack game with real money with just a few quirks - this is how the game presents itself with a easy -to -use interface with liquid graphics and pleasant casino atmosphere. The experienced player offers good chances with a systematic way of playing. The absence of secondary bets is an advantage to give up the constantly recurring request and to insure a disadvantage - but you don't have to go into it. In this case, Big 5 Blackjack Gold is a pleasant game with fair play conditions and chances of winning for the player.

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